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Friday, 31 May 2013

Luci Alice, Anatomic Bomb, Fabulously Fetish & What Katie Did in 'Riot Vixen' magazine!

I'm on the back cover of the latest issue of the USA's Riot Vixen magazine, and also featured in an interview with British photographer Luci Alice :)

Left: Anatomic Bomb latex and Fabulously Fetish shoes. Right: What Katie Did bullet bra, Fabulously Fetish shoes. All styling by yours truly :)

You might remember seeing a couple of other photos from this set in my blog and also this silly little BTS video that I made :p

The Facebook fan page address is now just, so much easier to remember!

I've ordered a copy of the magazine for my memories box :) You can order one here if you like! You get a digital version free when you order a hard copy :)

Today was the first sunny day in London this year (that I've been here to enjoy) so Liam, Dan and I walked to Alexandra Palace for a homemade vegan picnic (after Pilates and a green smoothie, how virtuous am I).

So that's my homemade coriander & lime quinoa, green salad with radishes, purple coleslaw, avo, giant cucumber sticks and totally not homemade Tesco houmous :p You can't tell in this photo but we have a Doctor Who picnic blanket *nods*

Cats have a new toy- a kind of crackly double tunnel in the shape of clown trousers and laced with catnip, so they're high as kites and even more playful/ mental than usual. Cue them shredding the packaging from my new handbag and running up and down the chimney like a couple of loons while we were out.

So I think I need to see the new Star Trek film in 3D, yep.


Anita xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I have some new photos from an old shoot with Shawn Bishop at Scarlet Door Studio :) They are a bit different from my "usual" retro look, but I really like them and would like to do more photos like this, with what I always think of as a Mechanical Animals kind of a look. They actually played the album in the studio while we were shooting to help me get in character!

Hair and makeup: meee

I adore the art work from the various eras of Manson. He is still one of my favourite models- always able to perfectly project character and scenario through pose, self-styling and expression, always a strong presence on camera, always demanding a connection and response from the viewer. Many of his photos from the 90s and Noughties are what inspired to me to want to model in the first place, for example:

Photographer: Perou

I remember posting that last photo on MySpace, which just shows how long ago it was, along with a blurb about having just found this photographer, Perou, and my somewhat fantastical dreams of working with him one day. In my defence, I may have only been modelling for less than a year at the time, but even then I knew it was fantastical. Perou also took some of my favourite photos of Dita, whose book I was probably dissecting with absolute ardour at the time (I still like it now).

I think maybe a couple of people reading this did actually read my old MySpace blog too back in the day and so might appreciate this.


In fact I took his card and called him today and am meeting him at the Bunker on Friday to talk it over. *insert head-exploding emoticon here* And I was actually able to carry out a reasonably sensible conversation while dressed like this:

Me & Dan Hubbert on our way to the party

It's no exaggeration to say that I think Perou is one of the best, if not the best people photographer alive today, and yeah, it's almost pathetic how many times I've named him in interviews when the magazine person inevitably asks what my dream shoot/ project would be.

I'm like

right now :o

It goes to show that you might as well be optimistic because you never know what's waiting for you in the Futura.

Anita xxxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Don Cristobal

I thought I would share a couple of pictures from a shoot I did in Singapore last month for Filipino couturier Don Cristobal, who's making a big name for himself in SE Asia at the moment. We shot several looks with SoloStep Studio; these are the two I've spotted so far :)

Each dress was full of drama and made me feel like a certain character. This one is very 70s and boho, especially with Elena's styling.

The next was my personal favourite, I think; I was reading Lola Montez: Her life and conquests while travelling around Asia, and really felt her in this Spanish-influenced dress with its sexy mesh panels and layers and layers of underskirts!

Hair and makep: Rezani Ramli

It sounds so cheesy because all models say it, but one of my favourite things about my job is shoots like this where I basically get paid to play dress-up like I was a little kid and play with all these different characters, which are really just aspects of my own psyche that normally wouldn't get airtime.

Just finished my Introduction to International Criminal Law online course today! A meaningless 'Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction' certificate will soon be mine. Booyah.

In more annoying news, Facebook have banned me from advertising my page on their site because they consider it to be "advertising adult products or services, including toys, videos, or sexual enhancement products." Well, what if it were? The page is set to 18+ anyway! Infuriating. So please, if you haven't already, come and join me on my Facebook porno page and become instantly sexually enhanced. That's a guarantee.

Anita xx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Industrial Nudes by G Haskew

I have something pretty unusual to share for this week's #NakedSundays! I recently shot with my friend G Haskew at this incredible empty industrial space. I sort of look like I've been Photoshopped into a Giger-esque computer-generated image, but no, I really am there!

Click the images to see larger versions ^

Nerdy fact: an episode of Red Dwarf was shot here, hence the biohazard sign on the top right! I watched it as soon as I got home because I may or may not have the box set

Notice the shadowy figures that have appeared on the right- must be ghosts ;)

I've been thinking about this summer's trip to Ireland today; think I might go in late June/ early July, when the weather's a little warmer. So if anyone in the UK would like to book me next month, I'll actually be here! You can email me or join me on Facebook.

I'll round off by sharing some Giger art work; seems appropriate :)

It would be so cool to do a full suspension bondage shoot along this theme, with silver dreads and full body makeup on a set with other models woven into tons of industrial tubes and wires and *faints*

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Waiting for you...

I was planning on having a romantic evening at the Richmond Grand Hotel in January, but being such a great setting, I simply couldn't resist inviting my photographer friend Phine Ka over to take some photos before my boyfriend arrived! She calls this set Waiting For You :)


I did the hair and makeup and the lingerie is from Playful Promises :)

Love and kisses,

Anita xxxx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Vivienne Westwood by Andrew Dewael for #WardrobeWednesday, with thanks to Marlene!

So here's one of my most favourite shoots that I've done to date!

I was approached by Andrew Dewael for a fashion shoot inspired by the 1930s movie style of Marlene Dietrich, which was to be shot entirely on black and white film using vintage and Vivienne Westwood wardrobe at London's historic Hazlitt's Hotel. It's a beautiful old style hotel where all kinds of people have stayed, from famous C18th courtesan Teresa Cornelys, to JK Rowling!

The process of the shoot was super exciting and old school. We used video lights, and Polaroids to test them, just like they did in the chic and glamorous days before digital photography! I even kept the Polaroids after the shoot as a souvenir. I'm not allowed to share them online, they are a special momento just for me :)

Here are the final photos...

I notice that one of the shots is the current homepage image on Andrew's website :) I hope we get to shoot together again sometime.

 Our shoot location!

After the shoot, I was very kindly given the Baron Willoughby Suite (above) for the night as a "tip", so of course, I got straight on the phone to Roswell Ivory so we could kick back in it with some wine and catch up in our own private lounge, before having dinner and then chatting ourselves to sleep in the beautiful C18th carved oak bed :)

The next morning, we had an organic breakfast in our lounge and then retired to the hotel's library with coffee :) My girlfriends and I often don't get to see each other too much as we're always shooting in various parts of the world and sometimes have to make the effort to make time, but it's always worth it ^_^ Yaaaaay.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Oh hai! I'm the face of starvation diets in fashion, btw

So here's another photo from my latest shoot with Callan Tham in Singapore! I was trying to "think curvy" ;) (You might have already seen it on Tumblr) and I also posted it in this little drama unfolding on Tiny Nibbles about my so-called "weight"... again.

This time it was over the Vivienne Westwood/ Dans La Vie fashion film I made with Marie Schuller, Oyster. Sigh. Apparently I'm disturbingly thin and look more like a starving African child than a grown woman. Are you getting this??

Why people are suddenly horrified by healthy self, I don't know, but I felt the need to defend myself and the director as I really think it's not cool to bash women's bodies in the media for a multitude of reasons... and I think this shot illustrates that I do have a healthy quantity of muscle and stored fat!

Maybe it's just that my photos and films have wider reach than they once did when they were more or less only appearing in my blog to an audience of 50 hits a day! And those 50 presumably liked what they saw or they wouldn't have stayed :) So I'm used to having an easy ride. I'm still so happy and grateful that I have all these opportunities that I didn't have before though, like getting to work with all these amazing people and have my work appear all over the world now, so it's definitely worth the inevitable little backlashes along the way :) And many thanks to everyone who reads my blog now, whether you were here from the beginning or just joined today, it's great to share all this with you!

Photographer: Ken Young. Yep, I eat really well, work out, and I'm happy with my weight :)

Anita xx

Friday, 10 May 2013

It's #FetishFriday! Let's indulge our high heel shoe fetish with Fabulously Fetish & Ducati!

I hope you like the slightly new layout of my blog! As well as adding photos from this year's Asian Tour to the top, I have also added a 'Recommend on Google' button (look right)! I think it means that this blog will get more hits if you click it, so please do if you like my blog :)

Here is the new blog header photo again, minus the writing!

Photographer: Callan Tham | Shoes: Fabulously Fetish | Styling: me!

This was shot at the photographer's home in Singapore. This was something like my seventh shoot with Callan, including workshops; we just seem to get better and better every time :)

This next shot was also taken in Singapore last month (apologies if you already saw it on Facebook!). Ducati Singapore once again lent an incredible limited edition bike for my photo shoot while I was there! Thanks guys, it certainly presents a new challenge and I love the photos we've got so far!

Bike and leather jacket: Ducati | Shoes: Fabulously Fetish | Photographer: Matt Neeskins | Hair and makeup: me again :)

I've updated with even more new photos; I will blog them eventually, of course, but if you want to be the first to see them, visit now!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Holiday in Cambodia, December 2012 (photo dump!)

So here are my photos from my Asia Tour... 2012. Not the one I just came back from, the one before that. It's possible that I'm behind on blogging, I'll admit.

Hanging out in my hotel room during the hottest part of the day in Siem Reap, December 2012.

During last year's Asian Tour, I visited Cambodia for the first time. I was shooting and staying in Siem Reap for four or five days and got to see some of the ancient temple complexes and sample some local delicacies, namely fish amok, which is probably the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.

Fish amok, served in a banana leaf, my new love.

This was my first time in a developing country and seeing how people live there affected me profoundly. I spent more time crying than I usually would on a modelling trip, usually at the sight of barefoot children paddling around in the dust trying to sell cheap bracelets to tourists or outright begging for bottled drinks, and so on.

Before I get too heavy, here are some photos of a couple of the temples I visited, including the one that Tomb Raider was filmed at.

Time for a photo dump!

Being greeted with jasmine corsages at Siem Reap Airport. Siem Reap officials of all kinds dress like they're in the army

 Ancient carvings in the temple

 Pretty pink water lillies

 These are stone lions, guarding the temple!

 Monkey! And baby monkey!!! :D

 View from the top of one of the huge multi-storey towers. It felt like a skyscraper! It sounds crazy, but this temple is something like 1200 years old and built without any kind of cement to hold the bricks together. Makes me wonder if we have the wrong idea when it comes to building over here!

 I was a little distracted by the quite spectacular cleavages that the ancient Cambodians apparently had, hence all the photos of the carvings.

 Ancient twins :)

 I stumbled into one of the many tiny rooms in the maze of complex tunnels in one temple, and this was going on.

 Apparently this ancient king had his face carved all over this temple so he'd never be forgotten

 Freaky old temple

 I didn't do anything to this in Photoshop, the Ladies' Temple really looks this eye-burningly detailed!

I think this was Cambodian Cry #1... seeing a band busking at one of the temples. Every single member lost their livelihood due to landmines blowing off limbs or permanently blinding them. Cambodia has no proper hospitals or medical care, let alone an NHS :'( Listen to their music:

 My favourite temple (of the ones I visited- there are something like 1500 in Siem Reap alone!), with an absolutely enormous tree growing out of the top of it. That doorway is about human height, to give you an idea! This is where the movie Tomb Raider was shot.

Headless Buddha in a lost temple. This was one of the ones that had no restriction on what you could wear- short skirts, strapless tops, nobody cared anymore. It created a spookier atmosphere than the temples that still felt a little holy and in use.

I also had time to go on a horseback ride around the local villages, outside of the city and among the rice fields, which were being tended by guys in conical straw hats and the odd water buffalo attached to a piece of string on a stake. My guide explained that he too had once been a rice picker, but now earned a whole US$2 per day as a tour guide, much to the envy of his non-English-speaking friends. Can you believe people survive on this sort of money? Many in Cambodia earn $1 a day in the fields, and they can't even do it all their lives, because being bent over all day, every day cripples their backs by their late 20s.

I was bought a pair of pink "Puma" trainers from the local market for the horseback ride for the princely sum of US$8, probably a comically high price in Cambodia. This is the sole!

The presence of rich tourists is also encouraging shops and estate agents to jack up their prices, making life even harder for the locals. It had never occurred to me that spending money in a poor country could be anything other than a positive thing. The Sex Pistols line "Cheap holiday in other people's misery" was going round and round in my head for the whole trip.

Cambodia is very beautiful and has an incredibly rich, historic culture, friendly citizens, and delicious local foods. If you do decide to visit, please check out this guide, which includes lists of recommended accommodation (from hostels to 5* hotels), restaurants and so on that channel money into the local economy and help out the local people, as well as general guides to dealing with local attractions and the many beggars. It's incredible to think you can actually do damage by spending your money in the wrong places in countries like these.

I think if I were to return for a holiday, I'd book an extra week to do voluntary work. It's the only thing that could really make the experience bearable for me a second time around. But I'm really glad I went; I think it was a life-enriching experience, and it certainly put some of my home worries- not having time to redecorate the lounge, not having enough closet space for all my clothes- into perspective when I saw families living in handmade huts on stilts in the jungle near the rice fields, with almost no clothes at all, and the silence only once broken by a transistor radio playing American pop songs that surely no-one in that world could ever relate to.

Anita xo