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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Better than chocolate eggs: Lady Lucie Latex in The Next Page magazine!

There are four pages of moody black and white photographs of me wearing Lady Lucie Latex in an editorial in the latest issue of The Next Page magazine, two full page photos and one double page spread, shot by George Swift :)

The whole magazine is choc-full of really beautiful quality images that I really enjoyed taking my time over looking through. Go and have a look, it's free ;)

For those of you who'd like to buy some designer latex of your own, I currently have my translucent blue Am Statik latex merry widow and stockings up for sale on Facebook (size 8)!

Photographer: Julian Kilsby
Click the image to see more pictures of this outfit!

It is an absolutely stunning and utterly unique ensemble that was kindly given to me by the designer in exchange for modelling at a fashion show and a photo shoot last year, but I loved it so much that I've over-modelled it a bit now and should really sell it so I can commission something new to show off at photo shoots! I'm told that it would retail new at £500, but I'm selling it for just £175, so go check it out and either send me a Facebook message or email ASAP if you're interested as I'll be selling it on a first come, first serve basis! :)

Anita xxxxxx

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Blah bondage blah Defiled/ Gojira/ Ghost blah candid pic blah ;)

Just wrapped a two-day retro bondage shoot!

Day 1 was pure 1950s lingerie worn under pencil skirts and A-line dresses and Day 2 was all rubber. I got to style the whole thing myself (yay!) and even though the costuming might have been cute, the bondage was completely full-on and extreme, for two bouts of eight whole hours at a time! I can't wait to show you when it's released! My black nylon stockings got a little spoiled by the ropes of course, so I listed them on eBay for you :)

That was Tuesday and Wednesday- today I got to wear an amazing custom made peacock costume all day for a different fetish movie producer, and then tomorrow I have the day off in Middlesbrough to visit my bro. It will be nice to see him and his lovely gf again :)

On Sunday night I went to see The Defiled, Gojira and Ghost at Brixton Academy with my bf and our friend John- Jagermeister were sponsoring it all so tickets were only £5!

Mmmmmm, pixelated iPad selfie! Getting ready to get my rock on in my gloss PVC biker jacket and Jesus t-shirt :D Apologies if you already saw this on Instagram/ Tumblr/ Twitter/ Facebook

I also saw my friend Nina Kate and a girl I swear I worked with on the What Katie Did S/S 2012 Lingerie & Swimwear Show, but I can't remember her name! It was a nice surprise to see a little Jane Doe Latex on stage at a rock show, anyway ;)

Now looking forward to getting home in time for new Doctor Who on Saturday :D

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Parisian dreams with Amy Colwell

So the other week Amy Colwell and I were flown to Paris in a private jet to shoot some "casual" black and white portraits at one of the many chic little cafes near Le Louvre and Musée D’Orsay.

Okay... so you might have guessed from the writing on the blackboard that we didn't go all the way to Paris to shoot these, but don't they just have that certain je ne sais quois??

 Hair and makeup: me. Vintage faux fur coat courtesy of my favourite local charity shop!

We were actually in Muswell Hill, North London, about 15 minutes from my house. It's a nice spot, but it's not Paris- I was just trying to "think Paris" and project it into the camera lens ;) I'm *hoping* to visit Paris this year to see Nine Inch Nails, and next year to "do" Paris properly, when I will hopefully have the time, the money and the language skills. I'm so excited!

I backpacked across France when I was 17 and could still speak French, but being a penniless teenager, wasn't able to appreciate Paris to its full extent. I am drawing up a dream list for next year. It's always better to start by brainstorming your wildest dreams, and then figuring out the practicalities of making them happen, than it is to just try and think of something practical in the first place. Aim high!

Anita’s Paris list
  • Victor Noire- try jumping the fence to kiss him!!
  • See a ballet at the Paris Opera House
  • Jean Paul Gaultier boutique 
  • Caron (next door to the flagship Dior store) for swan’s down powder puffs 
  • Saint Ouen flea market- Nuits de Satin is all vintage lingerie
  • Go for a cocktail in the Hemmingway Bar at The Ritz 
  • See a show at The Crazy Horse
  • Palace of Versailles- museum and gardens and a boat on the lake
  •  Restaurants: La Perouse (“most romantic in Paris”), Mariages Freres (exotic tea salon), Le Voltaire (classic Parisian brasserie), Prunier (art deco seafood restaurant), Bofinger Brasserie (for oysters and ile flottante)
  • Stay at Hotel Chalgrin (about £80 per room per night, so £40 each)  
  • Carnavalet Museum- history of Paris 
  • Bateaux mouches (boat ride down the river) 
  • Cirque d'hiver (location for Lola Montès) 
  • Corset fitting with Mr Pearl (ho ho)
Here's to dreaming!

Anita xxxx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Running in high heels with Lady Allura and Amy Colwell

Here are some new photos taken by one of my best friends, Amy Colwell, who mostly shoots fashion agency models, so I was extra delighted and flattered that she wanted to work with me.

We were shooting the faux leather harness/ cage bra and garter belt for Lady Allura in a little spot I found in Muswell Hill, which is about 15 minutes' walk from my house! We got a few curious people asking why I was running up and down in clothes really not suitable for the temperature, but all friendly and polite- there was no-one walking up to me and snapping me on their mobile phone without saying a word, my pet peeve!

Hurrah Muswell Hill!

 Yeah, I can run on any surface in 6" heels. No big deal

 Amy showed me how to do makeup especially for black and white photos and styled the look with a dress from Asos and my black vintage seamed stockings

Butt! Click the pic to make it bigger ;)

 Hair and makeup by me, not that you can see much of it in this pic! Shakeshakeshake

As I write this I'm looking at the snow pouring down outside my window. I love looking at it, but fingers crossed it's gone by Tuesday morning- I have to head off early for three days' work in Halifax and Darlington and will lose out on a grand if the trains aren't running >.< Plus I'm supposed to be visiting my brother in Middlesbrough at the end of it to hang out and take him out to lunch with his girlfriend. We hardly ever get to see each other due to work commitments etc so it will be extra annoying if this trip gets foiled by snow!

Some good news for you guys, though- I managed to get a little run in one of the stockings during all that running around in my 6" stilettos, which I have all ready to mail to the first person to go here and order them! Just remember to select  "Black with Seams" from the drop-down menu! They will come with a signed certificate of authenticity, personally kissed while wearing red lipstick, on the back of which is a full colour print of me wearing them, in a rather provocative pose ;) Don't be long, they'll be ordered soon and I'm anxious to share them with you...

Anita xxxxxxx

Friday, 22 March 2013

UPDATED! Naucler Design (& Am Statik!!) fashion editorial feature and EctoMorph ad in Skin Two magazine

Looks like I have two full pages in the latest issue of Skin Two (#64) :D

I'm in an EctoMorph latex ad...


... and in Naucler Design latex in the Fashion Section editorial! POW!

This one was shot at 5 am to get that amazing blue light on St Paul's Cathedral (and avoid the crowds)!

Both shots were taken by the awesome Darren Birkin, one of the top fetish fashion photographers in the UK today :) We started working together way back and it's always great when latex clients book us together :)

Had another great bondage shoot with Ariel Anderssen today! Love working with her :) I will hopefully be going to a VIP Fetish Film Festival Preview with her in May too, which I'm sure will be as good as it sounds!

UPDATE 23.03.13: I actually have another full page in the Fashion Section editorial that I managed to miss! Thank you so much Darren for letting me know and sending this scan! This is beautiful blue Am Statik Latex that I will be shooting for the last time this month and then selling... I love it so much that I've ended up taking it to like all my latex shoots, so I really should sell it now and use the money to buy something new! But look how pretty! The whole suit high-necked translucent suit is decorated in latex applique flowers in shades of blue and antique gold, sprinkled with sequins and rhinestones!

I did teh hair and makeups


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lady Allura's Latex

Some photos from my recent Lady Allura's Latex shoot with Magpie Tommy :) It's fun to wear pretty pastel pink latex sometimes instead of the usual reds and blacks!

Photographer: G. Haskew. Thank you for all your hospitality! :)

We were originally going to shoot outdoors but the 0 degree temperatures and sleet falling horizontally put paid to that. I actually really like this pretty tea party/ vintage drawing room sort of a look we used in the studio though, I think it goes really well with the clothes :)

I did the hair and makeup, and note cunning hiding of right middle finger in every shot! I managed to slice my finger open on a piece of broken glass just before I made the trip and the hospital told me to keep the bandage and steri-strips on for five days. Sigh.

I even had to have an X-ray to make sure there weren't any little shards still in the wound (there weren't. It was a very chunky and solid lump of glass). I think I managed to pull it off for the eight photo shoots I had in the following five days! Thank god for my extensive collections of leather gloves!! I hadn't actually had a chance to road-test my cream leather driving gloves yet so it was at least nice to have an excuse to wear them. Finger's fine now, just a little pink line where the cut was.

In non-modelling-related cool news, my MP (or his Parliamentary Assistant) is going to give me a tour of the Palace of Westminster, including climbing Big Ben, next month, right before I go to Asia! It's amazing what you can get if you just ask :) I'm going to re-read my Parliament and the Law notes before I go so I can ask lots of good questions :)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Irish Nudes by Seamus Costelloe, Podge Kelly & Eamonn Farrell

Happy St Patrick's Day! I won't be sharing Irish coffees with my Irish boyfriend as I'm working tomorrow, and in another break with tradition, won't be posting any photos of myself in a neon green fancy dress bikini with matching plushy top hat. I know!

Instead I thought that as I've started a #NakedSundays hashtag on Twitter, and St Patrick's Day has fallen on a Sunday on this year, I'd post a selection of nudes shot in Ireland by some of Ireland's best art nude photographers in no particular order :)

 All photos not otherwise credited are by the amazing Seamus Costelloe

 Photographer: Eamonn Farrell

These are all from when I had black hair! The last time I went to Ireland I suppose I must have only been shooting fashion! Hopefully I'll be back this summer... just need to figure out the best time to fit it in. I really love Ireland :)

In other news, I finished re-writes on The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model today, my five-step guide to being a successful model without an agency, and sent copies to some model friends to see what they think.

The next part will be going through nearly seven years' worth of photos to figure out which would look best in the book! It will take a lot of experimentation and revisions but it's worth it to make sure it's perfect :) Then I can design the layout of the book, print a test copy, fix any last little imperfections and have it ready for general release by 31st October... that's the plan, anyway!!

Anita xxxxx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Anatomic Bomb feature in The Bite magazine (lots of text, sorry. But shiny pretty latex models too!)

I'm WAY behind on posting my magazine appearances- they've been coming thick and fast over the last few months and I've been so busy shooting and travelling on different continents, writing The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model (my complete start-to-finish guide to doing what I do- freelance modelling without an agency) and considering all sorts of ventures including things like GoGetSale (YOU can join in on that one- just click the link and sign in with your FB/ Twitter account to start earning cashback on everything you buy online), that I've just not kept up with blogging... at all, really.

Sorry :(

I even still need to post all the amazing pictures from my last Asian Tour in November/ December, where I did everything from attending marvellous Asian Couture Week in Singapore with the Head of Fashion Film from legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight's SHOWstudio, to riding on horseback around a Cambodian village and seeing how ordinary Cambodian people live (i.e. in poverty). It was a life-changing experience and yet I've not had time to share it with you- surely I will find time before I'm back shooting in SE Asia again for three weeks next month!!


I think this is the oldest publication that I haven't posted- part of a designer profile piece on Anatomic Bomb latex, a famous latex house who have dressed celebrities like Kate Moss, in the Autumn 2012 issue of The Bite magazine. I'm the one in the Dennis the Menace top on the top right; the photo is by Julian Kilsby and Leighanne Regan did the hair. (I did my own makeup.)

Click the pic for a larger view! I spot my friend Ulorin Vex in a similarly stripy dress on the bottom left! :)

Six other things going on (all I can think of off the top of my head!):
  1. Publications in The Bite, Skin Two, Next Page, Bella Morte and Alt fashion magazines (either out now or coming soon)
  2. Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang next month (woo, never been to Penang! KL is the only Malaysian city I've visited so far)
  3. Shoots for lots of new bondage websites (new to me)
  4. Cool photo shoots done, and more planned, with Lady Allura's Latex and Twilight Siren
  5. Enjoying a "staycation" at home in London for a whole week- much, much needed. There is only so long you can keep juggling at full capacity before you start to gibber and need to hit the reset button on your brain! Had a DVD double bill of The Devil Wears Prada and The September Issue last night and resolved to start buying Vogue again- I just love the pictures, and when you think about it, each issue is like an amazing value coffee table book :) It was incredible to see just how much intensive work goes into making it.
  6. Need to make a little 2 minute video of myself presenting, being a presenter, for my agency, so they can put me up for presenting jobs. Apparently clients have been asking after me but I don't have any experience to show them. Have to figure out what I'm going to be presenting to my iPad in my lounge for 2 minutes!
That's enough for now... I'll post some more publications next time :) In the meantime, there are a couple of new modelling photos on my Facebook, and here is a picture of my cat, Lilith, tucked up in bed with me and having a yawn. We're having that kind of a week ♥

XXL Papa John's tonight courtesy of Dan Hubbert, mmmmMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmm!!!


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

*sigh* Time for a mini-rant.

Just saw a nice new photo on a social networking site get the old "omg she needs to eat moar" type comment. I've even seen people commenting on photos of me complaining that I look "sick" (!), and yes I do mean in the sense of having an eating disorder, not as a trendy way of saying "good"!!

For goodness' sake people, thank you for your concern, if that's what it is, but I have a BMI of 19, which is perfectly within the healthy range (ref: the NHS!). I'm the same height, weight and measurements that I've been since I was 17. It doesn't take much to make my ribs stick out; it's how I'm built. I guess I must have a relatively wide rib cage for my waist size. They've looked like that since I was maybe six or seven (I remember other children commenting on it when we were going swimming).

I work out most days, (Pilates, cardio and yoga), I lug heavy suitcases around the world on a regular basis and I eat well 80% of the time. I have reasonable muscle tone, core strength and flexibility. The other 20% I have whatever I please, but whether I'm enjoying healthy food or junk, I never let myself go hungry! I'm sure my friends and colleagues can vouch for this!

Finally, and this might come as a surprise to you, after nearly seven years of practical experience, I KNOW HOW TO GODDAMN MODEL. I have a built-in sense of where the camera is, where the light's coming from, and how to melt five pounds off my frame with every pose, yes, pose, that thing where you suck your stomach in and twist from your waist and pop your hips and elbows away from the camera and all those other ingenious little tricks that models use to look thinner than they "really" are in pictures. Those airbrushed, beautifully styled and lit photos you see of me aren't candids. Really. Sorry to burst your tiny bubbles.

So, thanks again for your concern, but please, no more comments about my "weight". It's healthy for my height, and that's all anyone, including me, needs to know.