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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Black Swan

You know when you feel like you've found something that really expresses who you are, or at least, how you feel... some days? Yeah. Love these two new photos by Luci Phillips taken in my living room a few days ago :)

Dress: Buffies | Hair and makeup: me

It's been another crazy week in Anita Land...

I was shooting commercial/ lifestyle type things on Tuesday, then cast for two different shows on Wednesday before dashing off to a photo shoot in the evening, then yesterday I had two different shoots in two different places, but on the same day! Cue lots of makeup application, removal and re-application on the tube! Well, this weekend I'm cuing up my bed, DVDs and maybe even a pizza, I think! ;) Oh, and Hannah Ashlea's Pretend to be a Dinosaur Day party tonight... I think I'll wear my snakeskin pattern leggings... snakes and dinosaurs both have scaly skin, right?.. but can't think what to wear with them! Or what to bring... all I can think of is T Rex cocktail puns.
  • G and T Rex
  • Rex on the Beach
  • Long Island Iced T Rex
  • etc