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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kaori's Latex Dreams editorial in Rebelicious magazine

For those of you who still buy magazines, there are THREE shiny latex-clad photos of me in a Kaori's Latex Dreams fashion editorial in the latest issue of Rebelicious magazine!

For those of you that don't, you can browse the whole issue online ;)

Photographer: Julian Kilsby | Hair and makeup: me :)

Today is also the last day of my eBay auctions! I'm selling a few items at very low price points including a brand new red leather Tommy Hilfiger bag, Prada shoes, a fur coat, leopard blazer, and some cute household items- a pink teapot and a whistling kettle. Enjoy!

For more personal items, such as my worn stockings and signed kiss-cards, have a look in the Shop! I just put some new 8x10s up for you, including photos from this editorial shoot, so go buy!

Lots of love,

Anita xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Say cheese, bitch!

This month is turning into a right bondage fest! I usually get booked to look cross and pouty with my hands on my hips so it's a change of pace to be playing the submissive role. I have booked at least six or seven bondage jobs this month and there look to be even more in the pipeline!

I'm even modelling for a shibari workshop in North London tonight. Shibari is the ancient and beautiful art of Japanese rope bondage, a very historically and culturally interesting craft, as well as being lots of kinky fun to work with. I had a shibari photo shoot just this week and can't wait to share the photos. The effect of the rope looked really stunning on the back of the camera.

Last week saw me in a gorgeous house in the Cornish countryside for a few days of modelling for one of the classiest bondage websites out there, Restrained Elegance, with my friends Ariel Anderssen and Katy Cee. Ariel is a great rigger as well as model and did most of the tying up!

Katy and me, as tied by Ariel! Apologies if you already saw this on Twitter or Tumblr! Click for super-sized view :)

Here is Ariel working on rigging us up (that's her hand on the left!)- these complicated ties take time!

It's not often you see really nice two-girl ties of this quality, so here is another one for you, this time taken in my room for the week! It was a lovely attic room with sloping ceilings, skylights overlooking the rolling fields and woodlands with a dark chocolate satin bed that I could listen to the owls hooting in at night ♥

Checking out my bonds

This was a particularly ambitious tie for Ariel as it involved using two different coloured ropes, sky blue and gold! They worked really well with Katy's and my autumnal hair colours, blue eyes and fair skin but in order to get it perfect, it took a little while. We didn't mind in the least but Ariel was so worried that our arms would drop off before she'd finished! We did get a pillow to lean on while we were waiting though, which made all the difference ;)

I've got three different workshops to model for this week, including the shibari one tonight! If you happen to be one of the delegates, hello and thanks for keeping me busy :)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Asian Couture Week

The Vivienne Westwood/ Dans La Vie fashion film Oyster starring yours truly was screened at London Fashion Week last year to general acclaim, but I'm not at LFW this year- probably just as well, as I'm already up to my eyeballs with organising photo shoot trips all over the UK, USA and Asia!

While I was shooting in Singapore last November I was contacted by the director of Oyster, the Head of Fashion Film at Nick Knight's SHOWstudio and my good friend Marie Schuller. I couldn't believe we just so happened to both be in Singapore at the same time! She was shooting a fashion film about Asian Couture Week for SHOWstudio and invited me along to hang out and enjoy the show with her and her friend Sue.

 Marie shooting her film Eastern Promises with the runway models at Asian Couture Week

How could I say no?! We got great seats to see some of Asia's premiere couturiers and their work was nothing short of jaw-dropping!

This is me wandering around the venue before even the VIPs were let in to see what I could see...

 Wardrobe Polaroids backstage

Trying to figure out if I could possibly make off with that red dress without getting caught. All exits guarded by bouncers :(

I changed out of my little summer dress (Singapore is HOT in November!) and into latex for the party, of course... I got snapped and papped about five million times, which made me assume that I'd be able to find at least one photo online to share with you, but apparently not.

I can share some photos of the actual runway show though; it was really spectacular. This was my favourite of the designers, Guo Pei, China's most extravagant couturier:

So, enjoy LFW if you are there this year, but don't get too Western-centric with fashion. Asian designers are equally amazing and they know how to put on a show!

Anita xxxx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

What's your favourite bodily quirk?

Well, I just booked myself some plane tickets to Singapore and Hong Kong! I always visit for a few weeks every winter- one continent's worth of photographers isn't enough for me ;) but the calibre in Asia is so exceptional that I just couldn't wait for November to roll around so I'm back for a quick three-week spin around southeast Asia in April :D

Until then, here is a shot from Singapore during my tour of winter 2012 by Solo Step Studio:

And now here's a snap of Elena, the photographer, editing me to airbrushed perfection on her computer! The most important thing when it comes to flattering a woman is good lighting (remember to have your Anglepoise above your eye-line and in line with the tip of your nose when taking webcam selfies for Facebook, ladies!) but good editing is also important for that flawless look in the final image!

I'm glad my "fivehead" wasn't edited out though... that's one bigger than a "forehead"! What's your favourite bodily quirk? :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Home sweet home

I don't actually shoot from home all that often, but I have just had some more home shoot photos through from a shoot I did with Dave 24601 just last week :) The shoot was only two hours long, but surprisingly productive, with three different looks. This was the first- a kind of beauty-boudoir look in my very own boudoir, where I sleep every night...

I love freshly dyed hair ^_^

Peeking out of the guest bedroom porthole. I'd love to redecorate this room with a Victorian nautical theme!

I did all the styling on this shoot. That's my dressing table behind me :)

Madame Bink, Jack Broadbent and their dog Major were visiting last week and we went out in Camden, the first time I've been out there since Amy Winehouse passed away. We went to some of my favourite pubs, BrewDog, Black Heart and Blues Kitchen, and also had lots of time to chill out at home and have a good old gossip and a catch up. I love my Binky!

Apologies if you already saw this on Instagram!

I've also started putting together plans for redecorating my lounge; something like this!! I just ordered this incredibly luxurious velvet flock wallpaper to feature behind the fireplace; I really need to get the room painted first but I got overexcited!

It's duck egg blue with purple velvet flock ♥

Anita xxxx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jane Doe Latex at Torture Garden Fetish Ball & my 1st TG, age 18!

Who knew that clicking the 'Drafts' tag in my blog dashboard would reveal a bunch of pictures that never got posted? It's obviously where I started writing a blog, got distracted, saved it, and then forgotten about it. I even had to check my CV (also horribly out of date, I've had at least one new cover) to find out when they were from!

So! Welcome to some backstage pics from Torture Garden last year, where I actually did two shows; the first was in January/ February (not sure >.<) for Jane Doe Latex, one of the very best designers out there, wardrobe creator to many celebrities including Marilyn Manson and one of my very favourites! I have modelled for the Jane Doe online catalogue many times but this was my first live show with them :)

Backstage with Nina Kate, the designer :) Her tattoos are amazing!

I wore these shoes to do runway *nods*

Me in my latex ensemble for the show. I like this photo because I look like a boy :)

A bit of self-stalking on MySpace (remember MySpace?) also uncovered this little gem- a photo taken at my first TG, indeed my first fetish party, when I was 18! I still remember, it was the NYE Ball and Liam and I had been together nearly a year (we just celebrated our 9th anniversary last month)!

Yes, that's me with the big pink dreads. I wasn't modelling at this stage, but you can see that I was already into corsets! I made hair extensions like these ones for a living and was in my first year of a Psychology degree. Don't remember who the lady on the left was!

I believe the photographer was called Bobette, because when I did start modelling and had no pictures for my portfolio, I tracked him down and emailed him to ask if I could use the photos he took of me in the nightclub! Would you believe it? He was very kind though, and let me use them and wished me luck, but I imagine he was just thinking, "... really?" :p Oh well, I got some good photos in the end, didn't I??

Anita xxxx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Twilight Siren, Lady Lucie Latex, Sean McCormack & me

A lot of people seemed interested in the photo in my last blog, so I thought I'd post another that was taken in my home! This shot is by Sean McCormack, who I have shot with many times in Ireland, but this was the first time we'd worked together in London! You might have already seen some of our work in his photo books Anita De Bauch and Anita De Bauch: Chameleon. This time we were shooting for Twilight Siren!

Neck corset and pasties: Twilight Siren | Latex leggings: Lady Lucie | Styling: moi

It's fun to do something a bit more punky after the epic amounts of vintage 1920s - 50s work I've been doing for the last few months :) Having said that, I'm particularly looking forward to my shoot on Friday, which will be recreating my heroine Marlene Dietrich in a vintage London hotel room! I just can't wait! I'm so nerdy about exactly how she did her hair and makeup and was lit and so on, it will be great to really put that knowledge into practice :D

Lots of love,

Anita xxxxx