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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Weather Vain

I can't quite believe I haven't blogged about this yet...

I did a shoot for Weather Vain with Keital (the photographer who took that wonderful 1940s- themed shot for EctoMorph in my last blog) this May, with a vintage 1953 MG TD and even more excitingly, a vintage plane (1961 Jodel 140) that I got taken for a ride around the skies in afterwards!

The final Weather Vain shot

On the way to the shoot in a (modern!) Audi

Me catching some rays during a break in shooting- in the best possible outfit, given my complexion

View of Maidenhead from the plane

This is what I look like when I'm getting flown around in a teeny little vintage plane :D

Another view from the window- Keith did some rolls just for me!

This was a two-day assignment; on the other day we shot some very cool latex stuff that I think I will save for the members-only area of my website, once it is completed (go bookmark the page now!) ;) Here's a little preview: