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Saturday, 28 November 2015

New art nude, the lovely bones

I love thoughtful, slightly abstract art nude work that encourages you to see the human body with a different perspective than you might normally. Case in point: this beautiful exhibition image by Ian Farrell. I really enjoyed working with Ian and hope to do more with him soon.

Skincare by Bareskin Beauty

Today is a "beauty day" in preparation for near-constant touring between now and Christmas. For any photographer who might read my blog and would like to work with me, these are the only dates I have left available this year. Next year is looking pretty rammed right up until April, too, so I'd advise grabbing one of these dates if you possibly can:

  1. Wednesday 9 December- Cambridgeshire- full day available
  2. Saturday 12 December, 3.20 - 6.20pm @ Art Asylum Studio, Weymouth, Dorset, £150 all-inclusive
  3. Sunday 13 December, morning only- anywhere between Plymouth and Perranporth, Devon/ Cornwall
That's it! 

Now it's time to get a full body wax, a vintage half-moon manicure for the Hollywood Glamour workshop I'm modelling for tomorrow, dye my hair, and put on a lovely green Bareskin Beauty face mask while I pack my new hot pink Diane Von Furstenberg suitcase with extra props and goodies ^_^

I might also make some of this stuff today, if I have time; it looks divine, and I'm sure the photographers at the workshop wouldn't mind testing it for me :)

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Obscurae magazine beauty editorial

'Black Water' beauty editorial shot by Phine Ka in high fashion magazine Obscurae, November '15 issue. Skincare by Bareskin Beauty, makeup by Mya Minerals :)

This shoot was right at the end of a tour and I was so tired I nearly drowned in the tub :p

Lovely Mr & Mrs Phine Ka took me out for a huge huge mushroom burger and French fries afterwards (sorry, Juliette) at one of those Gourmet Burger Kitchen-type places.

I love making art with my friends.

And eating fries.

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Nude portrait

I love this simple, characterful black and white nude portrait shot in the studio with photofervor earlier this month. What a great photographer! I just did the hair, makeup and skincare, using Bareskin Beauty and Mya Minerals.

I'm super happy today because the buildings survey on our first house came back positive, so even though it's old, it's in good shape and we can definitely move in once all the legal stuff is done! I can't wait to get in there and decorate ^_^ I'm thinking maybe a sensual Chinoiserie Deco boudoir and drooling over various wallpapers, like this one:

This would look so gorgeous with a walnut headboard and silk sheets!

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Monday, 16 November 2015

The 90s is my favourite era for street fashion and music!

Some moody 90s-inspired fashion portraits shot by talented photofervor earlier this month :) I did the styling with Mya Minerals makeup, and skincare is by Bareskin Beauty.

I love 90s alt rock like Nirvana and Placebo, 90s gangster rap like NWA and Snoop, and select electro/ rave from 90s to modern, really, like dubstep and brostep. I think people expect me to be listening Glenn Miller and Doris Day in my car when I roll up to shoots, but it's the 30s/ 40s/ 50s visual style I like, not so much the music! I guess the bands of the day sounded new and exciting at the time, but it just doesn't translate to me post-60s.

Late 90s/ early Noughties music videos are my favourite, too (except Die Antwoord). Here are a couple of classics that I think really capture the flavour of what I like to imagine the decade was like!

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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Who still needs this year's Christmas cards?

Just a little blog to remind you that packs of chic fashion 'Winter Wonderland' Christmas cards shot by David Angel are available to order HERE.


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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

That feeling you get when...

... you see that the photographer has uploaded every single unedited test shot to Flickr... in high res.


Mark Fiddian would never do that, and he shot and styled this photo at his studio in Cambridge last January, so yay ;)

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Too rude for Playboy

I was considering going normcore for Halloween and wearing a streaky blonde wig with lots of bronzer, sticky beige lip gloss and one of those weird peaked berets, but then I thought, even that sort of look relates to me in a way, as it is still carefully controlled, groomed and styled. Huh.

More unusual for me still is this dishevelled swimwear shot by Mark Fiddian, shot at his studio in Cambridge earlier this year, with Bareskin Beauty skincare. I really like how it came out, and what a contrast to the Orchid Corsetry campaign photos! What do you think- is this a look I should do more? ;)

PS Happy birthday for yesterday Ivory Flame! :)

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Dancing in the Moonlight


More photos from the Orchid Corsetry AW15 campaign, shot by Salleh Sparrow. I love the colours and feel of of this line so much :) I imagine the silver ensemble would be absolutely scintillating by moonlight...

Organic natural skincare for the shoot was provided by Bareskin Beauty, and the makeup cosmetics by Mya Minerals.


Celebrations of finally having somewhere permanent to live in a couple of months continues. I visited my nan for a huge homemade vegan feast, and boyfy and I went to a local firework display with friends.

I also have glamorous couture Christmas cards for sale, for anyone wanting to add a little Anita-sparkle to their winter season! The original photo was shot in the snow in London for Vivienne Westwood's corsetiere, and they're only £1 each with envelopes :) They're selling fast, so don't forget to order now xo

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Good things come to those who...

I forgot to say before, but we ended up backing out of that C18th home we wanted to buy when the surveyor told us it was a total disaster zone. It was disappointing at the time, but I'm happy to report that we've now had our offer accepted on a much bigger, brighter and better value castle in the sky  :D

It's a Georgian townhouse with guest bedrooms for putting my model friends up in when they visit, space downstairs for a modest photo studio with French doors leading onto the patio, a library, meditation room and a rooftop garden with lovely views of the Somerset countryside. We can't wait to move in and I can't wait to shoot in it!

These photos are from Orchid Corsetry's AW15 campaign, which was launched on Saturday 31 October, shot by Salleh Sparrow in a huge abandoned house. (My skincare was provided by Bareskin Beauty and I did my own hair and makeup.) I love how she's picked up the luxurious texture of the fabric on this corset.

I think ^this^ one might be my personal favourite. It was tough not being allowed to share these images with you until after Halloween! Good things come to those who...

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Orchid Corsetry AW15: Seductress in Red

Happy Day of the Dead! Although this set seems more appropriate for Devil's Night...

It also seems to be becoming a bit of a tradition for me to do a fancy lingerie campaign launching on Halloween, which is fine by me! :D

Yesterday, Orchid Corsetry released their Autumn/ Winter 2015 collection, which exclusively features me modelling a beautiful range of the finest English corsets and lingerie handmade from the most sumptuous materials, photographed by Salleh Sparrow, who I've been wanting to shoot with for a while now. I was the only model used this year, and was allowed to do my own hair and makeup as usual, so I felt really comfortable :) I used my favourite Bareskin Beauty skincare, of course. My earrings are vintage 1940s costume jewellery that clip on rather than use piercings :)

Hope you like these pictures as much as I do and feel inspired to treat yourself to something really opulent to wear to parties this season, and/ or to give more shape to your winter clothes.

I will post more photos from Orchid Corsetry's latest campaign over the next week. Feel free to subscribe for free near the top right-hand corner of this page to have them e-mailed to you directly as and when I post them. NB: The mailing list is so private that even I'm not allowed to see the list of addresses, just so you know!!

Anita xo

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