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Saturday, 3 September 2011


I have some new photos from my shoot with Rob Ellis at the British Museum. The natural light in there is really lovely, as long as you keep your face tilted upwards :)

I was feeling really quite rattled that day, having heard about Tara's passing away so recently, yet the photos from that day seem really light, soft and almost... not exactly happy, but... philosophical?! It's strange when things like that happen and reminds me that a photograph really is a way of freezing a moment in time and in life. Being a full-time model, almost every major event in my life over the last five years has coincided with a photo shoot, so I have a strange sort of record of how I felt and what I was thinking, what had just happened and what was just around the corner at various moments in my life. No-one else would know what I was really thinking and feeling inside from looking at the photos, but I look at them and remember.

Styling: me

It's strange to see my face with almost zero makeup! And it was good to finally work with Rob- I think the first time he contacted me regarding shooting together was in Asia last year!

My plans for the rest of the day are lunch on the sofa while watching Let the Right One In, going for a walk in the afternoon sunshine with Liam and then getting ready for my studio day with Madame Bink tomorrow! Evening will = English Summer Garden soup + Doctor Who :)