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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

As promised, some pics for those of us not out partying tonight ;) I had a look through the cache of photos on my hard drive and couldn't find any obviously Halloween-related ones, like me dressed up as a witch or a devil or something, so my theme for this photo blog is "slightly spooky-looking photos I have shot with other models." If only I could think of a catchier title :p

This first one's an oldie from February 2010 by Adam Robertson, featuring Madame Bink. I think this was the first time Binky and I shot together... I believe we also shot the promo material for a fetish party called Festival of Sins at the same time.

This one is from my first shoot with Ivory Flame, which was also my first shoot underwater! There were two lights, one on each side, that were both supposed to fire to get an evenly lit picture, but in this particular shot, only the one on the left went off. I actually really like the dramatic effect this had :)

This is another old one, from so long ago that I don't even know what year it was! Maybe 2008? It was shot with Ulorin Vex by Gregory Brown in a crumbling insane asylum called Hellingly, which has since been demolished.

I was shooting in Spain this year with photographer Chris Zietek and his wife, Anetta. We love costumes, so I think a couple of our shots can be included in a Halloween blog :)

And a slightly more recent one of Binky and me by RHM Photographic to finish, from summer 2011 when I had short hair after a run of hair modelling jobs where it got cut/ shaved progressively shorter! Everyone calls this the "giddy up" shot!

Great shoot today! We got some great latex shots and I baked these Halloween cupcakes for the photographer and me to have with our teas :) I used brown sugar, sunflower marge, wholemeal flour and a lot of organic apricots to sweeten them, so not tooo unhealthy, I suppose... they certainly were yummy, anyway, which is the important thing!

My only other nod in the direction of Halloween this year (except writing this blog) is that I'm going to see Suspiria at The Phoenix tonight :D

It's a 70s film about a ballet school run by witches and the cinema is the oldest in Britain with original 1930s interiors, so it should be really atmospheric and cool :) Time to break out the big eyeshadow and lipstick, if ever there was one!

 Well, okay, this isn't what I'm going to wear to the cinema, it's one of the latex outfits I wore at today's shoot (thanks for the Westward Bound top, Roswell!). I'm not sure how the general public would react if I went about my daily business encased head-to-toe in skintight latex. Perhaps that's a theme for another photo shoot! But anyway, this is the makeup I'm wearing tonight.

Happy Halloween!

Dark love and vampire kisses,

Anita xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Latex Heaven feat. Pandora Deluxe!

Anyone else NOT have any plans for Halloween? I'm shooting in the morning and seeing Suspiria at The Phoenix (oldest cinema in the UK) in the evening, but that's it. I've not seen it before but I think it's about a ballet school run by witches. Talk about two occupations that most little girls dream of in one film! Will be cool to watch it in a spooky old 1930s cinema with a glass of red wine :)

I had a party at my place last year, which was really fun as none of my friends actually live in London so getting more than one of them in the same room at the same time is unusual! Almost all of my close friends are models and photographers who I've met through work so most live the same unpredictable-yet-tightly-scheduled, all-over-the-world anti-social hours sort of existence that I do. This year I just sort of didn't get around to arranging anything. I suppose I was too busy getting modelling jobs and probably looking at the baby bats on Cute Overload :p

One of these jobs that I've arranged will be a second shoot for Latex Heaven next month. Here are some pics from our last shoot- all latex by Pandora Deluxe:

There's some more pictures of me in the red and black latex here

I'll see if I can find something special to blog on Halloween for everyone else who's staying in! (Hint: subscribe to my blog at the top right corner of the page so I can see you back here in a couple of days!)

Lots of love,

Anita xxxxx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pet & Pony Girls Latex Cat!

I found these cute previews from a fetish site I've modelled for once or twice called Pet & Pony Girls (they also do a couple of other sites like Steel Submission) floating around on the interwebz and thought I'd share as I'm shooting for them again next month. The couple who run it are absolutely lovely to work with, so good to their models, and they have lots of cats- actual feline ones, not human ones like me :)

Click the image for larger version!

You might have already seen this one doing the rounds on Tumblr...

Shout-out to Lady Lucie for the high-waisted latex leggings and braces, Jane Doe for the latex bra, Kaori's Latex Dreams for the gloves and Pretty Pervy for the tail! You people are amazing! I will give myself a credit for doing the makeup for this set but it's pretty nondescript, haha.

In other news, one of my real-life pet cats- I don't know which- bit a hole in one of my stockings while they were hanging out to dry AND THEN LEFT THE LITTLE MOUTHFUL OF NYLON BEHIND. I'm not talking a 20p pair of stretchy horrors from the supermarket here, these are the vintage fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings that I always wear @ £20 per pair.

Sorry if you already saw me wtf-ing over this on Twitter :p

I will wear them one last day (with boots- the hole is on front of the ankle!) and then send them to a lucky fan- you can purchase this particular pair of my worn and imperfect nylons here, if you want them- just select 'Black with Seams' from the drop-down menu and I'll post them out to you :)

In other news, I got booked to shoot in CAMBODIA next month! I'm so excited!!!!!!!11

It's more than just a job, it's a chance to visit (and shoot at!) some of the ancient temples and absorb the culture and history for a couple of days! It's going to be absolutely amazing. Definitely one to tick off my 'Life Experiences' list :)

I'm so lucky and grateful to get the opportunity to do things like this in the name of earning a living. With the recession and everything, I would probably be doing a rather less exciting job right now if it weren't for modelling. Thanks to everyone reading this for following my blog, Facebook, Twitter, buying my stuff, etc- you are contributing towards me living my childhood dream of dressing up and being a globetrotting spinster gypsy and I love you!

Yours gratefully,

Anita xxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Naked and Silent in Malta

So, this is me, posing nude in of one of the many centuries-old houses packed into the tiny, winding streets of Malta's ancient capital city of Mdina, aka the Silent City, inhabited by the Archbishop, monks, nuns and other devoted Catholics, where nudity is strictly proscribed and even making too much noise is punishable- cars are not allowed to be driven through the Silent City and the horses that draw the carriages have to wear rubber shoes.

 Photographer: Clint Scerri Harkins

The second I laid eyes on Mdina during my first modelling trip to Malta in 2009, I desperately wanted to shoot there, but it was explained that this was impossible to get a permit due to the religious traditions of the area. It just goes to show that there is a way around everything if you can just find the right person, because this photographer just so happened to have a liberal aunt living in Medina, who was delighted to let us use her place for an art nude shoot. I posed in her beautiful home, so rich in history, nude amongst the many ornate crucifixes, heirlooms, Maltese antiques and religious paintings and pieces while she helped us with lighting and suggestions for locations, finally culminating in climbing a tiny, winding stone spiral staircase up to her sun-baked roof.

 Photographer: Clint Scerri Harkins

After the shoot, the aunt and I had a good chat over coffee and cake about the importance of learning to be comfortable with one's own body as an essential part of psychological and spiritual wellbeing. It taught me that you really and truly can't pre-judge someone's beliefs and behaviour based on their religion. Even her mother, the photographer's grandmother, was there for the whole shoot, perfectly happy and relaxed and very pleasant to us all :) I'm not even sure how my own, fairly secular English grandmother would react to an art nude shoot taking place in her house!

This was my third trip to Malta and I had a wonderful time, as usual. The hospitality, the people, the food, the weather, the sea, the culture and history, everything is so unique and fascinating. I'll leave you with my "holiday snaps" from this latest shoot in Mdina!

 All the streets were like this! So exciting to explore. We shot in one of these very houses.

 Me outside St Paul's Cathedral in one of my "art nude dresses" (an old, soft one that doesn't leave marks on the skin and can be stepped out of so I don't mess up my hair and makeup)

 Me and Clint, the photographer. This is where the Parisian masked ball scene in The Count of Monte Christo was shot, in case anyone's interested!

 St Paul's Cathedral and the Archbishop's house (I think)

 A convent monastery- the bars on the windows are to stop the nuns monks partying too hard (thanks, Clint!)

 There were so many cool door-knockers in Mdina that made me think of Labyrinth :D

 Inside a Medieval house that had been done up in its original style for tourists to check out. More Medieval joy...

... and more. If it weren't utterly impossible I would love to do a Medieval themed bondage shoot in this house!

Ciao for now! Just looking at these photos from Malta is making me crave seafood and white wine!

Anita xxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

It's National Stockings Day! Enjoy...

Well, I had to do a special blog for National Stockings Day, didn't I? Whether you favour seamed, fishnets, black, beige, bridal, nylon, stretch, non-stretch, patterned, plain or vintage fully fashioned stockings like I do, you cannot deny that the humble stocking has been a firmly established symbol of feminine sexual allure for over a century and looks firmly set to stay!

Here are some of my favourite pictures of ladies in stockings!

Dita Von Teese

Me in a black wig by Iain Thomson. I honestly hadn't seen Dita's version until just now!

Part of my recent Halloween campaign for Playful Promises lingerie, with Dexter!

My friend Khandie Khisses on the cover of Alan Moore's latest

Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel

A slightly naughtier one from Dita to finish!

I hope you enjoyed my little stockings slide show and remember, if you like what you see then you can purchase pairs of my stockings in my Shop! I wear stockings every day so I figured they'd make ideal souvenirs- I wear them until they get a ladder and then add them to my "For Sale" pile! I'm saving up for something very special at the moment, so do go and treat yourself, especially since it's National Stockings Day and all...

Love and kisses,

Anita xxxx

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mystery and Contrasts

Photographer Rayment Kirby's latest coffee table book, Mystery and Contrasts, is now available to preview and order here! It is a collection of portraits and nudes he shot of myself and three other models (including my friend Ella Rose) this summer. He and his wife are a lovely couple to work with and I'm really happy that some of our images and memories have been frozen in time in this book, so even when I'm eighty-two I can still open it up and say, "That's what I was doing in my twenties!"

I'm still shooting in Malta at the moment, although I had a day off to wander the island today. The scenery is gorgeous and the view of the bay from my bedroom balcony is so romantic. I'll blog my snaps when I'm home!

Wish you were here!

Anita xoxox

Friday, 12 October 2012

Six-page interview and fetish fashion photo spread in Bella Morte magazine @FabFetish @KarolinaZL

Well, here I am in beautiful Malta, ready to shoot a series of art nude projects with local photographers over the next few days. I'm staying in a boutique hotel with a balcony room overlooking the yacht-filled bay in the island's party district and the shoots have deliberately been scheduled to ensure I have time off to be a tourist and enjoy the local nightlife! They are very good to me, here!

Check out my six-page interview and nude fashion editorial in the new 'Taboo: FETISH' issue of the USA's Bella Morte magazine! This is the first time they have EVER shown full nudity in the magazine, btw! I'm glad they decided to make an exception and have already ordered my paper copy! ;)

Photographer and wardrobe stylist: Stefano Brunesci | Designers: Fabulously Fetish, Fräulein Kink and Karolina Laskowska | Hair: Leigh-Anne Regan | Makeup: me!

A transcript of the interview will be available to read as plain text in the upcoming De Bauchery Lounge, the members' area of! The first forty people to join the De Bauchery Lounge will receive a free personal package of gifts from me in the post, including a signed print and handwritten letter! To be the first to know when the De Bauchery Lounge is taking membership applications, simply send a blank email with "GUEST LIST" in the subject field to!

Love and kisses,

Anita xoxox

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Anita De Boudoir: Sparkling Boudoir Home Shoots with Full Vintage Styling and Professional Lighting Equipment!

Great news! I can now offer chic, fabulous, gorgeous home shoots from my 1930s North London apartment in my newly decorated boudoir! Let me give you the tour, starting with the hallway outside the boudoir itself (I did the styling):

The light, bright room has a high ceiling, lit by a crystal chandelier on a dimmer switch, for adjustable Tungston lighting.

The sparkling silver wallpaper is an exact replica of the bedroom wallpaper at the The Ritz during the 1940s! My cat and suitcases can be moved on request ;)

The birdcages are tea light holders and can be lit on request for added atmosphere. The bars cast pretty shadows on the walls and ceiling :)

The bed is dressed in designer silver satin studded with scintillating rhinestones and accessorised with velvet and rhinestone cushions.

The large window catches plenty of light, which is gently diffused by the simple white nets, creating a romantic lighting effect using only natural light.

This is my combined dressing table/ open plan wardrobe. I think that if you buy some nice hats and shoes, it's a shame to shut them away where no-one can see them! The pillar can be used as a prop for posing.

My dressing table... it's fun to do shots using the mirror and makeup. I'm also planning on buying a vintage silver hairbrush and hand mirror set for this area :)

Some of my headwear, which can be used for shoots, of course...

I also have a vintage hypodermic set and some medical books. Just because.

I would like to offer you a boudoir package that includes:
  • a professional and highly experienced lingerie model, trained at the Yerburys' Boudoir Academy, shooting your choice of fashion/ glamour, lingerie and/ or nudes. If you plan on taking on boudoir clients, I'm the perfect person to practise on/ learn from before trying it with a complete newbie!
  • location: my silver boudoir
  • professional lighting equipment
  • my classic and vintage wardrobe, including lingerie, corsets, dresses, shoes, stockings, hats, gloves and jewellery
Modelling for Playful Promises. I did the hair and makeup and got to keep the lingerie!
  • levels: fashion to art nude
  • my own authentic period hair and makeup styling, carried out to a professional standard in your choice of 1920s, 30s, 40s or 50s
  • a small library of inspiring model photography books
  • free street parking, secure NCP car park, 5 minute walk from East Finchley tube station and 2 minute walk from local bus stops
  • light refreshments
These convenient and unique boudoir packages are priced as follows: 

2 hours: £100 £80!
3 hours: £150 £100!

Please click here to see when I'm free and then e-mail me at to discuss your booking!

Anita x