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Saturday, 31 December 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

What are your new year's resolutions or goals?

Mine are:

  1. I will visit a country I have never been to before. I'm guessing it will be China and/ or Indonesia, but I'm open to suggestion!
  2. I will go to a gypsy jazz club
  3. I will ensure that my book on freelance modelling, The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model, is published the way I want it to be published ;)
  4. I will get better at doing my hair
  5. I will visit Tokyo again and learn to say a few more things in Japanese
  6. I will continue to prioritise healthy eating and sleeping
  7. I will gain a basic understanding of economics. All this talk of "double dip recession" and "recession/ depression" etc is making me feel incredibly stupid as I've been hearing it on the news for years now and still don't know what any of it really means or whose fault it really is
  8. I will get back into the swing of my weekly pilates/ aerobics/ yoga routine, after two months' travelling
  9. I will try and cultivate my brain in the form of classic novels, psychology textbooks, art gallery and museum exhibitions, music and poetry recitals, attending lectures, visiting sites of historical interest etc etc once a week
  10. I will read and actually understand the Wikipedia page on photography. Considering how much time I spend in front of a camera, it is scandalous how little I know about the process behind it!
As we look forward to 2012 and turn our backs on 2011, I leave you with pictures of my butt from a shoot for the Lux Tenebrae catalogue that I did with Adam Robertson :)

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm off to celebrate with Liam. We have nearly two months' worth of catching up to do over a champagne dinner and fireworks over the Thames :D

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

So, this is what I got.

1)  News that a photo of me by Simon Gauduchon was selected to appear on on 12th December and may well be published in Italian Vogue magazine in 2012 :D

2)  Four days off in a row at my mother's house in the beautiful Somerset countryside with my family :)

Lilith and Dexter having their first Christmas <3 

3)  Christmas presents! I got some adorable ones this year, including the Sex and the City complete shoebox set from my brother, the iPad 2 in a baby pink leather case from my father and these gorgeous vintage china trios from my mother :)

The pink set is from the 1930s and the white is Victorian <3

I got lots of other lovely vintage inspiration for Christmas too, so I'll have plenty to watch while I'm experimenting with new hairstyles :D

The cover girl of Style Me Vintage looks familiar... anyone know who she is?

4)  Speedy stomach/ thigh/ arm toning courtesy of three Pilates sessions in a row on Christmas morning, Boxing Day and this morning ^_^

5)  Christmas food, my favourite! Turkey, potatoes, tons of veggies, my homebaked mince pies, clementines, sherry, cheese, red grapes, apples and plums, red wine, Be Good Christmas pudding with Alpro Soya cream, cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate, smoked salmon, champagne! <3

6)  Liam and I had an early gift exchanging session when I got home from KL on the night of the 21st December <3 I got him some JPG aftershave, a dark blue Kindle cover to match his trench coat and a watch, and he got me a fab selection of books to feed my little brain with :) Freud, Jung, the new Daniel Clowes and some Discworld books too, which I always love! I've already started reading Freud's analysis of Leonardo da Vinci and it's fascinating!

Genius #1 on Genius #2

I'm off to Exmouth for a shoot with a returning client tomorrow and then back home to London on 30th December, ready for my shoots on 2nd and 3rd January :)

According to my schedule, I then have a week off in London before a week's work at the SWPP Convention. If I don't get booked at the last minute then I will probably spend my week off having a big, therapeutic clear-out of all my stuff and donating a bunch to charity, getting post-Christmas beauty treatments, hitting the sales with Hannah Ashlea and maybe visiting an art gallery or two :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their loved ones and is looking forward to NYE! :D

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas, De Bauchees!

I'm at my mother's house in the beautiful Somerset countryside for a traditional family Christmas with a new addition- the cats! They officially became too old for kitten food while I was away in Asia. Sob! They grow up so fast!

They are loving their first Christmas, with an open log fire to snooze in front of all day, plenty of salmon to eat, decorations to play with and more people than usual to cuddle them and rub their bald little pot bellies!

Anyway, as usual I was snowed under with modelling work in the run-up to Christmas and completely failed to arrange a Christmassy shot for my blog. This is the most festive new modelling photo I could find, from one of my many many shoots in Asia over the last two months :p

Photographer: Lem Cheng Hai | Bra: Jane Doe Latex, latex thong: Cathouse Clothing | Styling: me

Next year I am determined to post all my fans individual, personal gifts to their homes. Yes, really! I just didn't have time to organise it this year; but next year, look out!

Wishing all my friends and loved ones a merry Christmas and a De Bauched new year!

Love and kisses,

Thursday, 22 December 2011

"We can't find a way out of the lingerie section!"

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

I'm back home in London, having enjoyed a night in my own bed with my man, muesli for breakfast, lots of snuggles with the kitties, a choice of my whole wardrobe rather than just what fits into a suitcase, a completely new manicure, homemade mince pies and the Father Ted Christmas special, some of the things that it is worth being in the UK for ^_^ I'll also be seeing Binky later so that we can exchange gifts and have a good catch-up!

Here are the last of my phone photos from my first trip to Tokyo. I went snap-crazy :) There are yet more to be downloaded and re-sized from my camera, including from my first tea ceremony!

 Old school taxi in Asakusa, the area I was staying in

Otanuki-sama, god of the art of public entertainment

Street vendor in Asakusa
 Once he'd sold some snacks, he just picked up his shop and carried it down the road :)

 Shops in front of the Sensoji temple, where I bought a LOT of pretty painted chopsticks!

 The Tokyo streets are full of vending machines. Some shops like this one even contained nothing but vending machines

 KFC flavour crisps :s

 Shibuya at night



 Beautiful Autumn foliage in the Imperial Palace Gardens

 One of the many crows in Yoyogi Park on Sunday morning
 Sumo wrestler I met in Ueno

 I missed entry time at Ueno Zoo by 20 minutes so I didn't get to see the pandas, but I did find this drinks machine that dispensed hot cans of hot chocolate, which was almost as good

 Cruising on Tokyo Bay <3

Toy shop at Haneda Airport

Toy shop at Haneda Airport

I think Liam's poaching salmon for dinner to go with the Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge. MmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmm!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

原宿: De Bauch does the Harajuku District, Tokyo!

I got the overnight flight from Tokyo back to KL yesterday for another shoot with Edwin Goh last night, my second shoot with him on this trip :) Here's one of the shots from the shoot we did in KL nearly six weeks ago, my first in Asia this year:

 Latex: Lady Lucie | Styling: me

I was half considering wearing this dress to the Harajuku district on Sunday morning until I actually arrived in Tokyo and realised it was far too chilly in December!

I've had a minor obsession with Harajuku street fashion since I started modelling and got my hands on a copy of this gorgeous photography book:

In fact, I found the unrestrained and entirely visual self-expression so inspiring that I started wanting to get photographed myself... the rest is history ;)

On Sunday I finally got to live my personal dream of seeing the Harajuku district for myself!

Entrance to Takeshita Street. It was like a small Japanese version of Camden Market :)

 The best-dressed girl in Harajuku! Those half-trainer, half-maiko platform shoes were everywhere. I'd never seen them before :D

 I thought that people were just wearing their pants really low until I saw these low-crotch trousers for sale!

Goth/ emo dudes who were a bit shy about being photographed but very sweet. Bless!

All I can say is that I am definitely going back to Tokyo next year if I possibly can. It's such a cool city with such a varied and fascinating culture!

Back from the Far East and available to shoot in the UK & Europe 2nd - 9th January!

Photographer: Teddy So | Styling: me

I'll be back from 6 weeks of shooting in SE Asia on 21st December, and after I have had a good recharge of batteries over Christmas, will be available to shoot in the UK and Europe on the following dates in January:


(I'm working at the SWPP Convention in West London 10th - 15th January with photographers such as the Yerburys and Damian McGillicuddy and travelling around the UK a little after that.)

Photographer: Christopher Blake | Hair: me

I shoot all styles from fashion to art nude levels, photographic and video, and can do my own makeup to a very high standard using professional products. I can pose myself for entire shoots or take direction and can make my wardrobe available, which as well as casuals, eveningwear and swimwear, includes latex, lingerie, corsetry and gravity-defying fetish heels!

Photographer: JEF | Styling: me

If you'd like to refresh your portfolio for a new year's shooting with a friendly, well-known and highly experienced professional model, then please drop me a line at as soon as possible to reserve your preferred date and chat about what you'd like to do.

Photographer: George Swift | Styling: me

Photographer: Teddy So[/i]

Photographer: Teddy So | Hair and makeup: me

My photographic day rate (6 - 8 hours) is £250 and my half-day rate (up to 4 hours) is £150, both plus travel expenses (these are kept to a minimum with my Oyster and railcards).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you :)

Friday, 16 December 2011

浅草, Tokyo!

I had my first afternoon in Tokyo today!

I explored the area I'm staying in, Asakusa, Tokyo's oldest geisha district, including the Kaminarimon Gate, Denboin Temple and Five-storey Pagoda, and went crazy buying hundreds of beautifully decorated chopsticks near the Senso-ji Temple, in between getting (politely!) roped into modelling for a few minutes for a local camera club, which was having an outing!

"Modelling" for an amateur camera club by Kaminarimon Gate. No makeup? No problem!

As well as chopsticks, tea cups and Hello Kitty merch, there were stalls selling other traditional items such as Japanese sweets, kimono and folding fans. I saw some traditionally dressed ladies going about their daily business in full kimono, obi, zori and tabi... it was such a treat to see in real life, especially after re-reading Memoires of a Geisha on my way here!

 Senso-ji, Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple

 Five-storey Pagoda

 Pagoda illuminated later that evening

 Hair ornaments for maiko

 Kaminarimon Gate

 Fortunes outside the temple

Geisha shooooooooes!

I have managed to teach myself a little spoken Japanese- I can now say hello, goodbye, please, thank you, yes, no, one, two, excuse me, my name is Anita, and one Asahi please!