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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Secrets of the Kama Sutra, by Anita De Bauch

So, I read my Kindle a lot when I travel and am about 3/4 of the way through the Kama Sutra, which I downloaded when I was relaxing in my guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur the other night.

It's pretty interesting to me as it charts out the recommended daily routines for people living and working in Ancient India- this is what makes me interested in history, the daily lives of people living back then, more than battles, politics and so on! Anyway, let's skip all that and get to the sex, because why else would someone read the Kama Sutra these days, right?

Well, the best advice the Kama Sutra and I can give to the men reading this is that if you're trying to get with a girl, suck up to her friends. Their opinions of you could make or break your chances of getting into said girl's pants so do what you can to make them like you!

Secondly: flowers. There simply isn't a bad time to give a girl flowers. Birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, of course; but anytime you happen to spy a bunch of flowers that you think she'd like, grab them and take them with you for when you see her. They're beautiful, feminine, romantic and calorie-free, the perfect gift ;) And the ancient Hindu philosophers agreed.

Then the great sage advises:

'After this, when she begins coming to see him frequently, he should carry on long conversations with her, for, says Ghotakamukha, "though a man loves a girl ever so much, he never succeeds in winning her without a great deal of talking."

Ain't it the truth?

As for the girls; the best piece of advice I've found so far is the following:

"... kinds of men not fit to be resorted to by courtesans" [i.e. sexy and body confident females of class, intelligence and education- not quite geisha but definitely not street prostitutes, from what I can tell] include "one whose breath smells like human excrement". Apparently there was no excuse for it 2000 years ago, either.

I'll be blogging properly with pictures and stuff soon. If you can't wait even that long, join me on my various social networking profiles (use the icons in the right hand column for links).

Anita xoxo

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gone to Asia, back soon

Hello faithful readers,

In case you didn't know, I'm in the middle of a three week tour of Asia right now. I'm travelling light, so just brought my iPad for internetting, which is great for my luggage allowance but a bit of a faff to post photo blogs and links with.

I'll be blogging again when I'm home next month, but until then, come and join me on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to stay in touch with my daily doings out here, behind the scenes photos and #MondayModelBiz, #WardrobeWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday, #FetishFriday, #StockingSaturday and #NakedSundays pictures!


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Monday, 8 April 2013

To Do list for today- a typical model's "day off"

I just wanted to show you guys what a typical "day off"- i.e. a day not spent actually posing in front of a camera, and being paid- is like for me. Hopefully it will further help to dispel the myth that being a freelancer in general and a model in particular isn't "really" working, and help photographers and other clients understand that when you book a model, you are inevitably not simply paying for the number of hours spent pressing the shutter release. You're also paying for the time and money spent in the days preceding the shoot that a professional will use to prepare meticulously, and thus give you the highest possible standard of modelling, punctuality, pre-shoot comms, grooming, posing, skin tone and texture, and self-styling.
  • 8.30 am: Pilates
  • 9.40 am: Shower
  • 10 am: Buy baking potatoes, salad, coffee, goat's cheese and smoothie ingredients, and make 2 x Glowing Green Smoothie. Have a pint for breakfast. Par-boil potatoes
  • 11 am: skinny goat's cappuccino and a banana. Put potatoes in oven
  • 11.30 am: Dye hair. Check-in online for various flights over the next three weeks while colour is setting
  • 12 pm: lunch
  • 12.45 pm: rinse out dye, pick a dress, lipstick, mascara and shopping bag
  • 1.15 pm: leave house
  • 2 pm: meeting with Fabulously Fetish, my favourite shoe couturier!
  • 3 pm: head back to East Finchley- with new shoes! :D Snack on fresh fruit on the way
  • 4 pm: full body waxing appointment (joy)
  • 4.45 pm: mani/ pedi
  • 6 pm: pick up dinner on the way home (Japanese?)
  • 6.30 pm: pack for Asia. Launder and press anything that needs it!
  • 7.30 pm: pack healthy lunch for the plane to Singapore tomorrow- maybe fruit, salad and leftover sushi
  • 7.45 pm: wash up etc
  • 8.15 pm: wash off makeup, brush and floss, scrub and moisturise, change into my vintage padded peach satin housecoat and enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fire while answering emails on my new laptop!
  • 10 pm: make a cup of homemade Detox Tea
  • 10.30 pm: go to bed with a book! It's quite entertaining so far... xxx

I go into the details of preparing for modelling work, from the very first moment a girl decides that she wants to become a model, much more in-depth in my book on non-agency modelling, The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model. Join the community on Facebook now to be kept updated :)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The secret to buying cheap fully fashioned seamed stockings, both brand new and worn! #StockingSaturday

First of all: BRAND NEW stockings!

For my fellow vintage fashion vultures, I thought I'd post about the best value fully fashioned seamed stockings I've found to date for this week's #StockingSaturday!

The winner in this league for me so far are these bad boys from UK Tights, which are £15.45 per pair (usually I find thee stockings are about £20 per pair).

I can also get you guys a further (small) discount when you order, if you sign into GoGetSale using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you then find the stockings on the GoGetSale site and purchase through them, they'll give you £1 or so back to say thanks. It's absolutely free to join, and it all adds up, right? :)

I ordered two pairs in black so I could have a proper look at them as I've been disappointed with buying cheap "fully fashioned" stockings online before that turned out to be fake seamed stretchy rubbish when they arrived. Not these ones though! They are the proper non-stretch nylon, 15 denier, real seam with a real keyhole at the top, proper reinforced foot, real deals :D

I wonder if maybe the reason that they're cheap compared to their competitors is because the picture on the packaging that they actually arrived in shows a French (pointed) heel rather than the more popular Cuban (rectangular) heel, when the stockings themselves do actually have the Cuban heel. Misprint at the factory, maybe? Personally, having my stockings arrive with the wrong catalogue photo attached doesn't bother me in the least- it's what's inside that counts!! They also do the French point heel stockings for the same price here, if you prefer them, but I've not ordered a pair, just the Cubans.

Well-WORN stockings too!

There is also good news for my friends who prefer to buy stockings that I've worn :) Finding a cheaper supplier made me consider how best to pass the savings onto you. Up until now I've been selling my worn stockings for £20 per pair via, the price it cost me to buy each pair in the first place. Now I'm thinking I can dramatically reduce the cost to £7.50 per individual stocking, or £15 per pair. I'll be doing this on a trial basis initially, so order now to be sure of getting a saving!

Me playing in my Cuban-heeled stockings at home ;)

Anita xxxxx