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Monday, 25 August 2014

Selfridges' The Masters fashion film

I make a little appearance (nude, of course) in the incredible Selfridges fashion film The Masters, directed by Marie Schuller (the same director who did Oyster and the Bo Ningen video I was in)! It's currently being shown on the big screen in the window of Selfridges flagship store on Oxford Street. Whenever I've walked down Oxford Street I've always thought, wouldn't it be cool if my face was up alongside all these other models somewhere? And now my naked, oiled up ass is instead, and in video form too, which is infinitely better!

I'm at 1:35- 1:51 but you should definitely watch the whole thing because it's awesome ;)

Each designer's capsule collection has its own window at Selfridges with their name and "Master of ..." written next to it. The Stella McCartney window has "Stella McCartney: Master of Modernity" and an artist's impression of my bare leg peeping through the curtain (sorry if you already saw this on Facebook) :)

The exodus from London to Somerset has now been scheduled for 1st September.

I put most of my stuff into boxes, and now I have to keep remembering which box I put what stuff in, when it turns out I DO need them before we move, e.g. opaque tights and woolly socks. In August. Fuck you, God.

We were supposed to be going to the Notting Hill Carnival today but I am being slightly put off by

a) my mate's over an hour late getting here, I'm guessing he must have drowned on the way
b) yes, it is pissing it down
c) all the sound systems are being shut off at 7pm, so no block party! I know! Way to kill off the carnival spirit and reclaim it in the name of pure commercialism *vom*

It's kind of sad because I had an outfit picked out and everything.

Looking forward to living in the middle of nowhere, where the police haven't been instructed to herd people into expensive nightclubs after 7pm.

Was asked to audition as the lead villain in a horror movie, only to discover upon closer reading of the treatment the considerable amount of hardcore porn in it. I agreed with the director that our society is crazy for thinking it's okay to show graphic violence and murder onscreen as entertainment but not graphic sex, but as I explained to him, "you're not asking me to ACTUALLY assault or kill any of the other actors. But you ARE asking me to..." Well, yeah.

Asian Tour flights booked. Really excited to go back to a beautiful, sunny corner of the world and do nothing but make photos for two weeks.