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Friday, 29 June 2012

Mother Superior and Me

It seems crazy that I could be one of the world's top fetish models, and such a regular wearer of latex and uniforms, and yet have never done a latex nun photo shoot... until now!

L-R: me and Anetta. I love transparent latex sooo much ^_^

 The rosary was actually from Vatican City!
Photographer: Chris Zietek | Latex: Westward Bound (I think!!) | Makeup: models' own

I did actually go through a brief phase of wanting to be a nun when I was about 7, because I liked the idea of living in a big house in the country with lots of other girls, not having to get married, and singing every day. Luckily, I still manage to do all three of these activities on a regular basis while also having a relationship, a wardrobe and a fabulous love life!

Bye for now, sweethearts!

Anita xoxo

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Straight to (fetish) video

I just got home from the new little spa in my 'hood- slightly cheaper than the other one. My usual massage and facial lady is so amazing that she is always booked up weeks in advance so I thought I'd give the new place a try and the back massage I got was a pretty good way to spend an hour :) I get stiff from constantly travelling, posing at photo shoots and doing pilates, so I often get back massages and have learned to really appreciate a good one! I also love to get foot massages when I can, as I'm sure all girls who live in high heels do!

Anyway, as you have no doubt already read in my blog, I modelled for latex fetish site Latex Heaven quite recently, wearing Pandora Deluxe latex in a million dollar mansion! You can join the site here, but I also have a free video preview to share with you! <3

If you like latex, you must treat yourself to a signed photo or magazine from my online Shop!

Yesterday my friend Roswell Ivory visited from Norwich :) We met at the Tate and went on a guided tour.

 L-R: Roswell and me reflected in a piece of art at the Tate

Then we came back to mine and I made us salad and veggie pesto pulse spaghetti for lunch, then had a picnic dessert of my homemade banana bread in the park on a fluffy blanket with my cats on extendable leashes attached to a post, so they could wander round and explore a little bit. Dexter even chased away a perfectly friendly dog that came over to say hello! It wasn't wagging its tail when it ran away again, despite being about ten times Dexter's size!

We had to head home again when it started to rain, and retired to my warm lounge with some DVDs. We both love Stardust and then we watched the best bits of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (I often just skip through that DVD to watch my favourite musical numbers back to back!). 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' is always so much fun to watch, of course! I just love the dancing girls in fishnet hoods and the human chandeliers!

I also love sparkly things but must disagree with Marilyn on the "I don't mean rhinestones" line! I just love a dress, corset or pair of high heels completely encrusted in sparkling rhinestones!

Sending a little glitz and sparkle your way! x

Anita xo

Monday, 25 June 2012

Girl in the Iron Mask

I have another, literally shiny, new photo from my trip to Spain to show you! There is just something about a person wearing a mask, isn't there?

Photographer: Chris Zietek | Hair and makeup: me

I've had a super-busy couple of days here in London, followed by staying up until 3 am watching Water For Elephants- the late 20s/ early 30s styling is to die for!- so this morning I had a lie-in before depositing my pay at the bank and then RELAXING!

I gave myself a little manicure to let my nails recover from nearly four years straight of wearing acrylic nail extensions and ordered some healthier water-based nail polishes from Honeybee Gardens, along with water-based mascara and natural ingredients hairspray. The sheer quantities of harmful chemicals I seem to need to constantly douse myself in for work has started to bother me, so I'm trying to slowly replace my hair products, makeup and toiletries bit by bit. The only tricky bit is makeup- I tried Sally B's tinted moisturiser and powder foundation and wasn't very impressed, so for now I'm sticking with good old MAC products!

Organic lip balms double up really well as lip glosses, though, and my new favourite body lotion is coconut oil :)

Even better than the $50 body lotion I used to use, honestly, and it also works as a night cream, lip balm and bath oil! Try it! In fact, I'm going to have a coconut bath as soon as I've finished writing this blog. It smells sweet and makes your skin feel AMAZING.

This afternoon I took Dexter to the park on his new extendable lead and he had so much fun that he didn't want to come home!

My pretty friend Roswell Ivory is visiting London tomorrow, which will be great as we haven't been able to see each other in a long time due to our busy schedules! We're going to take in an art gallery, have lunch chez moi and then have afternoon tea in the park with the cats and my homemade banana bread, I think. I can't wait to catch up with my girl, she is one of my absolute best friends! <3

Now it's time for a long, hot coconut oil bath followed by an early night, luxuriating in my new Egyptian cotton bedsheets! I never thought that I would be the sort of person who bought bed linen, but now that I have started buying "the good stuff", I'm hooked! My bed plays a major role in my life, after all!

Yours sleepily,

Anita xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Room service!

I have some lovely shiny latex photos from my recent week-long modelling assignment in Spain. This was taken in a very posh 7* hotel suite, and I felt perfectly comfortable in the outfit as I actually used to be a real chambermaid, before I started modelling! Can you imagine me as a chambermaid? I was awfully good at it!

Latex: Honour | Photographer and wardrobe stylist: Chris Zietek | Hair and makeup: me, naturalmente ;)

I have lots more photos to post over the coming days- no need to remind you to subscribe to my blog, of course, as I know you have already!

My little cat Lilith was sick this morning, and felt colder than usual, so today was spent worrying, dressing her in her little pink hoodie to stay warm, cuddling, poaching whitefish for her (then mashing it up, so it was easier for her to eat), wrapping hot water bottles in towels for her to sleep on, and cleaning the flat from top to bottom to try and eradicate whatever it was that set her off. Poor little baby girl!

She seems much perkier this evening though, and now I can recline in my immaculate lounge with a bottle of organic Pinot Grigio and watch Alien 3 on Blu-ray- after having poached whitefish for dinner myself. Perfect!

Yours nerdily,

Anita xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Photo scrapbook from my fabulous trip to Spain!

I just got home from a FANTASTIC week in Casares. Spain seems to be lucky for me; the last time I was shooting there for a week, I met my friends Roswell Ivory and Iveta Niklova, and this time I think I made new friends too, including with three adorable little Yorkshire terriers :)

I was staying at the Finca Cortesin, which was a definite improvement on the rather damp little villa I stayed in the last time I was working in Spain (yes, even Spain is bloody cold in March!) ;) It really was a beautiful 7* place to relax and re-charge, with lovely salt water swimming pools, a spa, beach club and rose gardens, and the most delicious food I think I've ever eaten!

Breakfast on the terrace <3

Here are some snaps I took at one of our shooting locations, the Finca Cortesin Beach Club. Sunshine, fresh tropical fruit under straw canopies, blue skies and the sound of the sea; it was a real paradise!

My suite was so huge and gorgeous that I couldn't resist inviting my boyfriend to join me from London for a romantic weekend. We really re-connected and it was absolute romantic bliss!

Me in the sumptuous-smelling rose gardens at the hotel, in my Bettie Page dress from Nikita Sablier <3

We also shot on the 5* golf course, which was especially fun for me as I've never been on a golf course before! With rolling emerald hills and bright blue sky I could see why Chris, the photographer, picked it :)

Chris shooting at the Golf Club

Chris in the distance, taking some time out to practise his swings!

I was also very kindly given a day off to hit the spa at the hotel, so as well as going swimming and using the steam room and sauna (which I was doing every morning before breakfast, anyway) I also got to have a pedicure and an oxyenating facial :)

 Crazy spa flip-flops that looked a bit like geisha sandals

 Pretty shell display in the spa <3 I love Victorian bell jars and was planning on having some with taxidermy birds in them on my mantlepiece; now I think I might do it with shells or other pretty objects instead :)

There's been such a lovely atmosphere in the house since boyfy and I got home; we feel like we've just come back from our honeymoon. Yesterday we went to see Prometheus in 3D at the BFI IMAX, the biggest screen in Britain, which might not be everybody's idea of romance, but we love the Alien films! We'll probably watch the 2003 cut of Alien tonight and then work our way through the trilogy with Prometheus as the beginning this time :)

Now I'm off to make an organic mushroom omelette for dinner, followed by Alien and sofa snuggles with the boyfriend and the cats, perhaps with a nice bottle of wine ;)

Have a lovely evening! I will post some sexy photos from Spain tomorrow to make sure you do ;)

Buenas noches, mi amor!

Anita xoxo

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Eye of the tiger, toe of the camel

I just wanted to record two minor triumphs before I rush off to Gatwick to be jetted out to Malaga for a week's latex and boudoir modelling in the sun!

Photographer: Karl Shaw | Latex: Naucler Design | Hair: Michelle Selby | Location: Banana Studio

Minor triumph #1: I didn't completely suck at an audition
My callback for the Tesco TV ad at Spotlight today went really well. I've only ever been to half a dozen or so TV castings, all thanks to my agents, and this is the only one that I've ever felt good about! I usually curse myself as I leave for not having done something differently! Today I met the actual director and he asked me on the spot to cast for another role as well as the one I was originally up for, which I actually much preferred doing. It was very exciting as it was so spontaneous, and taking direction in front of the camera felt great. I was really buzzing! Of course, if someone better suited than me walked in straight after then I won't have got the part, but right now I'm just happy that I did a good audition :)

Minor triumph #2: I baked bread. And ate it
Liam and I were wandering back from the park on one of the mysteriously sunny days last month and saw that someone had left a bread-maker outside their house with a sign stuck to it saying, "full working order, free to a good home. Please take!", so we did. When we got it home we found the sign had been written on the back of a script from Doctors, so I guess there's a daytime TV actor living on our road, lol. Anyway, last night I successfully made a loaf of vegan wholemeal bread! It tasted fine but one side came out of the oven looking like a bum, or as someone on Facebook suggested, camel-toe.

I've really been feeling very positive these last few days. Maybe it's the detox or maybe it's just because things are going well :)

See you in Malaga! Join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to see my "holiday" photos!

Anita xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Phaze Clothing

I have another photo from my Banana Studio Workshop last weekend to share with you! I hope you like it :)

Photographer: David Scott | Hair: Michelle Selby | Wardrobe: Phaze

I got some AMAZING news yesterday- I got a callback from the Tesco TV ad audition I mentioned a few days ago- the one where I brought my cat along on a lead! I was originally told that the callback would be on 6th June, so when I hadn't heard anything, I naturally assumed that I wasn't required. But they have changed the callback date to the 12th and they DO want to see me! This is my very first professional acting callback!!!

 Dexter riding in style on the tube on the way home from my Tesco audition at Spotlight!

The only downer is that I'm shooting in Malaga on 12th June! The Spanish photographer may be able to alter the date so I can go to the callback, but even if he can't, it's still a great confidence-boost for me to be asked back at all :) I celebrated last night with Prosecco and Ben & Jerry's, haha!

Back on the detox today ;) I slept for 13 hours last night, which is supposed to be a sign that the detoxing is working- all the old toxins are getting loosened up and your body gets tired while it processes them all. But once that's been done I should have a ton more energy! My skin has already improved a LOT- it hasn't been this good since I was about 10! :D

Yours in glowing good health,

Anita xx

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Naucler Design Jubilee latex photo from Banana Studio by Stu Glen & Michelle Selby!

Did everyone have a good Jubilee weekend? I wasn't planning on celebrating but ended up being taken to see Benga at Koko with half a dozen old friends from high school, and raving the night away until it finally shut at 4 am! I got a lot of attention, no doubt because I was dressed a lot differently to the other girls there, in a black velvet and net flapper dress studded with rhinestones, with matching earrings and fully fashioned seamed black nylon stockings! There is no way I could ever go dancing in denim shorts and Converse!!

Goldie came on at the end, which was a surprise! Everyone wants a little straight up drum 'n' bass to round the night off with ;) The very last song he played was 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', which was funny and nice. Everyone knew the words, including all the grime and hip-hop kids!

I plan on going to more dubstep nights while the genre is still young and there is no homogenised 'scene' as such. There is no 'dubstep look' yet, is there? It was great what a variety of different people from different musical backgrounds were at Koko. It felt like an indoor festival :)

Cue terrible video I found on YouTube! Nothing happens until 02:00 but it gives you an idea ;)

Before rushing back to London to see Benga on Sunday night, I was working in Newcastle on the Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was a super cool hair shoot with amazing hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists, and Sunday was a workshop at Banana Studio. I have never been there before and was amazed at what a large, high quality and diverse space it is. I will definitely be back! I was genuinely gobsmacked that eight hour workshop places with professional models and a full creative team are only £90 per photographer there! Absolutely outstanding value for money :o

Here is one of the photos from the Sunday workshop that have already been forwarded to me :)

Photographer: Stu Glen | Hair: Michelle Selby | Latex: Naucler Design

Yesterday was spent recovering in a big church-turned-pub in Muswell Hill and cleaning house, and today I'm catching up with admin :) I'm touring Ireland next month and have to get my flights and so on arranged! I'm working out of London this week, but I'm shooting in Malaga all next week so won't have time to do it then! I'm looking forward to a full week of sunshine, Rioja and shooting at some great Spanish locations :D

Must remember to bring my parasol and factor 100! If only I could bring an assistant to keep me topped up...

Love, Anita xo