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Thursday, 28 November 2013

6 Top Tips by a Model for the Run-up to Christmas :)

Here are my six top tips for getting through the Christmas period without feeling too stressed, broke or fat, and looking pretty damn good all the while. Enjoy!

1.  Start early
Seeing Christmas decorations and hearing the hideous jangly music in shops since August is undoubtedly torturous BUT if you buy/ make your gifts, cards, decorations and non-perishable food and drink items at a leisurely pace, whenever you happen to be in the mood with an hour to spare, well in advance, picking up bargains when you spot them instead of thinking "no point buying it yet", your manic Christmas Eve shopping will be reduced to simply buying the fruit and veg from whatever store's nearest. For extra stress-saving, you could even have them delivered (see point 2!).

2.  Do it online
You can probably order absolutely everything you need for Christmas online: groceries, gifts, tree and any train or coach tickets you might need for visiting friends and family. Many of these items are cheaper when booked well in advance (see point 1). I have even designed my own couture Christmas cards with a glamorous Winter Wonderland theme that you can order online. Doing it online saves time, petrol money, the environment (if you drive) and elbowing your way past hoardes of panicked shoppers, and it doesn't mean you have to buy everything from faceless homogenised online shops either. Try Bare Skin Beauty for organic toiletries for ladies and gents, Anathema Designs for designer upcycled jewellery, Lady Allura for quirky latex accessories and Fabulously Fetish for bespoke shoes to carry you through parties :)

Anathema Designs ethically sourced feather and chainmail jewellery photographed by Ian Cashman.

3.  Don't go mental
I'm sure one of the greatest sources of stress at this time of year is the post-Christmas weight gain. Not only does gaining 10 lb make you look and feel bloated, but as you probably didn't gain it through overeating satsumas, it will most likely be accompanied by acne, wrinkles, blotchy skin, constipation, greasy hair, lethargy etc. Joy! Add all that to the cold and dark in January and it's no wonder everyone feels depressed!

I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy Christmas treats, but try to engage a little damage control. You probably don't need three servings of mashed potato- two would be just as good :) You probably don't need Christmas cake and pudding and mince pies and a tin of Roses- just pick your favourite.

You could tweak Christmas dinner in almost undetectable ways to make it healthier and easier to digest, so you don't feel so wiped afterwards. Try roasting in coconut oil (it doesn't make things taste like coconut, but it's a "good fat" even at high temperatures!), leaving the skins on your vegetables, picking gluten-free options, having a salad of Christmas fruits for breakfast (satsumas, apples, pears, red grapes and oranges are all traditional!), making your hot chocolate with almond milk instead of dairy and sprinkling cinnamon on everything.

Juliette Scarfe at Bare Skin Beauty is my personal nutritionist, who I recommend to all my friends. If seeing her in person for nutritional advice on looking your best isn't convenient, you can book an online consultation at a reduced rate of £149 and get a bespoke set of toiletries custom made for your skin included. That'll be nice for relaxing with when this is all over.

4.  Don't go mental with your spending, either
Check your balance, see how much money you have coming in over December and January, subtract whatever you know you'll need for bills, and then work out a sensible budget for buying gifts- it's a more relaxed approach than wasting Christmas and January worrying about credit card bills, that's for sure! Thoughtful gifts are remembered better than expensive ones, anyway! Bare Skin Beauty will handmake a customised gift set of organic toiletries to suit the person you have in mind, and your budget- just give them a number. I'm having them make a special set for my grandmother this year that incorporates her vegetarianism, blood pressure and love of lavendar, for 25 quid. Money well spent :) Anathema Designs, Fabulously Fetish and Lady Allura's Latex can all make bespoke treasures to suit your loved ones, so just ask, and they'll take care of it.

5.  Now is not the time to buy new dresses
I can't believe I just said that.

But seriously, as per point 3, you will probably not be as big for the rest of the year as you are on New Year's Eve, so why pay out for a dress you can't wear again until this time next year? Find something that's beautiful and has a little give- fabrics like jersey stretch, or go for something with lacing or a belt that you can adjust, or an Empire waist that can accommodate a belly of any size. You'll be at your NYE party until at least midnight so it's important to be comfortable as well as elegant!

Picking shoes is also crucial- if your budget won't stretch to good shoes and a good bag, go with the shoes. They will be supporting your whole body weight and posture for hours. Cheap shoes are so torturous, I'm surprised they haven't started forcing terror suspects to don a pair of wobbly ankle-benders and totter around a cocktail party in increasingly sweaty panty hose for six hours without being allowed to stop smiling. Yet some us do it to ourselves!

The best route is to have a pair of heels custom made to fit your unique measurements by experts- if you don't already have a great pair of black patent court shoes, now is the time to get them, as there simply isn't a situation in which they don't look glamorous- you can wear them from office to party to bedroom without breaking a sweat. I had mine made by Fabulously Fetish and would definitely recommend them as London's leading high heel experts.

 Get the shoes sorted before buying a dress! Fabulously Fetish "Bettie" heels shot by Callan Tham

6.  Focus on the good stuff
Being so busy, I find getting ready for Christmas tricky sometimes, especially with often being all over the world shooting until almost Christmas Eve most years. I guess most people are at least in their home country during the run-up to Christmas, but that doesn't necessarily make things much easier if you work long hours and have little time to prepare in a fun, relaxed sort of a way.

Simplify your plans, and if you can't do that, delegate. So often, it seems like the responsibility for organising Christmas falls to the women, but remember that the purpose of getting together with friends and family is to catch up, relax and enjoy their company. This is more important than making sure that the table napkins match the tree decorations or that lunch is served precisely on time :)

We rarely have the opportunity to spend a whole day or several days back-to-back with the people we spend Christmas with, so even if they drive you crazy, try to remember why you wanted to be with them in the first place, and make time to re-connect.

With much love,

Anita xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

Storm in a C cup

So, I decided not to go ahead with the boob job.

This is my "deep thought" face, as captured by MrGlen.

As with everything, there are a few contributing reasons, some rather private and sensitive, but the one of them is that after exhaustive research, discussion, and throwing my credit card around like a Frisbee, I've been forced to conclude that the technology to create what's in my head simply doesn't exist yet.

The main factor is my build: I'm naturally slim and was requested to gain at least 10 lb just so I could be put under anaesthetic safely. I didn't mind stuffing myself for two weeks on the understanding that I would naturally return to normal after the surgery, but then I found out that losing weight would make the implants look unnatural- my biggest fear.

I love my body as it is and don't want to sacrifice my health and appearance in order to have natural-looking C cups; it just ain't happening.

Anyone who knows me would guess that I could never have not-perfect breasts. I'm a perfectionist in everything I do, from modelling, to planning Christmas (woo!), to cleaning my bedroom; I guess some would consider it a disease, but I try to channel it into something positive. I thrive on beauty and like to be surrounded by it at all times :)

I totally respect people who choose the artificial stuck-on fake boobs look, because it is a look, and it would be very dull if everyone got cosmetic surgery to look the same as each other, just like it would be boring if everyone dressed the same or dyed their hair the same colour. It's just not for me.

I'm going to spend December rejuvenating, I think; I want to publish my guide to modelling without an agency, re-vamp my website and blog with new ideas, work out, get a massage, clean out my wardrobe, see some inspirational art (MUST see the Izzy Blow exhibition!), spruce up and decorate the house for Christmas (I have an unusual theme in mind for this year!), get my tax return done, and book a fitting with Rigby & Peller, who have been making luxury brassieres since 1939, including for Scarlett Johansson, Lady Gaga and even the Queen! Izzy Blow even used to wear their bras as outerwear. If they can't make a bra I can feel good in, no-one can.

This December, I mostly want to learn how to be true to myself. Knowing yourself not only helps you stride ahead (and in the right direction!) in modelling, but in every single aspect of your whole life. I don't think anyone could receive a greater Christmas gift, and the best thing is, I can give it to myself.

With much love,

Anita xxx

Thursday, 21 November 2013

#ThrowbackThursday with Adam Robertson

On my way home from a pretty full-on all-day retro/ latex bondage shoot.

I've shot 45 hours and travelled 22 this week.

2014 is shaping up to be just as busy: lots to look forward to.

Here's a photo from September 2009, by Adam Robertson. I seem to have toned up a little since then... maybe from running around more ;)

If anyone reading this would like to book me in January, I only have a few dates left, so please email me now:

Meeting with surgeon in London tomorrow, then straight back up north for more fetish fun, this time of the ponygirl variety. Can't wait to trot around in my new My Little Pony transparent pink glitter ponygirl lingerie set by Lady Allura's Latex, complete with silver sparkly studded pony shoes!

Anita x

Friday, 15 November 2013

#FetishFriday: red and gold latex leotard

I had a shoot on the roof of a twelve-storey building in Central London today, clad alternately in Lady Allura's Latex and nothing at all. Those November winds may be chilly but we got some good shots.

Sometimes I think the only reason I get these jobs is because I'm the only one crazy enough to do them ;)

I got this photo through from a shoot back in June that I thought I'd share. The leotard was made by now-retired designer called Naucler, from Sweden, and shot at my local studio, Adrian Pini's. Click the image for a big version :)

I did the hair and makeup

Got back into eating properly today and tried adding coconut oil to my breakfast GGS as I'm trying to eat more good fats atm. Awesome for energy.

More Breaking Bad tonight, even though so far series 3 is pretty boring compared to the first two.

Oh well, new Sherlock next month :D

Sold-out studio day tomorrow sponsored by Lady Allura's Latex, a shoot inspired by a painting on Sunday, full day art nude shoot on Monday and full day high fashion/ creative hair shoot at a gorgeous location on Tuesday. That's my schedule for the next few days before heading north :)

Anita xx

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Then and now: #ThrowbackThursday and Vogue Italia

You know the kickass b&w nude I posted yesterday? Well, today Vogue Italia picked up another photo from the same shoot and published it on their site! The shoot was only 48 hours ago.

Photographer: Marcus Jake

And as it's #ThrowbackThursday today, here's another nude portrait of me from four years ago, by Darren Birkin. I think it's almost the same pose, but from a different perspective, yet it's such a different picture.

Good shoot today, doing my best Marlene Dietrich impression for a Parisian photographer in my 1930s lounge, wearing a vintage lace blouse trimmed in masses of black feathers.

Three looks to shoot in 5 hours tomorrow: fashion nude, latex and bridal, with me styling as well as modelling. For now, I'm sating my Breaking Bad addiction and drinking detox tea :)

Anita x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

B&W nude by Marcus Jake; a calm moment in the chaos

Some days, this is how I feel.

Shot in "the surreal room" in Wiltshire yesterday by Marcus Jake

 Luckily, today isn't one of those days :)

I thought I'd write a quick blog this evening as I'm shooting for the next eight days solid, day and night, with only a day off to pop back to London for a consultation with my surgeon before heading off again for more work. In fact, the only time I definitely still have available this year is 2.20-4.20pm on Saturday 16th November at Fine & Dan Dee Studio (book it here). Now sold out.

Things are so busy right now that my agent's started taking shoots for me in the middle of the night, because in the daytime I'm not available, because I'm already shooting every single day. I don't mind though- all the shoots I've been doing have produced great results, e.g. Marcus' wonderful photo above. Legendary health guru Juliette Scarfe of Bare Skin Beauty is overseeing my nutrition and keeping me extra healthy and energised to meet varying demands atm. I love her so much. My skin totally wouldn't look like that if it weren't for her products. Maybe I wouldn't even be getting all this work at all.

I'm probably going to take the whole of December off work. I'll be resting up and preparing myself for a really spectacular year in 2014.

This year I realised: beauty isn't just for the beautiful people, it's for anyone that wants to create it.

You ain't seen nothing yet ;)

Friday, 8 November 2013

'The Lion Tamer' by Shawn Bishop feat. Jemma Funge & Ulorin Vex

In contrast to the moody, grainy black and white portraits in my last photo blog, I thought I'd post these fun brightly coloured ones from last month's shoot with Jemma Funge and Ulorin Vex, shot by Shawn Bishop at Scarlet Door :)

The theme was "lion tamer", with Jemma as the tamer and Chris (Ulorin) and me as lions :) I let my hair turn really blonde for this one specially. We all did our own hair and makeup. Click the images for larger versions!

This one kind of reminds me of those Dove adverts, or maybe a Bare Skin Beauty advert, as that's all I use on my skin :) Kind of wish I'd lifted my elbow a bit higher to avoid my little bicep bulge and armpit cleavage but other than that I really like this picture!

I've got four full days of shooting in the southeast and southwest starting tomorrow, followed by another block of four days in the southeast, followed by four days up north, so thought I'd blog again today as I won't have time again for a little while, and my backlog of images to share is building up!! My last days I can guarantee to be available this year are 13th and 14th November, so please email me at if you'd like to book either date :) £170 per half-day or £280 for a full day + travel.

Have a great weekend, everyone :*

Anita x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

One girl, two cups

For people considering booking me and anyone generally curious, this blog is to let you know that I am booked in for a boob job sometime 25th November - 6th December, exact date TBC later this month.

I currently have a 34 A/B and will be coming out with a 34C/D, or at least I will do once everything has settled. I'm investing top dollar in getting the most high-end top-drawer Rolls Royce of breast implants from the best British surgeon to specialise in the "natural" look with minimum scarring. No Barbie doll beachball look for me! I totally respect people who want that look, but it's not for me, and I've consulted with specialists around the world, including Dita Von Teese's surgeon in LA, to ensure I get what I want.

Did you know Dita has breast implants? After speaking to her surgeon about the technicalities, this is the sort of look and size I will be ending up with.

I know that some art nude photographers don't book models with breast implants- if you are one of them, please book me this month or forever hold your peace!! Email

My last remaining available PRE-OP dates are all this month (November) @ £170/ half-day or £280 per full day + travel outside of London:
  • 8th
  • 13th
  • 14th
  • 19th
  • 20th      All now sold out.
If you couldn't give a rat's ass about the contents of my boobs as long as they look in proportion with the rest of me, nonetheless note that after the procedure I won't be shooting any boobs-out work until February, maybe even March. I want to give them PLENTY of time to settle down and make sure they look absolutely perfect before showing them off to the world!

If you'd like to register interest in booking me for a boobs-out shoot in 2014, please email me to let me know that you'd like me to give you a no-obligations nudge when I have pictures of the new boobs and am ready to get to work: I know how indelicate "boobs-out shoot" sounds, but I don't know how else to quickly say "anything involving visible nipples"; I could still shoot things with my lower half nude as long as the top half remained implied, kind of like the opposite of "topless levels". "Bottomless levels"! :D

I will be relaxing and recuperating at home in vintage loungewear with my cats and lots of tall glasses of pink grapefruit juice in December, under nutrition and skincare guru Juliette Scarfe's supervision, and not even doing my own housework, so no shooting.

In January and February, I will be available for work up to "art nude with implied topless" levels, i.e. what I usually do, but with breasts obscured in the final photos. I will be available to shoot from home, as well as travelling out to studios and locations, and just to spice things up a bit, may make some unique hair extensions to give me a temporary new look and cover my breasts during topless shoots, giving me more freedom to pose. I used to be a professional fake hair crafter so my dreads will be of an excellent standard- think Elle Black, but ginger- right now I'm thinking fiery coloured glitter dreads, maybe with some hot orange and pink rexlace thrown in :D *cough* I totally think someone should book us together btw *cough* ;)

The dread extensions will come out in March (perhaps I will turn them into hairpieces) and it will be business as usual, but with new measurements: 36-25-36.5. You're damn right I'm excited.

Anita xxxxx

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#WardrobeWednesday feat. Lady Allura, Fabulously Fetish & Heavenly Corsets

I'm taking my time writing this blog as I'm so happy with the pictures that I want to make sure that the text surrounding them is perfect :)

These are from a recent shoot with a photographer I'd never worked with before called MrGlen in a London studio. We're already planning more projects for the new year! We had chatted about what we were going to do in advance via email in the usual pre-shoot way, but other than that, hadn't had any contact, yet I feel like he really captured my essence in a way that hasn't been done before, within minutes of shooting.

I know I look completely different in every picture you see of me, which is why industry people call me the Chameleon, but these pictures show how I look to myself. The first one especially is really what I see when I look in the mirror.

I never normally worry about sharing photos in my blog and so on but this feels surprisingly intimate!

Our inspiration for this raw grainy style came from Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Moon (who started her career as a model!) and Paolo Roversi, all of whom just do their own thing photographically and made it look great.

Latex lace collar by Lady Allura's Latex

I can totally see some of my Italian genes popping out in this photo. 
Thank you Bare Skin Beauty products for making my skin good enough for this raw grainy style!
Channelling Isabella Rossellini.
Corset by Heavenly Corsets, shoes by Fabulously Fetish

I have some more photos from this shoot that I will share soon, I just felt that these three somehow went together.


I feel like every time I update what I've been doing since I last wrote to you, I keep saying "insanely busy. INSANELY BUSY" like a very boring parrot,  but it really is the most accurate description of life right now (busy, not parrot), and I'm thriving on it. I'm one of those people who loves nothing more than to write an extensively detailed To Do List and then check off each item as I complete it.

I've always enjoyed the sense of a job well done, and luckily I have a job where there is really no ceiling on just how well a job can be done. There is no such thing as a photograph so perfect that it couldn't possibly be improved or even just altered a little to give a different effect! I find that thought exciting.

Even when I was 16 and my major source of income was cleaning hotel rooms for £3.50 an hour, I made sure each room was the best it could be. Nothing irks me more than a job done in a half-arsed fashion! I throw myself 100% into everything I do, whether I'm shooting, working out, cleaning my house, whatever. It'll probably kill me one day but I like to think it's due to being a passionate person :)

Lots of love,

Anita x