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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

'Babes in the Wood', Bizarre magazine

I'm in the latest (August 2010) issue of Bizarre magazine in a double page feature on legendary fetish fashion photographer Emma Delves-Broughton's latest book, Kinky Nature, a sequel to the fetish classic Kinky Couture :) I totally recommend buying it, it's only £15 and full of shiny colour photos of pretty ladies playing in the woods!

I just got home from today's shoot (got some exciting news from it to report later!) and am too tired to walk to WH Smith to buy Bizarre, but fortunately the lovely Ruby True sent me this photo <3 Thank you!! :*

Trust me to be the one messing about in the top right corner! :p

My first ever paper publication was in Bizarre... it seems so long ago now! This latest article opens by describing Ulorin Vex and me as "sex bombs". Who are we to argue?? ;p

Plan for rest of day: drink tea, read The Wasp Factory and listen to the iTunes playlist Liam made me (just hearing the phrase "mix tape" makes me feel about 100 years old now!) :) :)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Professional Photographer, August 2010

Home again, home again, jiggetty-jig. I'm back in London and missing Liam already >.< He's in Somerset with his family right now. Ah well, I'm shooting with a photographer I've never worked with before at a London studio tomorrow so that should take my mind off it :) I was supposed to be shooting in Prague this week but it got postponed due to the stupid Czech weather to some time next month- in London. I'd rather visit Prague again, but oh well!

Now I've got my silly whinging out of the way I can share a bit of good news- I'm in the editorial of the latest issue of Professional Photographer magazine. One of the photographers I'm working with on my West Country Tooh-arr sent me this and it cheered me up :)

Photographer: Adam Robertson

I think I also forgot to post last month that my eye was in the July 2010 issue of Photo Pro magazine! It was from a shoot I did with Christian Hough for the editorial on new photographic equipment.

It seems like I'm always working/ travelling during the hours that newsagents tend to be open so I almost never get to see physical copies of my tearsheets, but luckily there are nice people out there who send me scans (many thanks Nicolas and John!) :) <3

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Drac-in-a-Box Alternative Wedding Dress. And sushi

I actually shot these outfits for Drac-in-a-Box in May but got so caught up in blogging about other things that I forgot to mention that they up on their online catalogue now!

I was really chuffed to be the first (I think!) to model Drac-in-a-Box's new bridal range. This skirt with the massive detachable train was really fun to wear :) There are more photos in the links below these photos.

The corset is available to buy here and the skirt, here

We shot the bridal ones at Layston Church, where we also shot the photos I posted in my last blog, then headed back to the studio in the afternoon to shoot a totally different Japanese themed outfit. The skirt is actually the same one, with the train detached!

No fish were harmed in the making of these photos; we used vegetarian sushi (which I ate after the lost shot, om nom nom)

Photographer: Gregory Brown
Hair and makeup: moi!

The ever-lovely Technical Boy kindly edited this one up for my portfolio, too! <3

Shortly to be followed by an outtake where I started laughing :p

You can buy the corset here, skirt here and Alchemy choker here :)

I'll be shooting for Drac-in-a-Box yet again in Scotland next month. Can't wait to let my inner goffick out to play again xD

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Layston Church

I got some pretty new art nudes from my shoot in May with Gregory Brown :) We were shooting at Layston Church for Drac-in-a-Box, after which we decided to take advantage of the cool location and my done-solely-by-feel fauxhawk (no proper mirrors available, heh) to do some non-commercial stuff too :)

I can't decide which are my favourites, although I think maybe the first three :)

If you like my photos please join my new Facebook fanpage! *shameless plug* I always said I'd never start my own fanpage but then when someone else was threatening to start one for me I realised I'm too much of an anal retentive control freak to let anyone else do it! :p

I'm also preparing a special personalised gift for one lucky "Anita De Bauch Facebook Fan" ;) The first 2000 people to "like" my new Facebook fanpage will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win it. The sooner it gets to 2000, the sooner the winner receives their prize, so remember to "share" my new Facebook fanpage with your Facebook friends ;)

Anyone, anywhere can enter and I'll post you your prize myself :)

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

EVEN MORE art, fashion and fetish nudes from Spain!

They just keep coming! It seems we had a ridiculously productive week :D

My shoot today has been postponed (with perfectly good reason on the part of the photographer) until 1st September, which is mildly annoying as I could have stayed on the continent and explored some more of Germany or visited my friend Maxime Avet in Lille, but on the plus side it means I can catch up with my blog ;)

And a behind-the-scenes shot John Tisbury took of Greg shooting me on location!

Note silly sticking-out-butt-to-make-it-look-perkier pose, lol
More from John:

I made John take this one because I thought the rope marks on my arm looked pretty :)

I've also got some AWESOME latex photos sitting in my inbox from my fashion trip to Europe at the weekend! I want to wait till I've got the full set before I post them all together but it's so hard to resist the temptation to post just one................................ ;p

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

De Bauch does the Bible Belt

Back home after a whirlwind run around Germany and Switzerland shooting for some stunning latex designers over the last couple of days! I can't wait to see all the photos, but for now I will bore you rigid with more ramblings about my little holiday to the US ;p

I like what I've seen of the Southern States a surprising amount considering I'm a liberal bisexual atheist nude model. The food and music are good and the people are friendly (perhaps because none of them knew that I'm a liberal bisexual atheist nude model).

I was staying at my dad's place in Kentucky but most of this blog will probably be about our excursion to Nashville, Tennesse :)

My room at my dad's house. Sleigh beds = love!

My dad, brother and I went to BB King's bar in Nashville, which is just the coolest place with fantastic live music. The dude in white spent some time playing his guitar with his tongue!

One of BB King's signed guitars

I decided to try some traditional Southern food and went for the catfish po boy for dinner. It's not the same as fish and chips, honest.

The next day it was back to Kentucky to get a traditional American diner breakfast :)

View from my Nashville hotel room at dawn; the tall building on the right is called the Batman Building because of the two spikes

I like how in America you always get eggs with breakfast and a big selection of how they're cooked. I like mine over-easy on wheat toast :) I also <3 the retro posters on the walls!

The menu at Waffle House finally explained a Bloodhound Gang lyric that's baffled me for years: "I want you smothered, want you covered, like my Waffle House hash browns."

Well, sort of. Who wouldn't want a woman covered in sauteed onions and melted cheese?

I did actually try a bite or two of American hash browns and they're way nicer than those little crispy ones you get in the UK. They taste more potato-y and less processed (fascinating fact #894984)

Next up, something my bro (Josh) and I had been looking forward to: our first ever drive-in (do check out the website, it reflects the place itself perfectly) movie! It didn't disappoint either. What a great idea and piece of Americana :)

L-R: me and Josh at the drive-in (with Dad taking the photo)

Toy Story 3! :D

Other misc. photos from Kentucky:

Black Widow in Dad's garage

Best cheeseburger I've ever eaten in my life at Rafferty's

Guns for sale in Wal-Mart; right between the ammo aisle and kids' clothing section

And then began the epic journey home to London for Josh and me. Even more epic for him because he had to get a bus to Bristol after arriving in London. We flew Nashville to New York JFK, where I ate the most cutely packaged chow mein...

... and noticed Dita on the front of a Virgin plane. One of the ones to Vegas I presume!

I love Virgin Atlantic flights so was actually a little bummed out to see London looming at around 7.30 am local time, having sat up all night with Josh sinking free champagne and arguing about movies. If you look closely you can see the London Eye.

Now, my feet are absolutely killing me from three days of epic high heel wearage so I'm off to soak in the tub for a couple of hours!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New York, New York! *photo and video dump*

Back from my "vacation" to the US! My brother, Josh and I were visiting our dad, who lives in Kentucky, but we all met up in NYC for the 4th of July celebrations (not sure how ironic it is for British people to celebrate Independence Day but I like fireworks and beer too much to pass it up!) :) We saw Macy's display from Pier 54:

The sun setting before the fireworks

The subway was in total chaos after the display but somehow we made it back to Times Square, which was also jam-packed with people (as in shoulder-to-shoulder, shuffle-stop-shuffling rather than walking). A bunch of police went by on horses and everyone cheered! New York is definitely different to London.

We decided to go to Planet Hollywood for post-firework junk food and nerdage. I decided to be good and have the spinach salad which was actually DELICIOUS, even if you're not on a diet I totally recommend it. It came with peaches and strawberries! <3

After my pathetic salad-excitement was over I went to check out the film stuff. This was the Holy Grail:

The day before when the three of us met up in New York we checked into our hotel in Times Square then went to Olive Garden for lunch (bit of a crappy looking restaurant but quite nice food). The view of Times Square from our window table was great but it was slightly off-putting having a gigantic poster of a perfectly normal-looking woman with 'HUGE' written next to it facing me while I was trying to eat my meatballs :s

Speaking of Times Square billboards and body fascism aside, did anyone else NOT know that Green Day's American Idiot is now on Broadway? Erm, what??

Didn't think anyone would believe me if I didn't take a picture

If you follow my Twitter or have added me on Facebook then you probably read my "I'm on a video billboard in Times Square" update. Even from another continent, I can still pwn you :p

So yeah, every dickhead walking through Times Square was on the billboard, myself very much included.

That night I had an almost spiritual experience when I came across the guitar Kurt Cobain smashed up at the end of the Teen Spirit video in the Hard Rock Cafe. Teen Spirit was the first alt rock song I ever heard and completely changed the way I thought about music from the age of 13 onwards (before then my favourite band were Queen) so it's a special one for me :)

There was also a rather cool In Utero promo poster under it

There was tons of crap donated by various bands of course, but one of the more interesting/ unusual things I found was this drawing that Jim Morrison drew in high school. The writing says, "It only hurts when I laugh."

I also photographed this "Hard Rock Barbie" in the gift shop because I really want her jacket :p

Must ask a designer to make one for me!

While in NYC we had to visit Little Italy again. I love that place for some reason, it makes me feel really at home. We got some great pizza in SPQR:

More holiday snaps!:

Dancing in the street

Meaningful fridge magnet in a souvenir shop; so true!

Me and my "little" bro in Times Square

 The lifts at The New York Marriott Marquis. I'm a total bumpkin and still amazed by skyscrapers

View from my room on the 36th floor

Breakfast at Westway Diner! Bran muffins are so good but I can't find them in the UK. Think I'll experiment with baking my own!

The subway. Not as slick-looking as the tube but at least it runs all night!

Highly intelligent and well-written poster presumably produced by a non-smoker

It was too hot for my dad and bro during the day on 4th July, so while they went back to the hotel for a siesta I slathered on the sunblock and went on a pilgrimage to Strawberry Fields, Central Park to see the John Lennon memorial mosaic.

I imagine it would be dodgy at night, but during the day, Central Park is just a lovely place to be. It feels like some sort of woodland pod, removed from the world, especially when you look to the horizon and see skyscrapers poking up from behind the trees!

It was too insanely hot to walk round the whole of the park, but I saw the fountain, listened to a choir group singing Stevie Wonder songs and saw the Alice in Wonderland sculpture <3 I'd just seen the new Alice in Wonderland movie on the plane on the way over so I was well in the mood!

On the last day we went up the Empire State Building because Josh hadn't been there before. Now that the Twin Towers are gone it's the tallest building in New York again.

me at the top with the Chrysler Building in the background

Better view without my head in the way

Tops of the buildings below... things look different from 86 floors up!

A friendly pigeon doing his best King Kong impression

The very top of the Empire State

After our trip to New York we hopped on a plane to get to my dad's place in Kentucky... more about my adventures on the Bible Belt later :p