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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ivory Flame & Anita De Bauch: underwater art nude nymphs

If you haven't seen the NEW Underwater Gallery over at yet, here are the photos!

Earlier this month, I did my very first underwater photo shoot with photographer Vanessa Mills and veteran underwater model and good friend Ivory Flame (Holly), who coached me throughout and helped me achieve some great images, both with her and by myself! Underwater modelling is so addictive- maybe it's the intense physical challenge coupled with the gift of being able float like a fairy and pull poses that would be impossible on dry land- that I am already planning my next underwater project with Vanessa for October!

L-R: me and Holly adorned in gold jewellery. I imagine this as some sort of beautiful Sky Sylph floating down to visit her deep dark Water Sprite sister in the depths of her kingdom!

 Starting small with a simple pose and practising exhaling in order to drop through the water instead of bobbing around the top like a cork!

 I love the dramatic lighting in this one... it looks like we're floating up to Heaven :)

Racing towards the other me on the surface... there is such a sense of freedom in being underwater :)

L-R: me and Holly. I love that the white fabric has drifted into the shape of wings. It's like I've fallen in love with an angel and am trying to be taken with her.

It was very interesting for me to see the results of the shoot and notice that even underwater, Holly and I have our own distinctive "default" approaches to art nudes. Hers tend to be more classical, ethereal and soft; mine tend to be more hard, abstract, generally a mass of shadowy ribs and joints bent at right angles with a nipple here and there. Obviously we can each do the other style as well, but it's maybe an interesting reflection of our personalities, which style we instantly slip into :)

Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised at how similar our figures look in the photos- it's like we instinctively knew when to be different and when to gel. This was our first time shooting together, but I hope we get to do it again one day, perhaps even on land!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Team ADB Going for Gold!

Well, I just wrapped another two straight days of modelling for Jerry Ghionis' portraiture workshops at the lovely Bloomsbury Hotel in London. It was great to be working with the world's #1 wedding photographer again, catch up with Melissa and make some new friends :) I could REALLY use a month off to catch up with myself though, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon- I just finished making all my arrangements for this year's Asian Tour! I will be visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and possibly Jakarta over November and December! I am so excited to shoot at these exotic locations with great photographers that so few Western models have access to!

Goodness knows when I will find time to do my Christmas shopping, though! I love to shower my friends and family with all sorts of gifts over the holidays! I would love to figure out a way of doing the same thing to you..! Any ideas how (or what)?

I just got these photos back from my shoot with Rayment Kirby, a highly experienced photographer who I always love working with! He and his wife, Pru, are such fun people, and their hospitality is great too (we always shoot at their place). I have many a kooky diet preference but the main three things I try to stick to are NO land animals, NO cow's milk and NO white flour, purely for health and beauty reasons, and Pru always remembers and cooks us something nice for lunch <3

In my head I've been calling these "the golden girl pictures." The effect on the skin reminds me of the ads for Dior J'Adore perfume with Charlize Theron. Coincidentally, J'adore is my favourite perfume and I was actually wearing it while was posing for these photos- almost the only thing I was wearing! I did the styling ;)

Shoes are from Kurt Geiger!

Speaking of nudes, it looks like I might be producing my own nude 2013 calendar! At least, that's how the voting was looking, last time I checked! Please do treat me to your opinion on whether it should be a latex, sexy lingerie or nude themed calendar on Facebook!

FetishEyes produced an "Anita De Bauch Tribute" calendar for 2012 that was all heavy rubber, so I'm of half a mind to go for lingerie or nudes this year, but not if everyone is still hungry for more rubber ;) I want the calendars to be accessible to everyone so will exert all my power and influence to ensure that they cost no more than £5 each! Everyone deserves a little glamour and sexiness in their home or office to last the whole year through, am I right? If I could give them away, I would!

Love and kisses,

Anita xxxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

Studded latex by EctoMorph, photographed by Darren Birkin!

I have another incredibly busy week coming up, so I thought I'd write to you now, while I have some time to dedicate to it!

Both tomorrow and Wednesday I will be at a certain famous London hotel modelling for the world's #1 wedding photographer, Jerry Ghionis, who is visiting all the way from Australia to teach portraiture workshops! On Thursday I am modelling latex and lingerie in London and on Friday I have a fascinating art nude project based around a poem by Leonard Cohen to sink my teeth into! It sounds like it should be a really beautiful day :)

On Saturday I will be scouting out a romantic outdoor location for my own bridal fashion photo shoots this summer (stay tuned!) and on Sunday I am modelling for another workshop at a cool old foundry location. The next day, Monday, I will be back to shooting latex again, one of my favourite things! Latex is so fun and colourful, and so photogenic! It makes one's body look like a cartoon superhero drawing, in a good way, and the shininess makes it look really three-dimensional on a two-dimensional plane (i.e. a photograph). Check out my 8x10s and signed copies of Alt fashion magazine if you don't believe me!

Here is a new latex photo shot for EctoMorph, which you might have already seen on, if you're really on the ball!

I LOVE STUDDED LATEX! Must order some soon <3 i="i">
Photographer: Darren Birkin | Wardrobe: EctoMorph | Hair and makeup: me

The stockings were great- they didn't roll down once! I think Darren is editing some more of these photos as we speak, so subscribe to my blog now if you want to see them! It's free and it's easy and it's at the top right hand corner of the page :)

Until next time,

Anita xxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

You can never have too much EctoMorph latex, but you *can* have too much information!

Home from three lovely shoots at the new Scarlet Door Studio in Bracknell today. I like shooting with new people and checking out new studios :) Here is a snap of the last look of the day (you've probably already seen it on Facebook), which I styled myself!

I call it the electromullet!

I'm sorry to those of you who didn't like the messy picture of me in my last blog. I know that my usual 'look' is perfectly groomed, primped and styled, but honestly, when five hot guys from a famous supergroup like AxeWound tell the makeup team to mess up your hair and cover you in blood and bodypaint, you go with it! I like the idea of letting rip and going crazy once in a while! Don't we all need to do that sometimes?? If nothing else, it helps me appreciate being clean, groomed and elegant all the more!! It's nice not have syrup up my nose, food dye on my teeth, and to not be constantly sticking to things right now, for example!

Here's a little over-share for you: the day after the AxeWound shoot, I honestly thought my period had come on early, but it turned out to be fake blood- i.e. red syrup- that had presumably worked its way in while I was straddling bleeding things and was now working its way back out again. Yes, really. I give a whole new meaning to the term "sweet pussy"!

Well, now I'm bathed and dressed once again, here's a photo for those who prefer a more "traditional" Anita- you know who you are ;) This is from a recent EctoMorph latex fashion shoot with photographer Darren Birkin, and I did the hair and makeup myself (apologies if you've already seen it on Facebook or Twitter). EctoMorph are a very well-established latex label that dress celebrities like cult actress and singer Eileen Daly! This is the second time I have been invited to shoot for them and I hope they will offer to wrap me up in beautiful latex couture again soon!

 For personally signed posters and 8x10s of me wearing latex, please browse my Shop!

Isn't the location fabulous? I didn't realise until I arrived that it was the home of my burlesque bombshell friend Banbury Cross! Isn't it a small world? Her apartment is absolutely fabulous; a converted ballroom full of vintage furniture, taxidermy and even antique dentistry equipment! It was like a beautiful little living museum and I would love to shoot there again (*hint hint* to any photographers reading this, hee hee)!

 This is only one half of the room, as I couldn't fit the whole thing into one photo, but isn't the ceiling lovely?

I also got to meet Banbury's pet ferrets after the shoot. They are so pretty! The girls, anyway. I don't know if I've ever met a boy ferret, but she says they are bigger and smellier! Good to know!! I still prefer my freaky little hairless babies though... here is one of them, my little lady Lilith, fast asleep in her PJs in front of the fire:

The cats and I are catching the train to Somerset tomorrow to visit my boyfriend at his parents' house for a family weekend in the countryside! I think the kitties will love chasing butterflies in the garden and no doubt being spoiled rotten with scraps from the barbecue party! I'm really looking forward to it all!

Lots of love,

Anita xxx

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Behind the scenes: AxeWound music video shoot for 'ExoChrist'!

I am a full-time model, so I have done a LOT of shoots. It's impossible to say exactly how many, but I'd guess that it must be 1000 or so by now. There are inevitably a few that really distinguish themselves in my memory for one reason or another, and I'm sure that yesterday's is going to be one of them!

One of my agencies (Spirit Model Management) got me the leading role in heavy metal supergroup AxeWound's music video for their latest single, 'ExoChrist', which I'm told is due to be released within a month!

On set with AxeWound for the filming of the 'ExoChrist' video yesterday!
L-R: Matt Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine), Jason Bowld (
Pitchshifter, Pop Will Eat Itself), Mike Kingswood (Glamour of the Kill), me, Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats) and Joe Copcutt (Rise to Remain)

I'm not sure exactly what I am and am not allowed to say about the video before it appears on TV, but judging by what the band themselves have been Tweeting about it, I can tell you that it involves:
  • blood
  • boobies
  • a [strawberry] blonde chick- i.e. me- rolling around in blood on the floor
  • buckets and buckets of blood
  • lots of naked extras getting "down and dirty" (I quote Joe!)
  • more boobies
  • gallons, seriously, gallons and gallons, of blood and gore
Staying "in character" during a break in shooting! I didn't get hungry all day, probably because of all the fake blood I was swallowing- it's made of corn syrup! Pretty sure that's COMPLETELY banned on my diet..!

Believe it or not, I actually got EVEN MESSIER after I took the above photo, to the point where using my phone was no longer an option!

I can't wait to see the final finished video and share it with you right here in my blog, so SUBSCRIBE NOW (top right of this page- you can unsubscribe at any time)! And if you'd like to see more pictures of naked moi, check out my Art Nude Gallery or order a personally signed photo book from my Shop for yourself :) All proceeds will be spent on corn syrup and food dye, I swear...

I'll leave you with a pic of Liam and me after the shoot, having a shit-eating grin contest, apparently. I'd had a shower at that point but was still a bit stained! I think he was the one I liked the most- simultaneously laidback and also very into his music and the project (tricky balance); and a gentleman, to boot (but they all were) :)

"Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese, motherfucker!"

I will post more before the video is released, and then I will post the video itself the SECOND it comes out, AND some top secret behind the scenes footage that I shot! If you're an AxeWound fan you simply MUST come back and visit me here, or subscribe so that you can be alerted the second I post it all!

I used to always try and post everything to do with one shoot in one blog, but you guys have taught me that you prefer it when I tease, tease, tease, so here I go!

Love and kisses,

Anita xoxoxo

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ectomorph Latex, Jane Doe Latex and Lady Lucie Latex, oh my!

This morning I got a call for a latex fashion shoot for one of the oldest and most prestigious labels in the country, Ectomorph, who first opened their doors in 1985- before I was even born! Considering how quickly designers come and go these days, it is a real honour and a privilege to shoot for such a trusted, well-established name in the world of latex couture! I last shot for their catalogue in May last year:

Photographer: Keital @ Fetish Eyes | Hair: Annabelle's Wigs | Makeup: me!

You can still actually see that very shot showcased on the Ectomorph homepage, alongside another of their models and one of my friends, cult movie scream queen Eileen Daly, of Razor Blade Smile fame! Funnily enough, she has also modelled for another of my latex clients, Peccatus Couture. It certainly is a small world!

The shoot tomorrow should really be something special- I've seen snapshots of the outfits, and the photographer is second to none, so I KNOW it will be good and that you'll like the pictures! I'll be blogging them here first, of course, so be and sure and subscribe NOW (top right corner of the screen) while you're thinking of it!

In the theme of latex fashion, I will decorate this blog with a photo from my recent Irish Tour, taken by one of Ireland's very top photographers and all-round gentleman, Seamus Costelloe.

Latex bra by Jane Doe | Latex braces by Lady Lucie | Styling: me

I like mixing latex with other fabrics, both in photos and real life. I know it is considered a bit of a "fetish no-no", but really, if you like latex, and you also like leather, vinyl, nylon, silk, satin or mesh, why wouldn't you mix them together? It's like wearing incredibly sexy, daring lingerie, and then putting a suit on over the top so that you can still swan to the shops or to the office or to meet your friends for coffee or cocktails, without having a line of guys following you around all over town! I think it's what they call having the best of both worlds!

If you like nylon stockings, or latex, as much as I do, then >click here< to browse my Shop, full of pieces I handpicked for you. I think you'll like them.

I have lots more to tell you but I don't want this blog to run on too long, and I have to pack for tomorrow, so bye for now!

Anita xo

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lady Lucie Latex, art nude location shoot in beautiful Somerset, and general waffle!

Do you find that everything on the internet seems to take you about three times as long as you thought it would? I'm not talking about pages loading slowly or anything, I'm talking about time literally seeming to pass at an accelerated rate and/ or html coding being a lot more fiddly and contrary than you thought it would be.

It's just taken me the best part of two days to update (for the love of God, please go and have a look at it and ooh and ahh over the minor alterations and new photos, or even just pretend you did and leave a comment saying "looks nice" so that I don't go insane), my ModelMayhem portfolio and to post "studio provided" and "studio not provided" casting calls. Admittedly, the latter is probably the longest and most detailed casting call I have ever written, but still! I have redecorating to be doing!

My new 1940s silver screen-inspired bedroom is nearly complete :) This is the "mood board" for what it will look like when it's been done, if you're interested!

Today we painted the new floor to ceiling bookshelf, so I can arrange all my books, hats, perfumes and pictures on it tomorrow. We also have a new king size bed! Thank goodness! We can't actually sleep in the bedroom until the paint is dry though, as it's really toxic stuff to breathe in (must remember to buy eco paint next time!). For the time being, our little nuclear family (me, boyfriend, two cats) are camping on our living room floor, along with all my belongings. It's surprisingly cosy, actually, like camping, but dry!

Latex: Lady Lucie | Photographer: Alistair Wright | Styling: moi :)

Dexter doesn't understand what's going on but hopes the giant cat basket, which he kindly allows us to share with him and his sister, will last

Oop, just been told that I'm going to be in a big house in the Somerset countryside 19th - 21st August! I know some really stunning locations for art nudes nearby, so if you're interested in shooting some location nudes on a mountain, in the forest and the ruins of a witch's cottage, all on the same day and for £250, please email! I'll write a proper casting call tomorrow but I thought I'd just mention it here first while I think of it, in case any photographers are reading! :) I've got some lovely new hair flowers and floaty skirts that would look so beautiful and nymph-like in those surroundings ^_^ I could also bring my new designer wedding dress- it could look very cool with the skirts blowing on top of a mountain!

We might even be able to shoot some boudoir at the house, too, which has a very nice newly redecorated double bedroom. I'll be bringing my Sphynx cats along too- they're devilishly handsome and make for great co-models!

If you are a photographer, model, stylist or other industry-type person, you should join my "PRO" Facebook page! It's not just for professionals to join, but rather refers to the fact that I only post "pro" industry-related stuff in there, not endless stream of consciousness babble like I do here and on my fan page ;) I not only post my own casting calls, but if I see any casting calls from other people that I think look good but I can't apply to for some reason (e.g. I have the wrong stats or I'm unavailable on the requested date), I share them there for other models to apply for, if they want to. Share the love, that's my motto! ♥ A thriving community is beneficial to us all!

Anyway, I'll stop pimping myself now and go and shower the paint out of my hair! A glamour girl's work is never done!!

Lots of love,

Anita xxx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Land, Sea and Hair

I've been very busy since my last blog, but thought I would give myself a moment to settle down on the settee in my vintage satin robe and share a little of the last few days with you :)

I popped up to Scotland over the weekend for a shoot at Pavilion Studio in West Lothian, which is owned and run by photographer Barrie Spence. I've shot with Barrie before but this was the first time that I'd seen the studio and I was very impressed with it! It was warm, clean, well laid-out and well-equipped. I had three photo shoots in one day there (8 hours altogether) in great company, so it really was a very pleasant getaway! I will be able to share some of the photos, including Lady Lucie latex and Playful Promises lingerie, very soon, so subscribe to my blog now if you don't want to miss it (top right of this page)!

I watched about half of the Olympic opening ceremony with Barrie, his partner Fiona and shy Labrador Molly, and enjoyed it more than I expected! I even found the bit at the beginning with the suffragettes and soldiers very moving! It's easy for me to be cynical and forget just how much this country has evolved and contributed, considering how small it is. We became a non-slave-owning, atheist, openly gay, scientific, anti-fascist, artistically progressive culture with votes for women relatively early on and I like to think we are still progressing now!

It's a shame that they didn't make reference to important British scientists like Charles Darwin, or the UK's (relatively) thriving LGBT/ queer culture, but I suppose you can't have it all. You know that if I had been organising the event there would have been plenty more latex, 6" stiletto heels and fully fashioned seamed nylons! If you like those things too, then you'll love what I have in my Shop right now!!

Here is a brand new picture, as a reward for you if you actually read all that waffle up there ^

It was taken on the hot, sunny streets of Singapore last December by Singapore's leading photographic team, CaKe! We always shoot together at least twice when I visit Singapore and are already discussing our upcoming shoot this December!

Photographer and wardrobe stylist: Callan Tham @ CaKe! | Hair and makeup: Kenny Tan

On the theme of street fashion, I also have an outtake from a more recent shoot in Camden with my cat, Dexter! It was the first shoot where we've been officially booked to model together and my little boy did me proud! Can't you just tell that this photo was taken in England and not in Singapore?! In fairness though, it was taken at night!

 This has got to be my most successful Mohawk to date! I got this new hairspray and it's like spray-superglue. It kicks the arse of both Elnette and Schwarzkopf, my preferred brands up to now!
Photographer: Donald Ogg | Styling: me! | Male model: Dexter ;) | Assistant: Jo

Little bit of nerdage: the alley we were shooting in is the very same one that Edgar Wright used to shoot the famous "fake gun fight" scene in Spaced. Conveniently, it also happens to be outside my favourite Camden pub, The Black Heart *nods*

Also this week was another first: my first underwater shoot! I was really lucky to get to do it with my model friend Ivory Flame (Holly), who is not only amazing at modelling in general but experienced in underwater modelling specifically, so she actually coached me through the whole thing, from emails before we even got there, to wrapping me up in towels at opportune moments and recommending breathing and relaxation techniques, to texting me after the shoot with further advice and encouragement

It was a very exciting day for me as the learning curve was so steep! Although I don't panic in water at all, the first few photos looked more like I was drowning or had just fallen into the pool and was having a laugh, rather than graceful and ethereal, but by the end of the day I was promptly counting myself in and dropping to the bottom of the pool to pull poses with Holly that would have been impossible on dry land!

I will share the photos when I have them, but for now, here is a little behind the scenes snap I took of Holly and the photographer testing the lights- underwater!

Underwater modelling is so addictive because of the physical challenge and your sudden ability to float! I hope I get to do more! I have tons of ideas, including being a mermaid and floating around in a long silk dress!

Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see me do underwater..!

Love and kisses,

Anita xxx