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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Come into my boudoir...

So what have I been doing since I last wrote to you? Well, shooting lots of latex, vintage and fetish, as usual!

I also took my father to see The Hobbit in 3D at the IMAX as part of his birthday treat- a treat for me as well, it was brilliant! I loved literally every second except the bit where the Great Goblin says, "That'll do it!" That was kind of on a par with Legolas skateboarding in Lord of the Rings :| But other than that, really cool. I started re-reading the book in the bath last night but doubt I'll have time to finish it, I have too many law textbooks to read.

I really want to go and see it again but don't think I'll have time between prancing around in latex, lingerie or nothing at all for photographers and designer clients and studying (I'm doing two courses at once atm, one in law and one in nutrition, phew!). I'm adding the Blu-Ray to my wishlist though! ;)

I should probably post a photo! This was taken in my bedroom...

Photographer: Jim Nemer | Hair and makeup: me

In case you're interested in this sort of thing, the wallpaper is an exact replica of the wallpaper that was in the Ritz Hotel's bedrooms in the 1940s! It is shimmering silver and sparkles by candlelight ♥ One cannot live with magnolia paint when one is living the dream!!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Figure studies from the Far East to the Southeast

I can't decide if this image constitutes "implied nude" through cunning foot placement or "Playboy" levels, haha, so not sure whether to risk uploading it to Facebook! This is a Blogspot exclusive! This gorgeous black and white was shot in Singapore last month by the marvellous Callan Tham. Whatever the "level", I consider it a figure study and one of my favourites to date so have saved it the "art nude" folder in my hard drive.

Back in London later that month, I shot this black and white nude with Chris Lord at Jon Gray's art nude workshop:

Yesterday was our ninth anniversary! Liam bought me a gorgeous Parisian antique mirror that I will photograph once it's hung in our new lounge, and a really romantic card that I won't share, but it is lovely :) Today we had a special day in London...

I've been missing the Luk Yu teahouse in Hong Kong so much, but dining at The Dorchester's China Tang  certainly helped ease my withdrawal symptoms!

Authentic Cantonese dim sum in a fine Chinese 1930s deco dining room- can it really be beaten by anything other than sex??

We also sampled The Dorchester's famous Peking duck pancakes! The only thing I didn't order were the steamed roast pork buns that I ate at Luk Yu. They are a bit of a naughty treat for me- I don't usually eat pork, or white flour- so perhaps it is better that I wait until my next tour of Asia before I get to indulge in any more of them ;) I may be getting called back there as soon as March, but a particular job has to come together for that to happen, so we'll see :)

 Even the deco powder room was lovely!

After lunch we stopped off at a bar on the way to the London Eye- only really worth mentioning as they gave me a shot of Smarties with my Irish coffee for no obvious reason :D

We reached the top of the Eye just as the sun was setting; it was pretty to watch all the opulent old buildings lighting up. We could see the Palace of Westminster (which I've been reading a lot about recently, must go and visit it properly soon), Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, the MI5 building, the Shard and lots of other famous landmarks.

On top of the world!

I'm using one of the pictures I took from the very top on my phone as my cover photo on Facebook atm, where you can see Big Ben and red buses and the Thames and everything, go see!

Must go to bed now, shooting shooting shooting tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, followed by a full day of admin and errands on Wednesday!

Yours, a very loved-up,

Anita xxx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I forgot to do #fetishfriday yesterday- naughty 'Nita!

So here are the Kaori's Latex Dreams photos by Julian Kilsby that I've been dying to show off! I did the hair and makeup!

Doesn't the effect make you think of snow lit by neon or fairy lights? Very appropriate for this weather! :D

You probably already saw this one on Facebook

 Now to explain why I forgot to post these yesterday...

I was too into having a 100% day off with not a stitch of work! It was amazing! London is covered in a beautiful, powdery layer of snow, there's simply no place to go, and we have the fire blazing all day!

Yes, that's me. Compare and contrast with the modelling photos if you will.

I'm happily baking organic bread and heating litres of Covent Garden veggie soups and putting the cats in their little Fairisle jumpers to keep warm- this weather is no joke for our hairless babies, even being kept indoors! They spend the day roasting in front of the fire and the night curled up by my tummy under two feather duvets and a thick satin bedspread.

Yes, they are horribly spoiled. Look at their entitled little faces.

Liam and I wrapped up in our Burberry trench coats and walked to Muswell Hill in the snow, treating ourselves to a late lunch at Toff's, the best fish and chip restaurant in London and a favourite of rockstars like Bruce Dickinson. It was the perfect weather for hot fish and chips with a cup of builder's tea!

I'm back on the health bandwagon today of course... just had a pint of Glowing Green Smoothie with added kale and pineapple for breakfast! I know that the idea of putting green veg into a smoothie sounds weird but honestly, try having it for breakfast and see how you feel!!

If you've actually read through all the waffle then I will leave you with a "bonus" picture from my last Kaori's Latex Dreams shoot with Julian ;)

I hope you're all enjoying the weather!

Anita xxxx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

In the spotlight with Kaori's Latex Dreams and Julian Kilsby!

More photos from my Kaori's Latex Dreams shoot with Julian Kilsby, as promised! Which do you think is best?

I did the hair and makeup :) Julian gave me as much time as I wanted to style myself so I felt like I could experiment with new old styles from my Style Me Vintage: Hair book. This was a modified version of victory rolls :)

I just finished Day 2 of modelling Jerry Ghionis' Ice Light at The Societies Convention; last day tomorrow! I seem to be spending as much time chatting to photographers passing the stand as I am modelling! For a model, I've been around for a Jurassic length of time- 6.5 years- and at an average rate of about 3 shoots a week, you can imagine how many people I've worked with! The Convention is a great place to catch up and see what people are planning for the coming year :) I may already have managed to swing a trip to Norway this year, fingers crossed! I love visiting new places and shooting under the Northern Lights would be a real experience.

I'm now relaxing with a glass of the Cotes Du Rhone I brought back from France last night and watching a bit of Fawlty Towers! Good end-of-day vegging out fare. Now I just need to make and pack my salad and smoothie for the last day of the trade show tomorrow. Duty calls!

Anita xxxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cover of The Societies (SWPP) Convention Show Guide 2013

I'm on the cover of The Societies Convention Show Guide 2013! Who do I know who'll be there? :)

The photo was taken by Faye Yerbury at one of the Yerburys' many kickass Boudoir Workshops and Faye also did the hair styling (I did the makeup)!

Click for larger view. Many thanks Christel for the picture! :)

I'll be at Jerry Ghionis' stand at the SWPP Trade Show 11th - 13th January... just saying as I know several people already who want their copies signed, LOL. Ya bunch of losers ;)

See you there!

Anita xxxxxx

Friday, 4 January 2013

I am not a photograph feat. Kaori's Latex Dreams

I am just sooo busy atm with work, it's crazy!

I have about two months' worth of photos to post, since I was too busy to deal with them before Asia and unable to post them while in Asia (my iPad doesn't like writing blogs and I didn't take my laptop with me), then when I got back, I was instantly snowed under with shooting with the British and European clients who were unable to book me or meet me at castings for five weeks while I was away.

I've been to Singapore, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and all over London and the southeast, of course, as well as Somerset and Calais for Christmas with my mum and Christmas with my dad, respectively! So, sorry that I've not been updating very regularly, but please remember that I'm more than a photograph, I'm a real person with one of those "life" things ;)

Liam and I had our own Christmas yesterday, would you believe it, because it was the first time we'd been home together at the same time and able to do it! Yes, on 3rd January we switched on the fairy lights, had a delicious roast turkey dinner with colcannon and mulled wine and opened presents under a decorated tree while watching Gremlins! We even pulled some Christmas crackers so we could wear the paper hats ^_^

Here are some photos from my Kaori's Latex Dreams shoot with Julian Kilsby, just before I left for Singapore in early November. I absolutely love working with Julian- he is a latex photographing genius! I did the hair and makeup myself. It was my first attempt at victory rolls, with my Style Me Vintage: Hair book propped open in front of me in the dressing room. It didn't necessarily look authentically 1940s, but I quite liked the overall look nonetheless ;)

I will post the pictures for the other outfits we shot over the next week, so subscribe to my blog if you haven't already! Then I will start working on the photo backlog (I also have to do my tax return tomorrow, groo).

I am writing this on my shiny new MacBook Pro (new to me, anyway!), courtesy of Dan Hubbert, who is renting our spare room for the rare occassions he visits London from Stockholm. I just have to shoot with him when we're both in the same country at the same time. More photographers should offer items like this to models in exchange for shoots, I think- we all want/ need things like laptops, tablets, iPods, Kindles etc etc for work and travel and it seems smart and ecologically sound.

I'm still getting the hang of using it- I've always had PCs, up until now- but I'm sure once I'm used to it I will be able to do more with it than I could my little old Dell! I still need to work out how to get an image's URL though, and how to do what I used to call "right-click-nicking" images from the web, i.e. saving them to my computer, as well as creating folders for all my documents and so on. I'm sure I'll get there! :)

Most importantly, I have already ordered a pink keyboard cover- just need to find a baby pink shell to fit a 17" screen so that my MacBook will match my iPad and Kindle :D