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Monday, 19 September 2011


I have some classic-looking new portraits from the incomparable Adam Robertson to show off! :D Thank you, Adam!

Wardrobe styling: Adam | Hair and makeup: me

I have a couple more shoots in the southeast this week, then I'm off to Middlesbrough straight after my last shoot on Saturday to help celebrate my brother's 21st birthday and generally party like a university student again, i.e. cheaply. Sunday will no doubt be spent in a hot bath drinking green tea and thinking away all the toxins, ready to be fresh for my shoot in Darlington on Monday, after which I'll be hightailing it back to London as I'm booked here somewhere every day that week! Phew!!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Black Swan

You know when you feel like you've found something that really expresses who you are, or at least, how you feel... some days? Yeah. Love these two new photos by Luci Phillips taken in my living room a few days ago :)

Dress: Buffies | Hair and makeup: me

It's been another crazy week in Anita Land...

I was shooting commercial/ lifestyle type things on Tuesday, then cast for two different shows on Wednesday before dashing off to a photo shoot in the evening, then yesterday I had two different shoots in two different places, but on the same day! Cue lots of makeup application, removal and re-application on the tube! Well, this weekend I'm cuing up my bed, DVDs and maybe even a pizza, I think! ;) Oh, and Hannah Ashlea's Pretend to be a Dinosaur Day party tonight... I think I'll wear my snakeskin pattern leggings... snakes and dinosaurs both have scaly skin, right?.. but can't think what to wear with them! Or what to bring... all I can think of is T Rex cocktail puns.
  • G and T Rex
  • Rex on the Beach
  • Long Island Iced T Rex
  • etc

Thursday, 15 September 2011

good morning

I just sent the photos from my shoot with my good friend Adam Robertson off to my agencies (still feels weird talking about "my agencies"!) and now I want to share them with you :) I was especially pleased to do this particular shoot with Adam as I know he normally shoots almost only with models from the really top agencies, Storm etc, so it was very flattering that he acceded to my demands ;p

 New tee-shirt, a surprise gift from Liam <3

It seems a bit crap to give myself a hair and makeup credit seeing as I really just powdered my nose, put some Vaseline on my lips and ran my fingers through my hair, but I will anyway, because hell, it's my blog ;) Hair and makeup: Anita De Bauch ;)

It's really interesting to flex my "commercial modelling" muscles a bit as I'm usually mostly booked for either alternative/ latex fashion, boudoir or art nude, as that's where most of my experience lies. It's really nice that some agency people saw through my portfolio as it was and thought I could do mainstream/ commercial/ "normal" work, too. I felt surprisingly naked, losing the makeup and heavy styling of alt. fashion and the strange anonymity of art nude by doing this sort of work, at first, but I'm starting to get used to it now and even enjoy doing something that is, for me, a little bit different and a new challenge :D

Monday, 12 September 2011

Noire DuBois

Ooh, I love these photos that Luci Phillips has posted from our shoot in my apartment two days ago (one of my £60 "September Apartment Shoot" bargains)! Go go, Gadget Wig! So impressed that it stayed on during some extensive hair-flicking! Thank you, Faye!!

Styling and, erm, location provided by yours truly :) | Dress from Buffies

Seeing Streetcar on the big screen yesterday was amazing. I studied the play at A Level and have always liked the film, but seeing it yesterday I felt like I really "got" it and understood the character of Blanche DuBois for the first time. It may seem ridiculous for a financially independent and happily coupled 25 year old English girl to say she relates to a fictional, fading, utterly dependent (famously on "the kindness of strangers") Southern belle, but I did. I was so moved that instead of being sociable when the film was over, I ran straight home to watch it alone in my living room all over again, with the lights out, a big bottle of Absolut and lots of ice. Don't feel sorry for me; I was enjoying indulging myself, in a maudlin sort of way. In fact, it was a nice surprise to be affected so much by a film I'd already seen multiple times.

On an unrelated note, how cool is the "Glimmer" Absolut bottle?? When it's empty, I'm going to keep it and make it my new vodka decanter. I love that diamond "cut glass" pattern on almost anything!

I have another £60 Apartment Shoot tomorrow- they're turning out to be really popular!- so after I've blogged this I'll be giving my place the once-over, then soaking in a hot tub with a face pack and a good book for, oh, a couple of hours :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

A day of black and white 1930s-ness :)

(Elle Belgique published a photo of me in their "Streetstyle" article on Notting Hill Carnival, looking slightly confused as to what's going on, as I predicted :p )

Things to Come was very strange/ interesting! I may get it on DVD at some point. As well as the film itself, I really enjoyed the 1930s ad reel and the B feature, which was a news report of the cinema opening for the first time in 1936. It's amazing what a big deal a cinema opening was back then! Hoards of people being held back by police officers as they tried to get closer to the famous actors and directors arriving in limousines to sign autographs and swan around in front of the cameras, the men in tuxes and the women with perfect Marcelle waves, fineliner pen-thin eyebrows and deep, dark eyes and lips, in floor-length silk and lace gowns trimmed with corsages, diamonds and mink! To go to the Odeon!

Latex fashion shoot followed by another casting tomorrow :) It's weird to actually go somewhere to cast for projects rather than just emailing somebody photos, lol. I'll wind down from this fairly full-on day by going to see A Streetcar Named Desire at the National Portrait Gallery on Sunday. I love that film but never thought I'd get to it on the big screen! I sort of want to give acting another little try as my agencies keep putting me forward for TV commercials, and I figure watching Marlon Brando is as good a place as any to start :) I like watching old black and white movies on a Sunday afternoon :)

Speaking of black and white, I'll decorate this otherwise fairly pointless and meandering blog with a black and white photo by Trevor Yerbury :) He' s somehow made it look like it was taken around the time Things to Come was filmed, although it was actually taken only this summer when I was visiting Edinburgh :) I still have the wig!

Hair and styling: Faye Yerbury | Makeup: me

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

'Things to Come', including the Mach 2 15th Anniversary Main Event

Today's mission: continuing the good work on colouring my hair that Hair By Gemini Rayne started! The last two times, we used this...

... which is a very bright, orangey  shade of auburn, and super-reflective, hence all those really fiery-looking shots I've been posting! Today I experimented with using this...

... in an attempt to continue lightening the darker bits and bring the really light/ borderline blonde bits back to a more "natural", less "orange" shade of redhead... for now. Other than massaging my scalp lots, I can't do much to make my hair grow faster, but I can work on perfecting my strawberry blonde colour vision for my winter tour of Asia in the meantime ;)

Of course, hair colour doesn't matter when you're wearing a hood! I'm not allowed to post many of them, but this is a "teaser" for the promo material that I shot with Keital last month for the Mach 2 15th Anniversary Main Event :) I'm the one in pink!

I have a couple of "behind the scenes" photos of the other model, Sally, and me, including one of me attempting to play tennis with her in a latex catsuit and her amazing Bettie Page boots!

Looking forward to parking myself in the luxury section for two hours to watch Things To Come (1936) on Friday, at my local Odeon, of all places! I'm used to going to quirky little arthouse cinemas that serve alcohol and are always showing something European and involving mustaches, so it'll feel strange to "go mainstream", for once!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Lady Lucie Latex in Ireland

New photo from Ireland by Sean McCormack! Latex by Lady Lucie, makeup by moi :)

I slept until 11 am today, which is really late for me! Normally my legs spring me out of bed at 8 am and I'm straight in front of the TV working an exercise DVD with my eyes only three-quarters open. Today I short-cut straight to mid-morning skinny latte and cinnamon toast! Madame Bink must have worked me hard at our shoot yesterday! It was great catching up with her, Adam Robertson and their gorgeous pup Major :) I can't wait for them to move to London so we can hang out more regularly. Adam has just put a new set of photos of me up on Zivity- here are my choices for the free previews!

Yep, it's from the same shoot where we shot my blog header...

Please click here to see the rest- if you don't already have a Zivity account, I can give you a free one for 30 days. Just ask :) I'll have another, voyeurism-themed set going up on 16th September. I get 55 whole cents every time someone hits the vote button on one of my sets, don't forget ;p So far all my sets on there are from tests that I did with Adam and Stefano Brunesci for my agency profiles, and I've already "earned" back my train fare to Wiltshire from when I shot with them, so that's quite nice :)

Stefano has invited me back this month to do a more fashion-orientated shoot with a stylist he knows for some magazine submissions, so that should be good! I'm so used to styling myself that it feels like a massive luxury to have someone else "do" wardrobe!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


I have some new photos from my shoot with Rob Ellis at the British Museum. The natural light in there is really lovely, as long as you keep your face tilted upwards :)

I was feeling really quite rattled that day, having heard about Tara's passing away so recently, yet the photos from that day seem really light, soft and almost... not exactly happy, but... philosophical?! It's strange when things like that happen and reminds me that a photograph really is a way of freezing a moment in time and in life. Being a full-time model, almost every major event in my life over the last five years has coincided with a photo shoot, so I have a strange sort of record of how I felt and what I was thinking, what had just happened and what was just around the corner at various moments in my life. No-one else would know what I was really thinking and feeling inside from looking at the photos, but I look at them and remember.

Styling: me

It's strange to see my face with almost zero makeup! And it was good to finally work with Rob- I think the first time he contacted me regarding shooting together was in Asia last year!

My plans for the rest of the day are lunch on the sofa while watching Let the Right One In, going for a walk in the afternoon sunshine with Liam and then getting ready for my studio day with Madame Bink tomorrow! Evening will = English Summer Garden soup + Doctor Who :)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Mach 2 magazine (Summer 2011) centerfold!

I was shooting the promotional material for the Mach 2 Main Event with Keital at Horwood House Hotel on Tuesday and happened to stumble across a photo of myself in the magazine whilst having a post-shoot cup of tea, before we went to dinner. I think this is my first ever centerfold!

Designer: Weather Vain | Wardrobe stylist: Keital | Hair: Annabelle's Wigs | Makeup: me

I love that coat! <3

You can see some behind the scenes photos from this shoot, including some of me actually being flown around in that little vintage aeroplane, in this blog right here :D