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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Black Swan

Just a quick blog to say that if you haven't seen it already, YOU SHOULD GO AND SEE BLACK SWAN RIGHT NOW because it's AMAZING. I was literally sat in the cinema with my jaw hanging open, heart pounding like crazy and tears dive-bombing onto my lap. If you liked Requiem for a Dream, if you're a model, actor or dancer, if you're a girl, if you're hugely ambitious, if you're a born workaholic-perfectionist, you will like it. I was so moved. It has to be one of the best films I've ever seen.

Plus, I picked up a beautiful set of art deco style parlour cards in the lobby on the way out :)

I think I've well and truly recovered from a crazy night out in Camden last night! Now I'm off to have a hot bath and pack for tomorrow: two different bookings in two different cities... again. Phew!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Cradle Of Filth - Lilith Immaculate With Lyrics

So, I, like, totally helped make the new Cradle of Filth video for this song today.

I think it will be released in March :)

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Life's a bitch. YOUR bitch!

Funny how even though I'm 25 (as of 15th January), I actually look younger now imo thanks to the Vulcan-pixie cut hair I got at Mahogany a couple of days later. A couple of people have said my new look reminds them of Winona Ryder, which is extremely cool as I always think she looks gorgeous with short hair ^^ I really dig that vulnerable waif look, especially as it's so different from the haughty madam look that I've been pimpin' for the last year or two ;)


Went to the doctor's yesterday because I noticed my hip playing up when I was at an aerobics class with my mum (just got back from visiting her in Somerset). Turns out that doing your best impression of the Human Pretzel at literally hundreds of photo shoots for nearly 5 years isn't so great for your joints, so I've got to take cod liver oil and ibuprofen and go back for physio if it doesn't go away by itself after a couple of weeks.

It doesn't really hurt but the worst part is that I have to "rest", which means only low-impact exercise, so no aerobics DVD :/ I did 10 minutes of straight-up toning exercises this morning, then the only workout that I felt like I should be allowed to do on my DVD (the 10 minute "low impact fat-blaster"), then half an hour of yoga. The yoga seems to have REALLY helped actually, and lots of things in my spine cracked in a very satisfying manner while I was doing the twists :)

Today is Liam's and my seventh anniversary, so I booked the day off. When he finally wakes up I'm making his requested breakfast in bed (mushroom omelette with soya sausages and coffee), then  we're going to see Black Swan at The Phoenix. It looks so cool, and being by the same director as Requiem for a Dream makes it seem even more promising :)

I feel like as this is a modelling blog I should probably post a modelling shot before I go and get the coffee brewing, so here is my first nude shot with the new hair (sorry if you already saw me tweet it yesterday)!

Photographer: Martyn Davis
Styling: me

Martyn likes the Discworld AND Manson. We got along very well!

PS: The title of this blog doesn't really have anything to do with anything, it's just a funny quote from one of those wolf posters on 4chan :p

Saturday, 22 January 2011

"How It Was Done" in nighttime Soho!

This blog will probably be more interesting to photographers than anyone else- specifically photographers who like the first pro photo I've seen of my new haircut, that I tweeted earlier today :)

Somewhat larger and better version here :)

This photo was taken by Jonathan Ryan, one of the most creative and talented wedding photographers working in the South of England, and he was kind enough to explain how he took it on Flickr. Here's my paraphrased version with my own added input in case anyone else likes this effect and fancies giving it a whirl!

*  Step 1: Take one Mahogany Hair model with own leather jacket. I believe this one is about £75 from Bon Prix, although I got mine on eBay for £14 ;p
*  Step 2: Add one MAC makeup artist (in this case, James McGulgan), arranged and paid by the model
*  Step 3: Hit the dirty-sexy streets of Soho at dusk with said model and two assistants and find a suitably grungy garage/ warehouse door in a backstreet with one of those vile orange sodium lights over it to create that nice shine on her (dark) hair :)
*  Step 4: Then add:
"SB800 in small Lastolite softbox on camera right with CTO gel held by Davide [Assistant 1]
SB800 with small grid on camera left with CTO held by Picsfor [Assistant 2]
... Whibal set to a guestimated 3,800 in camera (because it looked cool) and warmed up a couple of hundred kelvin in post (because it was slightly too cool on a proper screen).
f/2.8, 1/10s hand held"
*  Step 5: Say to the model, "Oi. You. Do some posing" and watch her go! (Jonathan didn't actually say anything like this, he's much too nice and polite. But he could have done. Lol)

Job done!

I am a regular Mahogany Hair model and MAC addict, have an ever-increasing designer street fashion collection and live a 40 minute tube ride from Soho, so this shoot was kind of made for me ;)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lulu and Lush + new Mahogany Hair!

Just got home and finished scoffing my dinner after another day of having two modelling jobs crammed into one day. Gotta love living in London! And to coming home to hot broccoli and stilton soup after street fashion in Soho for a couple of hours, om nom nom.

Anyway, before the fashion shoot this afternoon, I was modelling for Antony Licata, the Mahogany Hair Salons Creative Director, in Oxford Street, to demonstrate The Crown Affair collection. I think this is the shortest my hair has ever been and I think I like it :) It certainly worked really well for the fashion shoot I zoomed over to Soho for afterwards! Less so for my taken-in-the-bathroom-mirror SPs, but hey.

I have no idea why these came out so grainy oO Makeup courtesy of James McGulgan @ MAC!

Thursday was another day of two-jobs/one-day; shooting portraits in the morning then modelling for Lulu and Lush at their launch party in Shoreditch in the afternoon. I got put in the shop window in beautiful retro lingerie and fed champagne and cupcakes for four hours. Now there's a way to earn a living!

© Steve Hart

I've also been personally invited to attend a casting for Cradle of Filth's latest video, which is rather exciting! The only potential problem is whether I'd even have time to shoot it if I was picked (they've already been kind and understanding enough to set up a separate casting for me as I'm already booked for an all-day photo shoot on the date all the other girls are going >.<). But it is nice to be asked. I've been a Cradle fan since I was 14!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy birthday to me

Thanks to everyone who sent nice wishes and e-cards through Facebook/ Twitter/ email, every single one made me happy :) Not least these singing doggies! :D

Liam's taking me to Tosa for Japanese tonight and then I'll be having a dozen or so of my friends over for a little birthday mission around London tomorrow :) I've also bought myself a little birthday present- well, it's got to be done ;) I got these amazing knickers from one of my favourite lingerie labels, Agent Provocateur:


They'd sold out of the bra but I wasn't so keen on it anyway. I think I'll ask Jane Doe to make me a plain black one to go with them, much sleeker and sexier <3

Liam gave me these lovely books and a best of Gary Numan CD :)


I just keep the Kindle I got for Christmas in my handbag for all my journey-passing reading now, but it's nice to have proper paper books to read at home, especially a nice hardback copy of Good Omens, which is one of my favourite novels of all time. And I can always find space for a new book stuffed with fabulous photos of beautiful, glamorous people, too ^^

Now I'm off to a client meeting in Hammersmith- no rest for the wicked, even if it is my birthday! ;)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Vintage modelling marathon :)

I got up at 5.30 am today to shoot in a vintage sweetshop before it opened. Talk about living a childhood dream! I'm saving the real "sweetshop" looking photos until next month, but for now, here's a little preview of a set we did in the 1950s tea room next door :)

Bit of a more glamour/ fetish-looking one to finish there!

Photographer: Roy Rookes
Hair and makeup: me!

I have another vintage themed shoot tomorrow morning, this time art deco and with my favourite male model- Liam! <3 Then straight after that I'll be zooming over to Shoreditch on the tube to work for Lulu and Lush, which will involve the wearing of much gorgeous vintage-inspired lingerie ^^ Yay retro fashion! *feels particularly girly* :p

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New latex! :D

Woo, my awesome new Jane Doe bikini and garters came through in the post today! I loved modelling this outfit in Ireland so much that I just had to order a custom one for myself. I have NEVER worn a bra/ top like Jane Doe's. They could get a cleavage out of an ironing board despite having no padding or under-wiring. Now that's design!

Can't wait to polish it up all nice and shiny and shoot it ^^ I think this is the first piece Jane Doe has made in lime and transparent blue and I love how the lime stars cover my naughty bits , like the way people Photoshop stars onto nude photos sometimes :) Also think they'd go really cool with these boots for a superhero kind of a look. I am Latex Stargirl!!

I'm available anywhere in the UK 14th and 25th - 31st January, if anyone's interested! I can bring along plenty of other latex and lingerie and provide basic hair styling and top notch makeup if required. I can also source studios and a professionally trained hair stylist :) Credited publication is also possible if you are interested in submitting the photos to the designer. Please email me at with enquiries.

Now it's time for some homemade turkey and vegetable soup and sofa snuggles <3 I start shooting at 7 am tomorrow!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bridal and couple's portraiture!

Wrapping anniversary presents while waiting for someone to get back to me about a shoot location. It's our seventh anniversary on 25th January and as Liam isn't here atm I can wrap stuff in the living room without him seeing what he's getting, hee hee ^^

With the theme of love in mind, I thought I'd post my favourite bridal and couple's portraiture images from my portfolio :)

First up, some photos of me and Liam from a couple's portraiture workshop we modelled for in London nearly a year ago:

 © Jerry Ghionis

 © Eye Jogia Photography

 © Eye Jogia Photography

© Eye Jogia Photography

© Dan Thubron

Liam by Jerry Ghionis

And now for some bridal shots of me alone...

Dress by Mary McGuinness, hair and makeup by Victoria Mureuva
© Seamus Costelloe

 Dress by Peccatus Latex Couture
© Sean McCormack

Hair by Faye Yerbury

 © Doug Gordon

Skirt and corset by Angelic Weapons @ Nikita Sablier
© Geetee Photography

 And in the "miscellaneous" section...

 Fashion shot of Seef and me modelling for Raven SDL
© Adam Robertson Photography

 Me modelling with, er, me.

 Not strictly a couple's shot, but don't we just look like the sort of incestuous vampire family that would all have sex with each other??
Clockwise from top left: Liam, Alec Cameron, me and Madame Bink
© Jerry Ghionis

  Now back to wrapping and watching my inbox for a reply regarding using a local cafe/ shop as a shoot location. I emailed them quite late last night so they might not have read it yet. I don't know whether it's more polite to wait for a reply or more proactive to just go down there right now, even though if they haven't read the email I will be just some random crazy stranger coming in off the street. Hmmm!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Portraits by Julian M Kilsby

Here are the portraits from my shoot with Julian Kilsby, as promised :) I didn't do ANY tax stuff today, I cleaned, worked out, mended and did every last bit of the rest of my admin instead. Procrastination, thy name is Anita! I'll get back to it tomorrow when the helpline's open again ;)

In the meantime, have some headshots :) I've only posted the second one in my online portfolio so far because it's the most "neutral/ versatile", but I'm not sure which is actually my favourite. Hair and makeup by me again! Latex by Kaori's Latex Dreams :)

In other news, my friend Gemini Rayne is visiting from Somerset next weekend for my birthday and she/ we can shoot at my place in North London if anyone's interested :) Details >here<

Lemsip + Kindle in bed time. I *still* have the sniffles, three weeks later! I'm going to finish reading Charles Dickens' Christmas books then move on to all the other freebies I downloaded from the Amazon Kindle Store :D

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Kaori's Latex Dreams

I spent a very boring day trying to do my self-assessment tax return today, which began badly with me somehow locking myself out of my online HMRC account and not being able to call them for help because it's a Sunday. Fingers crossed they're open Bank Holiday Mondays (i.e. tomorrow)!

In the meantime I got all my receipts in order and did all my adding up so once I manage to actually get into my online account I should be able to wrap it all up quite quickly! I haven't had time to think about new year's resolutions yet, but one should definitely be to keep all my receipts in order and add them and my turnover up at the end of each month, keeping it all neat and in order in a ring binder, rather than just stuffing everything into a shoe box under my bed for a year :s

On a more cheery note I have some lovely shots back from Julian Kilsby from our shoot for Kaori's Latex Dreams. I've been a particular admirer of Kaori since I saw her collection at the Rubber Ball in 2009 so it was great to have the opportunity to model some of her creations, and to see that I'm currently the profile image for the company's Facebook page :)

Hair and makeup credit: me. Hee hee!

Julian also kindly took some nice headshots, which I think I might post tomorrow after Self-assessment: Round 2 ;)

For now, I've packed it in for the day and will be having an evening of working my way through my new(ish) complete Frasier box set and a nice pot of Glorious! Spanish tomato and chorizo soup. Slightly worried about going to my acting class tomorrow as I'm miles behind everyone else from being too busy to study and missing five classes in a row through either being in Asia or ill >.< I think I'll just go and take notes and hide at the back and hope the coach doesn't ask me to do anything >.<

Frasier and burying-head-in-sand time! The later episodes get quite surreal :)