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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Hey, boy- what's your number?

I'm calling this year "my sexy '17", because I want to finally let go of any kind of restrictions and repressions in my work and focus on my own sensuality, natural desires and kink... and profit from them, too.

New photos in my custom-made Lady Allura's Latex bikini shot in my new home dungeon last week... click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Photographer: Stuart Lorraine | Skincare: Bareskin Beauty | Cosmetics: Mya Minerals

I love to share my spicier side with my fans in the spirit of mutual love and sexual freedom and I also think I deserve to be rewarded and looked after for doing so :)

My first tentative step is to finally make my dream of having an "Anita hotline" something of a reality!

If you submit this form and set up a standing order, I'll start personally sending you private raunchy texts as often as you'd like to receive them- **from my actual mobile phone**, not a horrid premium rate number, so you can text me back as often as you like without running up weird fees or a funny-looking payment statement.

More about my sex-texting idea here :)

Anita xo

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