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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Haute Couture Week, Singapore

I've just been invited by my friend Marie Schuller, the Head of Fashion Film at Nick Knight's SHOW Studio in London, to attend Haute Couture Week in Singapore!

The last project Marie and I worked on was the Vivienne Westwood/ Dans La Vie fashion film Oyster, if you remember that- it's on the front cover of my website, ;)

Couture Week is 27th November - 2nd December and it looks like we'll be there from the first day, although I won't be able to stay for the full week as I have a busy shooting schedule in Hong Kong to attend to from 1st December. Not to mention that I want to spend some quality time with my friend Hannah Ashlea while I'm in Hong Kong... although we will also get to catch up during our girls' holiday in Bangkok. My, I am travelling a lot right now!!

The crucial question, of course, is what to wear! My Asia suitcase does not contain much in the way of French or Asian couture! I have latex, lingerie, a couple of casual day dresses and my oldest, cheapest pair of black gloss 6" heels that I bought on the high street to tide me over until my beautiful new Fabulously Fetish 6" heels are made! They have a couple of scuffs already from my recent continent-hopping! This is life teaching me not to buy cheap shoes, even as a stop-gap! No cheap shoes, EVER!

Unless anyone is willing to hire a private jet, I don't think I will be able to borrow anything from my designer friends in the UK or have anything from my home wardrobe shipped out at this last-minute, so I will have to improvise. Blagging is a crucial skill for an Ugly Girl!

Wish me luck!!

Anita xxxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

This is not a blog

Hi everyone!

Well, here I am in Singapore and having a great time shooting with some of the country's best photographers! This is my third annual Asian Tour and although I somehow managed to live out of a mini suitcase for the last two years, this year I decided to treat myself  to bringing a big one and of course, instantly filled it and wondered how I ever managed with one half its size. It was so heavy that I ended up leaving my laptop at home to save the weight, so I'll just be using my little iPad for the next 5 weeks! I can't upload photos from it so I will probably save the blogging until I'm home In December :) There should be lots to talk about as I will have visited Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Bangkok by then! Bangkok is more of a holiday, which I think I will need after the madness of the upcoming four weeks in four countries; I plan on spending lots of time in spas as well as doing a little shopping and seeing the sights.

In the meantime, I will be updating my Facebook (including sharing the photos that Asian photographers upload of me):, Twitter (including retweeting those photos!):, and my new Tumblr:, from which I will attempt to relay #ThrowbackThursday and #FetishFriday pictures in the forms of links to existing (free) web content. #MondayModelBiz has rather been put on the back burner as it seems that I have been so busy with my own "model biz" every Monday that I couldn't find time to write about it! I will get back to it, I promise, but until then I recommend reading the first part of my book, The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model, for free on

That's all for now- join me on my social networking sites so we can stay in touch! I'm anxious to stay in contact...

Anita xxxx