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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Swimwear night shoot in a church!

It's not often I get asked to shoot swimwear... in a church!

Shoes by Fabulously Fetish. Skin maintained by Bare Skin Beauty.

"What can I say about Anita which hasn't already been said. Top notch model with a killer bod and some great clobber as well. A true pro. Book her!"
- Alec Davies, photographer

Shot in Norfolk after dark with Alec and the awesome Ness. I did the styling. First shoot of the year where I could see my breath in the air. Winter is coming!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Nude photo taken in my hallway in natural light- but without windows

I just finished a fab day at Erotica, where I did a fashion show performance for Lady Allura's Latex, what fun! It's so great to get to perform in London, in front of my "home" crowd, and to do a fashion show that's a little different from the standard "march to end of runway, pause, march back, go home" sort of a show! I met some really nice readers of my blog after the show- was great to meet you guys! :)

It's a lovely end to a week of ups and downs in Model Land, with some silly behind the scenes drama counterbalanced by making some beautiful images with good people. There were times this week when I felt pretty negative, I admit, but had to remind myself that if I am shocked by being around negative/ unpleasant people at work, it can only be because I am so used to being constantly surrounded by positive, artistic, non-drama people every single day! Yes, I can count the number of days I've NOT been shooting this month on one well-manicured hand!

November is shaping up to be packed, too :) I have a couple of days left, so if you are a photographer interested in booking me, please email riiight now so we can book in a November date and get the ball rolling :) It doesn't look like I'll be available whatsoever in December, for reasons I will reveal shortly ;)

Here is a photo taken by one of the aforementioned consistently positive, artistic, non-drama people, Sean Buckley, who I've been working with for years now. Sean was one of the first photographers to book me for a full day shooting art nude on location in the summer of 2008, and what a great person to do one of your first nude shoots with. Not only does he take lovely photos like this one, but he's the sort of person who makes you feel instantly at ease hanging out in your birthday suit like it ain't no thang. We had a chilled out shoot at my place, including a vegan lunch/ cappuccino session courtesy of my cookery skills, earlier this month:

Can you believe this was shot using only natural light from the doorway?? Other than that, it's just a little electric light from the chandeliers. Also, how blonde am I?? I was considering dyeing my hair canary yellow and then lost my nerve, but now it seems to be going that way by itself o.O

My shoot tomorrow has been postponed until the weekend, which means I can actually open a bottle of champagne and stay up later than 10.30pm tonight, something I've wanted to do all month! You should possibly brace yourself for low-alcohol-tolerance tipsy model selfies on Twitter ;)

Some other nice news I've had is that not only will I be modelling at the SWPP Convention for four days in January, but so will my boyfriend! Our joint four-day booking starts the day after my birthday and about a week before our anniversary, so it will be a very special time for us to have our portraits taken together

Anita xxx

Friday, 25 October 2013

'The Horned Goddess' in Freque magazine with Lady Allura's Latex. Happy Halloween!

This was published earlier this month but I thought I'd save blogging it until closer to Halloween as it seemed appropriate :) I love this Lady Allura's Latex editorial in issue 3, part 1 of Freque.

 Click the images for larger versions!

Photographer: Adrian Jones | Helmet: Proteus Creative

I don't have any major plans for Halloween- the house is decorated with lots of spiderwebs, jack o'lanterns, dying roses, rubber bats and so on, and I count going to Perou's Bunker Party last Saturday as my Halloween celebration, since it was fancy dress, or rather, "fancy mess"!! Halloween is a bit like Christmas at our house; we have the place decorated for most of the month.

This weekend I'm shooting at my local studio, Adrian Pini's, all day on Saturday, and then doing a runway show at Erotica for Lady Allura's Latex on Sunday, and then I have another all-day photo shoot on Monday, so strictly no time for partying!

I'll probably stay in front of the fire with pumpkin apple smoothie or dairy-free pumpkin soup of an evening, and watch old Hammer Horror films. I love the costumes and set design so much! Twins of Evil is probably my favourite. LOOK AT THOSE HATS!!!

Velvet tricorn + ostrich feathers and matching gowns = wiiiiin


Happy Halloween!!

Anita x

Monday, 21 October 2013

London Fetish Weekend 2013 Runway for Lady Allura's Latex, and Retribution magazine

I've been so busy with shoots and organising other things like having The Ugly Girl's Guide to Modelling ready for publication by the end of the month, planning an overhaul of my website and having meetings with my sponsors that I've only just found time to blog about this year's London Fetish Weekend! I was there representing my wonderful latex sponsor, Lady Allura's Latex, on the catwalk, and what do you know but both the looks I wore got published in Retribution magazine's report :)

Photographer: Paul Jones

If anyone else has photos of me at this year's LFW, do get in contact! :)

I still have the tie-dye orange latex pin-up girl two-piece (top left, ignore the black gauzy skirt) if anyone wants to shoot it with me- it will look amazing with my neon orange platform heels! I'll be bringing it to my Space Studio Day in Hertfordshire on 9th November, that's for sure ;) ;) ;)

Anita x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

My 3 Step Evening Bare Skin Beauty Skincare Routine...

According to my Facebook page insights, one in five of my fans are female, so this one's for you, ladies :)

Everyone wants to have nice skin. Who wouldn't? I also actually need nice skin for work. Bad skin = less work and less pay for a model, so you can bet I take my skin's health seriously! I don't smoke, I keep my caffeine intake down to just one coffee a day, and my skin is sponsored by the best natural skincare expert in the business, London-based Bare Skin Beauty.

This is how I take care of my skin when I get home after a photo shoot, after wiping the makeup off on the tube ride.

This is one of my absolute favourite Bare Skin Beauty products so far, because it doesn't just exfoliate with grains, it also contains enzymes. It's like a mini chemical peel you can do at home. I used to get a monthly facial with an amazing local beauty therapist, which I felt was definitely worth the £50 a time, but I really don't feel like I need to go anymore as my skin feels like it's had a professional facial after I use this! Plus it's only £26 a jar, and each jar contains multiple facials!

 It doesn't contain any aging chemicals, which means it separates, so I use a cotton bud to stir it up. It's jampacked with grain, unlike some of the cheap scrubs I've used in the past. Nothing worse than a scrub with just a few massive scratchy grains in it! Papaya and Honey Resurfacing Balm feels warm on my skin, like I can really feel the enzymes working, and it smells good too. After massaging it straight onto dry skin, which feels very relaxing, I wipe it away with a warm damp 100% bamboo cleansing pad, and my skin feels absolutely smoother and resurfaced.

Free radicals are the Devil. They're mostly known for giving you cancer, but the damage they do to cells is what makes them age and gives you wrinkles, crepey skin and indeed, crappy skin. That's why I eat and apply antioxidants wherever I possibly can!

I use 6 or 7 squirts of Antioxidant Firming Toner about 10” from my face after exfoliating. It has a light, refreshing minty smell, which is also great for waking me up in the morning, but after the warm evening exfoliating, it has a lovely cooling effect. The instructions say to use a natural cloth to remove it, but when I tried, so little came off that I decided not to bother; now I just spritz and go. I much prefer it to my old method of using a cotton pad every single time I wanted to use toner. Even the very first time I used the Papaya and Honey Resurfacing Balm followed by this toner, my pores appeared tighter.

I was particularly interested in trying this one as I'd been looking at it online and contemplating whether to shell out for it or not for a while! Elemi Overnight Repair Creme is the mother of all night creams and well worth the upmarket price tag of £46 for 60ml- a little goes a long way because it's not padded out with water. It has a mousse-like texture that seems to melt into your skin. Skin instantly feels amazingly soft and intensively moisturised without being greasy or spot-inducing.

Even my boyfriend commented on my sudden “glow” when I first used this easy and naturally beautifying 3-step evening skincare regime, which along with a healthy lifestyle, will continue to help my skin get younger instead of older for years to come :) I believe that outward beauty is a reflection of inner health, and these products, with their high quality raw organic ingredients, are the proof that health and beauty can be interchangeable terms! The proof is in the pudding, so just try it and see for yourself!
  1.  Papaya and Honey Resurfacing Balm
  2.  Antioxidant Firming Toner
  3.  Elemi Overnight Repair Creme
 Photographer: Stefano Brunesci

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Anita De Bauch/ Space Studio Day, Hertfordshire! Fashion, Beauty, Lingerie, Latex, Nudes, £50ph!

About me:

Hi everyone!

I have an awesome studio day coming up on Saturday 9th November at Space Studio in St Albans! It's a lovely new studio with parquet flooring, white walls and 2 very large windows, letting in lots of natural daylight. I hope you can make it to come and shoot with me!


*  2x 500W Profoto D1 Air's
*  2x 1000w Profoto D1 Air's
*  Ringflash (makes shiny latex look extra amazing!!)
*  Soft Boxes, Beauty Dish (with Grid & Sock), Snoot, Barn Doors, Zoom Reflectors, Various Filters & Umbrellas
*  Full Size paper rolls in Black, White and Grey
*  1/2 size, Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Grey & Chroma Green paper rolls
*  Polyboards and Reflectors
*  Free on-site parking and light refreshments

There are 8 hours available, and 2 are already gone a month in advance and even before I posted this casting call, so please be quick if you're interested as my studio days always sell out and I don't like disappointing people! I'm not trying to be pushy, it's just the truth! I will be available to shoot all styles up to art nude levels, including but not limited to:

*  art nude, figure studies and bodyscapes (this may sound like an odd thing to say, but I have a good stomach and ribcage for bodyscapes!)
*  high-end/ edgy fashion and fashion nudes
*  beauty and editorial
*  latex and fetish fashion
*  lingerie and glamour nudes
*  vintage Hollywood glamour, portraits and pin-up
(with the proper vintage wardrobe and accessories, suspender belts, fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings with Cuban heels, opera gloves, corsets and so on!)
*  bridal (please let me know in advance as the dress is massive!) and bridal lingerie

We can make the most of our time together by shooting as many different styles as you like, for which I can do all my own hair and makeup! It would usually cost £60 per hour to book me at Space Studio, but on Saturday 9th October only you can save £10 for every hour you book, yay! And hopefully leave with some awesome images that we made together!

Please email with interest. I can't wait to hear from you!

Anita x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dare to be Different! British MODE magazine for Beyond Burlesque!

I have a double page spread in British MODE wearing Beyond Burlesque couture wedding dresses with Chloe-Jasmine Whichello :D The designer, Belinda Chorley, also designs forVivienne Westwood, who made Dita Von Teese's famous purple wedding gown for her marriage to Marilyn Manson. Interestingly, the dress I'm wearing here is an ivory homage to that very gown.

Photographer: Dave Kai-Piper | HMUA: Candy Alderson

I still need to track down a copy for my memories box! It's the October 2013 issue if anyone I know happens to spot one- please pick it up for me and I'll give you the £££!

 It's pretty cool for me to be published in two high fashion magazines in the same month- Vogue and MODE. I wish I could go back in time to 14 year-old me, crushed that I'd not grown to 5'8 and therefore couldn't model, and tell her that everything is going to be okay!

Yours happily,

Anita x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Video of Anita De Bauch modelling Anathema Designs at a photo shoot

I had a lovely shoot at home today- a four hour 1930s glamour shoot that worked perfectly in my 1930s lounge. Hopefully I'll be able to share the photos here soon :)

In the meantime, let's have a video for #NakedSundays for a change! This is a BTS video from a fashion shoot for Anathema Designs, a beautiful high-end bespoke London jeweller and my latest sponsor. Expect to see more of her work appearing in my photos soon! What a pleasure it was to do this shoot; I'm so happy she made this video of it and let me share it :)

I have a consultation with my other new sponsor tomorrow, Bare Skin Beauty, a raw organic natural skincare company that I'm super excited about (I just recently wrote a whole blog about the lip balm!) because I'm well into natural skincare and their products have already improved my skin dramatically. Tomorrow I'll be chatting with Juliette about my diet and lifestyle and having her analyse my skin to suggest further improvements I can make. It should be really interesting!

I ate quite a bit of fatty food (fried mushrooms and tomatoes for lunch, Chelsea buns as shoot snacks!) today as I noticed at yesterday's shoot I was starting to look, imo, too skinny; I know I get cross when people complain about being able to see my ribcage, but really, it was ridiculous, my stomach was just too small and my arms looked like matchsticks when I wasn't flexing them (I have pretty good biceps!)... I think the main issue is that I looked how I felt, viz skinny, pasty and sweaty. I had to keep piling on the blusher as there wasn't a trace of blood in my face and drinking gallons of water. I haven't been eating any less than usual so I think it must a combination of having a sudden detoxing step forward (I was also getting headaches today), overwork, and re-introducing daily workouts after I just didn't have time for about a month. It's nothing to worry about, in fact I even noticed in the shots today that my booty was looking nice and round again ;) I probably just lost every last ounce of water retention all in one go.

Detox tea and bed! I'm out of green smoothie ingredients so porridge with rice milk for breakfast tomorrow, I guess!

Anita xx

Friday, 11 October 2013

Fabulously Fetish website launch!

High-end bespoke fetish shoe design team Fabulously Fetish re-launched their website at midnight last night,, with lots of photos from a specially commissioned shoot we did with Phine Ka, a wonderful fashion photographer I've shot with many times now :)

You probably already saw the teasers on Fabulously Fetish's Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr (click them to see larger versions):

hair and makeup by yours truly!

Here are some of my favourite photos they're currently using on the website, in my very own gallery!

Patent leather bullet bra with spiral stitching

To see the rest of the images (yep, there's more!) click here to browse the gallery!

I love Fabulously Fetish because everything they do is done with such expert care and attention to detail. Their shoes are all made from the best materials, gorgeous buttery patent leather being my personal favourite, in a rainbow of colours, and all made with careful thought as to how the shoe is actually going to work when being worn, how to get the possible arch and silhouette, etc.

They have carefully measured my legs and feet in person so they have a kind of mold of them they can make perfectly fitting shoes from! Atm they are working on a pair of apricot patent leather lace-up platform boots for me, in a colour to exactly match my hair! I can't wait to see them and show them off!

And yes I do know how lucky I am to be sponsored by Fabulously Fetish shoes- surely every girl's dream

Anita xx

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Published in British Vogue magazine!

Here's something I never thought I'd say- I've been published in Vogue!

I'm in an advertorial featuring Beyond Burlesque bespoke bridalwear called 'Vogue's Wedding Wishlist' on page 257 of the November "Autumn fashion" issue. I found out on Monday night and shot out of the house in dressing gown and flip-flops with only half my nails painted to try and track down a copy right away! Which I didn't actually need to do as two people on my Facebook page pm'd me scans, while I was running around East Finchley like an insane person, which was super sweet and kind, thank you :)

Photographer: Dave Kai-Piper | HMUA: Candy Alderson

The other model is Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, who I've worked with a couple of times now :) The funny thing is, I was actually filling in for another model who dropped out at the last minute. Why do people do that?? Anyway, it worked out well for me! I do have an actual copy of the magazine now, that is going in my memories box under my bed, once I've finished stroking it!

You might have seen Chloe-Jasmine on The Face atm, if you have the Living channel! She's on Naomi Campbell's team. I managed to watch a bit online last night, it looked harsh! I can watch anything involving Erin O'Connor though, I absolutely worship her!

Anyway, here's a BTS snap of me and C-J at the Beyond Burlesque/ Vogue shoot, which was shortly after The Face shoot wrapped, I think, because I remember us chatting about Naomi ;) Nothing C-J wasn't allowed to chat about, of course- I still don't know any better than you who's going to win! We'll have to watch and see!

A slightly less serious shot of me and C-J! We were channelling Eddie and Patsy :p

I've not really done much this morning except make a gluten-free vegan lasagne (no Bechamel sauce, mushrooms instead of mince and nutritional yeast instead of cheese) to pop in the oven when I get home from my job this afternoon, no doubt starving as usual! I may also make some butter-free garlic bread using olive oil, nomnomnom. Must get more admin done tomorrow though, I'm overwhelmed with emails, thousands of photos to sort through, shoots to organise etc atm! It's good to be in demand :)

Anita x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lips to die for and how to get them! Bare Skin Beauty Chamomile & Honey Lip Saver review. Or: Is it worth buying a £5 lip balm?

I get lots of questions about how to maintain photo-ready pin-up girl skin, and always say the main three things are:

  1. stop smoking
  2. start drinking a Glowing Green Smoothie for breakfast
  3. use natural skincare

Petroleum =/= beauty

 Most of the stuff you get in the chemist or supermarket, whether it's the super cheap stuff or expensive designer brands, is pretty minging when you get right down to it. My eyes were opened when I learned that petroleum, which is the main ingredient in almost every commercial lip balm (just read the ingredients list!) attacks the natural collagen in your skin, speeding up the appearance of wrinkles! So I tried Burt's Bees lip balm, which uses beeswax as the base instead of petroleum. Over an admittedly fairly long period of months of using organic petroleum-free lip balm, I noticed that my lips looked smoother and fuller. I wasn't getting the ridges in my lipstick at photo shoots, or having it keep travelling upwards into those vertical lines that cross the upper lip line. This was a couple of years ago. Now I'm older, but my lips look younger :)

Designer vs Natural Skincare

Well, that got me interested in natural skincare as a whole! I'd always figured that something specifically engineered in a lab had to be more effective than something that occurred in nature. Now I think there are two problems with this seemingly reasonable hypothesis:

  1. We evolved within only natural environments, so it makes a kind of sense that we'd react better to natural ingredients than new/ modern ones.
  2. Just because something amazing could be engineered in a lab, doesn't always mean it actually has been. Massive corporations have motivation to keep costs down and profits up. If say, good advertising did more to sell products than their actual effectiveness, there's no question that more money would then be invested in the advertising than the product. It just makes good business sense. Ditto using cheap ingredients over quality ones.

Good lip balm is a bondage model's best friend!

 I wear lip balm every day, re-applying regularly from when I first brush my teeth in the morning to when I go to bed at night. I like to let it soak in! Red lipstick doesn't look good over chapped lips! I keep lip balm in my handbag and like to use it as a lipstick base- it acts like a moist Polyfilla, making my lips look extra smooth, full and plump!

I've read advice from makeup artists saying you should use your makeup foundation as a lipstick base, but it just doesn't work the same!

Today I tried using Bare Skin Beauty Chamomile & Honey Lip Saver as a lipstick base at my bondage shoot. I know a lot of bondage models wear little or no makeup at bondage shoots, because it's a bit of a gamble- you naturally end up in some odd positions and if your makeup smears/ runs/ flakes/ otherwise goes awry, you don't have a free hand to fix it with! And end up with a bunch of crappy pictures. I can't bear being shot without my red lipstick unless it's really frigging necessary so I work on doing makeup that holds- I use a lip brush and lip liner, makeup fix spray and a waxy lip balm base for my lipstick. Today I actually forgot to use the fix spray, but still, my lipstick stayed looking like this:

Not bad, right?

Is Bare Skin Beauty Chamomile & Honey Lip Saver worth a fiver?

I upgraded from £1 or less ageing petroleum jelly horrortins from Superdrug to natural lip balms ages ago and after seeing the change in my lips, begrudgingly concluded that the price difference was worth it. But a full £5 for a pot of lip balm?

Now I actually have it, I wish I'd made the switch years ago- I would have actually saved money. A tiny, tiny amount of this stuff goes a really long way- I'm talking a micro-blob about the size of a third of a grain of rice that just melts and covers my whole lips! I really like to slather lip balm on too, to make my lips extra shiny. That's right, an application the size of half a grain of rice is more than enough! This one little jar I have is going to last me months, and I use a lot of lip balm!

Up until now I’ve been using organic natural lip balm from an eBay seller, which was okay but not as greasy- it pulled at my lips more during application, had little scratchy bits in it that I had to pick out o.O and ran out really fast. I like a really greasy lip balm that will make my lips feel lubricated and look glossy, as well as being really moisturising and softening.

Bare Skin Beauty Chamomile & Honey Lip Saver has a light herby taste that I quite like. Boyfy said he couldn’t taste the honey but my lips do indeed feel softer! I think there's going to be a jar in my mother's and grandmother's Christmas packages this year :) It should be extra useful for protecting against the upcoming months of biting winter winds.

I hope this blog helps anyone interested in raw, organic natural skincare and makeup that makes you look good in the long-term as well as immediately after you put them on :) Please feel free to use the comments section below to share your thoughts, esp. if you give Chamomile & Honey Lip Saver a try yourself!

Anita x