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Friday, 25 April 2014

Sexy corsetted black latex catsuit photos!

Atm I have that rather wonderful problem of having too many photos that I'm really happy with on my hard drive and not enough time to post them properly :) I like the convenience of being able to quickly upload the odd captioned photo  to Tumblr and Twitter, and Facebook if there's no "nudity" (i.e. nipple or pube nudity), but I'm a blogger/ journal writer at heart :) I really like having a record of my life that I can look back at, so it's good to write down the proper details surrounding the photos so that I remember them. I've been keeping diaries of one kind of another since I was nine or ten :)

Anyway! Here are some more photos of my me in my very own latex catsuit and Fabulously Fetish patent leather boots, from my shoot with Andrew McMeek to promote Robert Owen Haircutters last November! Just click on the images for larger versions:

 I did the makeup, as usual.
I like doing my own makeup :)
Skincare by Bareskin Beauty

Had another wonderful shoot with this catsuit minus the corset at Murder Mile Studio in London yesterday, which is I think is run by Morrigan Hel and the drummer from Cradle of Filth, if my teenage fangirl stalking skills are up to scratch! Either way, it is a cool studio with lots of fancy furniture that I would love to own :)

Lazed around at home watching Buffy all morning and then went into turbo spring-cleaning mode this afternoon, including sorting out a huge pile of really nice quality books, platform Pleaser fetish shoes (UK 7!), Lady Lucie Latex (UK 8) and some other nice bits and pieces that I don't need anymore to list on eBay, including my worn stockings, for you nylon fans! I know you love to have my well-worn seamed vintage nylons straight from my feet into your hands :) I'll blog when they're up on eBay, so please add me to your favourite sellers list, or subscribe to my blog (above right) to be automatically alerted when they're ready to be bid on.

Must go and pack now, full day photography workshop to model for in London tomorrow, with four different looks to put together! I'm thinking latex, leather, and two retro lingerie looks :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Vintage #WardrobeWednesday... and my holiday snaps. Sorry.

Are we glad the weather's warming up??? I sure am. Here's a photo of me warming my butt by the fire last winter, by Scarecrow Images! We included a couple of other very famous models in the shot, too ;)

I did the hair, makeup and wardrobe styling :)

I'll be bringing my vintage wardrobe to my Eye For an Image Studio Day in Banbury next month, if anyone would like to shoot some nice black and whites there (they had a lovely vintage dressing table set last time I visited) :) Email

Just got back from a week's holiday in Cheddar, where I spent most of my time barefoot and makeup-free, reading my psychonautics books (massively recommend Alterations of Consciousness to any psychology and/ or parapsychology/ shaman types out there! I have a psychology degree but this book totally changed the way I think about awareness and the brain), enjoying magical Glastonbury and fresh local food during the day and lying in the grass stargazing at night

C15th church in Glastonbury on Good Friday.
Sorry if you've already seen all these on Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr/ Instagram!

Until I actually live in the countryside, I think I'm going to try and make a holiday out there every springtime from now on. It's the perfect time to visit, with all the wild flowers and blossom trees bursting to life, the sun coming out and baby animals EVERYWHERE! I loved walking into the village to buy my almond milk and other supplies and seeing baby rabbits springing away down the path, and lots of friendly farm animals!

I fed a mummy sheep :D

I also visited a wool farm and bonded with the lambs. They are like living teddy bears! So much more cuddly and immediately trusting than say, a pet dog would be. As soon as I put this little chap on my lap he draped himself over my shoulder for a cuddle, just like Dexter and Lilith do, and gave me lots of fuzzy face nuzzles and little kisses

 Look at his little smile!!!! *cuteness overload*

If he wasn't going to grow into a full-grown sheep I'd have offered to buy him on the spot. I'll just have to make do with this imbecile.

Dexter, high off his arse on catnip in Glastonbury. You couldn't make this up.

Full day latex, lingerie and art nude shoot at a wicked studio with loads of cool sets in London tomorrow. Must go now to pack and do my nails :)

Friday, 11 April 2014

BeDeSeMe magazine cover and interview

Hello from Finland!

In case you haven't already seen it, I'm on the cover of the latest issue of BeDeSeMe magazine, with a 14 page interview and shiny latex and leather boot pictorial inside, shot in my very own home!

You should be able flick through the magazine online and read the fairly in-depth interview for free below, from page 12 :) If it isn't working for you, click here!

Photographer: Luci Alice
Latex: Lady Allura
Skincare: Bareskin Beauty
Hair and makeup: me

Must get back to work, Damian's calling...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Behind the scenes video of a Gordon McGowan wedding photography workshop in a castle from 2009!

I don't often get to see actual videos of myself modelling, let alone to see what the hell I was doing at photo shoots five years ago! So weird seeing myself with black hair! Thanks for forwarding me this #ThrowbackThursday movie, Richie :)

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Just realised that I have no idea what happened to that vintage teal wedding dress I'm wearing. I guess I must have sold it o.O

Flying to Finland for shoots tomorrow afternoon after a shoot in London in the morning... must go and pack my suitcase. Check out my new bespoke Fabulously Fetish boots! Built from the ground up around actual moulds of my feet in apricot patent leather

I love how tiny they make my tootsies look

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

New York, New York! :D

Hello blog readers, and people who receive these blogs by email! *waves*

As you know, I just got back from a modelling trip in New York, which was on my bucketlist of "modelling things I want to do at some point", so I treated myself to Business Class flights and felt terribly glamorous sipping champagne and re-reading Valley of the Dolls on the way over.

I totally had this song stuck in my head:

The glamour mist evaporated rapidly when I arrived at the address of my guesthouse and found it was actually a block of flats. I scoured the road and found another address of the same number (!) that was a Starbucks o.O

I borrowed the Starbucks wifi to double-check wtf was going on and discovered that there is more than one 15th Street in New York and that I'd actually booked a place in Brooklyn, not Manhattan >.< Derp. When I finally got to my actual neighbourhood it was after dark and the street I was on was like liquor store/ liquor store/ boarded up shop with graffiti/ liquor store/ depressing ghetto housing with bars on all the windows/ liquor store. Shiiit. I was so tired that I kind of didn't care though. I just checked in, washed my face and fell asleep with all my clothes on!

After 12 hours' sleep, I caught the free ferry to Staten Island. Seeing the Statue of Liberty float past was a trip. I've only spotted her in the distance from the Empire State Building before and didn't realise how bright glowing green she is.

The area of Staten Island I went to looked like a movie set- big wide streets lined with unique detached houses, all two or three storeys plus basement, seemingly made of planks of painted wood layered over each other like upside-down pine cones. I was really glad to be shooting in a home studio so I could see inside one of them. It was old and massive and slightly reminded me of Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman's family home in Practical Magic, complete with fluffy cats everywhere, and a spooky basement.

 The Practical Magic house

After a vintage 1930s shoot, shot with the photographer's own vintage fox fur stole (complete with heads and PAWS!), I got the ferry back to Manhattan.

I was a bit concerned about finding healthy places to eat in New York as I didn't remember there being many a few years ago, but now Manhattan seems awash with with vegan/ organic/ generally detox-friendly places! I went to a place called Natural Flavors and had them make me a giant kale salad with about a dozen added raw and cooked veggies, drizzled in lemon juice and olive oil.

I really liked this picture hanging on the wall of the restaurant and made it my phone's wallpaper:

As you can probably guess, most of my morning's earnings went straight back into the American economy in the afternoon. I love to shop local designers when I travel, and treated myself to a huge new Betsey Johnson suitcase, which is completely covered in a purple rose and skull print, trimmed with black patent leather and and lined with hot pink leopard print, for 1/2 price at Century 21 :D My NY shopping tactic is to browse in Bloomingdale's but actually buy stuff in Century 21! I also got a pair of CK sunglasses with orangey-yellow frames that reminded me of Fruit Salad sweets and kind of match my hair for $20, down from $68 :)

The Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge, in the rain

I started to feel a little tired and dissociated but decided to make the historic walk over the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain anyway, dragging my new purple suitcase behind me. A camp, skinny black dude with a bouncy walk ecstatically complimented me on my "Brooklyn style"- my giant 70s faux silverfox coat, the neon purple suitcase on wheels, the orange sunglasses in the rain, the bright copper hair. Didn't have the heart to tell him I'm British and naturally tacky.

I was once again too tired for dinner by the time I got back to the guesthouse, so just wiped off my makeup and fell asleep by 7.30pm.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hair fashion shoot for Robert Owen Haircutters with Fabulously Fetish and Bareskin Beauty

Hello, faithful blog readers! I have so many photos to post from shoots and general travels in the UK and US that there are far too many for just one post :)

I was shooting in New York for ten days, flew back to London straight away for two more shoots, then got sick for four days (just a cold but I was laid up in bed and looking at the laptop screen made my eyes hurt >.<), then it was back to photo and music video shoots and trying to catch up on emails! So I haven't really properly updated here for like a month >.<

Thanks for keeping up with me on Facebook and Twitter (if you are), but as we all know, the blog is the place for *extensive* photo set publishing and rambling details ;)

So I'll be catching up on what I've been doing in upcoming blogs:
  1. I have a cover and 14 page interview and pictorial in BeDeSeMe magazine :D
  2. I shot with lots of lovely people in New York and New Jersey, met Dita Von Teese, and found time to do a bit of tourist-ing and vintage clothes shopping too :D
  3. I shot a combined Bo Ningen music video and fashion film for Nowness with Marie Schuller, Head of Fashion Film at Nick Knight's SHOWstudio (and director of Oyster), which I believe is out 5th May :D
I also have some fab new photos from a hair fashion shoot that I did with Andrew McMeekin and his team at Robert Owen Haircutters in Norfolk last month. I know people always say this,  but this was a truly wonderful day with a wonderful photographic team. Thank you Andrew for specially ordering in my vegan lunch- it was much appreciated ^_^

Please click the images for larger versions:

I did the makeup and wardrobe styling- the dress is inspired by Rita Hayworth's scintillating gown in Gilda (1946) and my shoes are by Fabulously Fetish :) Skincare by Bareskin Beauty.

I think I've answered all my emails now, just need to dig through my Facebook inbox and reply to those messages!

I have already found time to post this week's #NakedSundays shots though, which are by Stephen Perry