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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Sensual Smiles and Stockings

Happy Valentine's weekend, my loves!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Christmas. Sorry about that! I was unusually busy with shoots starting 3 January and have been travelling and organising further trips a lot. Hopefully you've been keeping up with me on Instagram or Twitter anyway :)

I thought today would be perfect for sharing these romantic shots taken by my friend Adam Robertson at his house. Adam is one of the photographers I recommend to models in my book, The "Ugly" Girl's Guide to Modelling (along with a list of other solid contacts).

Adam and I have been shooting together for nearly a decade, almost since we each started model photography on our respective sides of the camera. Adam was one of the few photographers in the early days who agreed to shoot TFP with me to help build each other's portfolios. Since then, we have both progressed to doing what we love full-time, and still catch up with a photo shoot when our schedules allow.

Lingerie is by Playful Promises and organic skincare by Bareskin Beauty. I did my own hair and makeup using Mya Minerals as usual :)

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