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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Banned in China

On my last morning in Kuala Lumpur I got up early to take a snap of the view from my bedroom window then go swimming on the roof of my 34 storey hotel!

Then, breakfast with a view :) Loved the little shot glasses of yoghurt that came with breakfast :)

 I visited the Batu Caves with one of my photographers, Roger. It was on the top of my “to do in Asia” list so I got ridiculously overexcited when I saw the huge golden statue from the car window!

It was 272 steps to the top and the temperature was about 35°C̊ but it didn’t seem too bad, especially as the top half of the steps were in the shade. There were people carrying buckets of bricks up, for added holiness, but I just carried my camera and a bottle of water ;)

I was hoping to see some monkeys as per the Wikipeida entry and I wasn’t disappointed because they were EVERYWHERE, probably due to everyone merrily ignoring the “do not feed the monkeys” signs, and resulting in me having audible cuteness overload :D

look at dem

When we got to the top of the steps there was more exotic animal love to be had as an enterprising dude was charging 10 Ringgits a pop to hold a snake. I’ve always wanted to do a proper photo shoot with a big snake; this is as close as I’ve got, so far!

Then I stopped cooing over the cute animals and actually checked out the caves.

I got blessed by this guy in the main temple :) He rubbed some pale grey stuff (ash?) on my forehead, but the mark didn’t come out in any of the pictures.

Soon it was time to have a quick lunch (kueh teow soup- I made a note of the name in case I see it again. Chicken and noodle soup with spring onions and slices of Malaysian fishcakes. Nothing like British fishcakes, more like subtly fish-flavoured tofu) and head to the airport so I could fly to Hong Kong. I took a photo of the sign on the way back because I’m immature.

Despite the soup I got hungry for sugar and caffeine while I was waiting at my gate so I got a latte and a chocolate brownie at the airport cafe. Latte + chocolate + 1970s radical feminist sci-fi novel (can you think of a better genre?) = total indulgence for half an hour ^^

I’ll save my adventures in Hong Kong for another blog, even though I’m in Hong Kong right now, writing this from my room on the 38th floor! I can’t believe I’m behind in my blogging already! I seem to be doing too much each day to be able to have more than one day per blog!

I got a message from Rob Ellis asking if I wanted to shoot this weekend, as by some random quirk of fate, he’s in China right now! I had to say no, unfortunately, just because I’m already completely booked out in Hong Kong this weekend and I fly to Singapore first thing on Monday morning. The only reason I mention it is because he told me that this blog is BANNED in mainland China! Too much p0rn, too much swearing, too much sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? Who knows?

EDIT: Can you have a “random” quirk of “fate”? Surely fate, by its very definition, would not be random?

I really do burble on without thinking some all most of the time. Ta ta.