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Monday, 23 December 2013

Not a very Christmassy blog... oh well!!


I thought I should do a Christmas blog while I'm still in London :) Amazingly, I don't have any pictures of myself in a "sexy Santa" outfit or any of that business, so instead, here's a new picture of me wearing Lady Allura's Latex, by Alec Davies. The colours are sort of Christmassy, maybe :p

I'm in Somerset for Christmas to spend time with my family, catching the train tomorrow morning with the cats, which should be fun. Look out for the girl in the vintage (faux) silverfox coat and turban with two bald cats in jumpers on matching velvet and diamante leads :p Dexter and Lilith like to sit with me at a table on the train and watch the world go by out the window.

Chloe-Jasmine Whichello also invited me over for Christmas but unfortunately I only booked off enough time to spend with my family- then it's straight back to London. This is also why I've not booked any shoots in the southwest over Christmas. Hopefully CJ and I will have time for afternoon tea somewhere in London in the new year :)

Last night, Hannah Ashlea and I met up for the first time in ages- she was terribly jetlagged from her flight from Hong Kong but still braved it out for a two-hour "Jack the Ripper" tour of Whitechapel with me last night, looking as gorgeous as ever!

The weather stayed dry and it actually wasn't that cold out of the wind. The tour was super gory and interesting and afterwards we went for mulled wine at The Ten Bells, the Victorian pub where some of the victims, and most likely the Ripper himself at some point, drank in 1888. It was creepy but fun to imagine everyone in the pub in Victorian clothing, lit by gas lamps, with the street outside pitch black, without a single streetlight.

I wore a Victorian style high-collared black blouse with a lace panel on the chest and lots of little buttons running down the spine, with my Victorian mourning locket and long black skirt. I love to dress up! I must have let my imagination run away with me as I had super-realistic dreams/ nightmares all last night about being trapped in a house with a blood-crazed disembowelment enthusiast. Um, hope that never happens o.O

  1. Bath cats and put them in their woolly jumpers (it's cold today, even with the fire lit!)
  2. Pack for my Christmas break- my wardrobe, and the cats'
  3. Have a Bareskin Beauty Green Clay Mask

Over and out! This is my last proper blog before Christmas but no doubt I'll be posting silly pics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr over the next couple of days!

Merry Christmas!

Anita x


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

2013 Review

Huge long blog post with tons of pictures alert- read only in cases of extreme boredom!

I decided to go back over my last year of blogs and pick out just three highlights from each month to summarise my year.

Some months it was hard to pick just three as there was so much going on, but I tried to be strict! I think it might help to see where I'm going if I can see where I've been.

Plus, it might be nice for any new readers to my blog to get caught up on what sort of things I post about :)


1.  Had my first photo back (I think) from a shoot in my newly redecorated 1940s style silver bedroom:

Photographer: Jim Nemer | Hair & makeup: me

2.  Had some lovely black and white nude work:

Photographers L-R: Chris Lord and Callan Tham

3.  Was on the cover of The Societies' 2013 Show Guide

 Photographer and hair stylist: Faye Yerbury | Makeup: me

Liam and I also celebrated our anniversary with lunch at the Dorchester followed by the London Eye at sunset ♥


1.  Kaori's Latex Dreams editorial in Rebelicious magazine

Photographer: Julian Kilsby | HMUA: me

2.  Posted pics from Asian Couture Week, where I was a guest of Nick Knight's SHOWstudio :)

3.  Posted backstage pics from a Torture Garden fashion show for Jane Doe Latex

Nina Kate and me



1.  Saw Nina Kate's husband's band, The Defiled, at Brixton Academy, along with Ghost and Gojira

2.  Full page ad for EctoMorph Latex in Skin Two magazine, as well as a fashion editorial.

Photographer: Darren Birkin | HMUA: me

3.  Photo shoot with one of my best friends, Amy Colwell, for Lady Allura



1.  Toured Asia again, which probably accounts for my lack of posts; too busy shooting to write about shooting!

2.  Read The Kama Sutra and Lola Montez: Her Life and Conquests

3.  Bought lots of fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings with Cuban heels!



1.  Back cover and editorial in Riot Vixen magazine:

Photographer: Luci Phillips | Styling: me

2.  Was invited to my first of many of Perou's Clownface parties

Dan and me scaring people on the tube

3.  Posted photos from my amazing trip to Cambodia



1.  Fulfilled a career-long dream of shooting with Perou ♥

2.  Shot with my good friend Phine Ka

HMUA: me

3.  Shot at this amazing location with Magpie Tommy for Lady Allura, about a week before it all got knocked down



1.  Went on a tour of the Tudors at the V&A followed by cocktails with Ivory Flame

2.  Lost my shit over the proposed internet porn law changes

Photographer: my long-suffering bf

3.  Shot for Fabulously Fetish with Phine Ka



1.  Had a crazy time in Belfast seeing NIN

2.  Was featured in Jessie J's music video for 'It's My Party', which has had nearly 8.5 million views on YouTube alone so far.

3. Celebrated the imminenet publication of Roswell Ivory's steampunk novel with her, lots of dim sum and some free "congratulations" champagne from the restaurant, Ping Pong in Soho



1.  Experimented with hair colour

Photographer: Pete Maca

2.  Got a funky new haircut by Simon Pinto

3.  Shot for Beyond Burlesque bridalwear with Dave Kai-Piper



1. Lady Allura's Latex editorial in Freque magazine

Photographer: Adrian Jones | Makeup: me

2.  Fabulously Fetish launched their new website, with a whole gallery dedicated to me ♥

3.  I was offered sponsorship with Bare Skin Beauty, an all-natural raw organic skincare brand that I love.



1.  Published in British Vogue, in a wedding advertorial, with Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, wearing Beyond Burlesque couture.

Photographer: Dave Kai-Piper

2.  Coincidentally also published on Vogue Italia's website

Photographer: Marcus Jake

3.  Decided to get a boob job; then decided not to, after all.

Photographer: MrGlen | HMUA: me



Well, after a whirlwind rush through a year in the life, here we are getting ready for January again. December isn't over till it's over so I don't want to list three highlights just yet ;) Although visiting both the National Galleries in the same week was definitely one of them. I also represented my latest sponsor, Anathema Designs jewellery, at Collective 159 Christmas Party on Camden High Street last night, which was a lot of fun. You wouldn't believe the amount of free cake and wine I was simply FORCED to consume!

My agencies have some potential exciting jobs still lined up for me this month, but I don't want to jinx it in case I don't get them! My main focus this month is really doing things like this, reviewing my life, taking stock, reflecting, recuperating and preparing for a hectic 2014.

Thanks for joining me on the journey and see you next year ♥

Anita xx

Sunday, 8 December 2013

"Classic but fucked" #NakedSundays by Perou

I have a new nude photo from my bloodstained shoot with Perou at The Bunker :)

Perou calls this set "classic but fucked."

Hair and makeup (except the blood): me.

Perou let me take as long as I liked over hair and makeup so I took a stab at victory rolls :)

You probably saw this one already

What I sort of like about the top image is that to me at least, I look quite strong/ solid/ womanly, even though it's quite a classic/ modest/ demure sort of a pose. It's not an aspect of myself I often see in nude photos, especially with my build, which often lends itself to looking a bit more either waif-like and ethereal, androgynous and athletic, or kind of sharp and pointy, like the Judderman, if anyone remembers that advert :p

Channelling the Judderman

Perou and me at Aura in Mayfair. Photo shoot over =/= ridiculous hair and makeup being over, nuh-uh.

Having decided to take December off to relax and regroup, yesterday was my first day in at least 8 weeks of actually doing NOTHING ALL DAY. It felt INCREDIBLY WEIRD but I do feel refreshed today!

On Friday, Roswell Ivory and I visited the National Portrait Gallery to see the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize and Starring Vivien Leigh exhibitions, both of which were interesting and inspiring in their own ways.


There are just so many ways to express or construct aspects of a personality or moments in a person's life in photographs.

This was followed by live Elizabethan music among the Tudor portraits and dinner at Tokyo Diner in Chinatown, my third Japanese meal in three days.

I want to go back to the NPG this month for the Man Ray and Pre-Raphaelite Muse exhibitions.

I need to update my online portfolios BADLY.

Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe more galleries.

Anita x

Monday, 2 December 2013

A very British Monday

Today I visited the British Museum to see the Middle East, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome exhibits, went for a British pint (Doom Bar) in a proper olde traditional-looking gay pub in Soho (well the boys had the beer, I had wine), then came home for a pot of tea and to FINALLY watch Alpha Papa. I meant to watch it at The Phoenix when it was on but was just too busy with shoots. This always happens to me! I think the last thing I managed to see at the cinema was The Hobbit in 3D at the BMI IMAX. I also booked myself in for a TV presenting day course at Pinewood Studios next month.

Appropriately for watching Alan Partridge, here is a photo from a shoot in Norfolk in October by Alec Davies, who was visiting from South Africa.

Styling: moi

Hopefully I'll be touring South Africa in 2014, so if you're based in Cape Town or Johannesburg and would like to work with me, holler! :)

Anita x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Professional restraint vs total lack of restraint in real life :p

This week, #NakedSundays is brought to you by Restrained Elegance, the classiest bondage site on the net, in case you didn't already see it on Tumblr/ Twitter/ Facebook :) Something weird happened to the quality when I uploaded it from my computer but you can watch the full high quality video in the website's members' area.

I write to you from my own sofa (for once), where I am curled up in front of a roaring fire in my leopard print PJs drinking Vita Coco and having a hungover Simpsons marathon with a friend who's visiting from the Shire. What was going to be civilised birthday drinkies for a friend of a friend in Camden last night turned into a bit of a late-night rampage on Crystal Head Vodka! I must get a bottle for my little cocktail-making zone at home, not that I can bear to think about cocktails too much right now.

I did a LOT of online shopping this morning, which may not have been advisable, but then I did get two pairs of amazeballs shoes and four dresses for under £40, boom! Including my NYE dress, silver sequinned zebra print for seeing The Prodigy :D :D I have gold sparkly studded cowboy boots but I'd really like to find a silver pair to match, hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

My little baldie cats are in their new winter jumpers. Lilith is in blue, because it goes with her eyes and some of her "blue" colouring, and Dexter is in pink, because he's gay.

"I hate you, Mom."

*drinks more coconut water*

Anita x