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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

'Things to Come', including the Mach 2 15th Anniversary Main Event

Today's mission: continuing the good work on colouring my hair that Hair By Gemini Rayne started! The last two times, we used this...

... which is a very bright, orangey  shade of auburn, and super-reflective, hence all those really fiery-looking shots I've been posting! Today I experimented with using this...

... in an attempt to continue lightening the darker bits and bring the really light/ borderline blonde bits back to a more "natural", less "orange" shade of redhead... for now. Other than massaging my scalp lots, I can't do much to make my hair grow faster, but I can work on perfecting my strawberry blonde colour vision for my winter tour of Asia in the meantime ;)

Of course, hair colour doesn't matter when you're wearing a hood! I'm not allowed to post many of them, but this is a "teaser" for the promo material that I shot with Keital last month for the Mach 2 15th Anniversary Main Event :) I'm the one in pink!

I have a couple of "behind the scenes" photos of the other model, Sally, and me, including one of me attempting to play tennis with her in a latex catsuit and her amazing Bettie Page boots!

Looking forward to parking myself in the luxury section for two hours to watch Things To Come (1936) on Friday, at my local Odeon, of all places! I'm used to going to quirky little arthouse cinemas that serve alcohol and are always showing something European and involving mustaches, so it'll feel strange to "go mainstream", for once!