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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Buffies Catalogue

Since this afternoon's shoot has now been postponed until tomorrow morning, I thought I'd post some photos from a recent shoot for Buffies catalogue with Martyn Davis at Adrian Pini Studios :) I'm looking forward to doing more shoots for Buffies as the clothes are just so fun to wear and shoot, and I was pleasantly surprised by the prices on the website, too. My insider tip for buying these corsets is to buy one size smaller than you think you need, as they are generously sized :)

Hair and makeup by me!

My haircut still looked super dramatic from just having had it cut and coloured for a shoot for HOB Salons. It's amazing how much it's already grown in just two weeks! oO I'm thinking of maybe trying to lighten the golden blonde section to white the next time I have it coloured... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Peculiar Heavenly Lovechild

I'm back in London from maybe the most chilled four days of my life!

I was in Tenerife with my mum, my bro and my man and spent every day swimming, sleeping, eating paella, drinking San Miguel (seeing as we were staying in San Miguel), sleeping, taking photographs (instead of being photographed!), sleeping, eating and sleeping. I am now in the process of blasting off the 2.5 lb I gained in seafood and sloth-hood (go go gadget pilates and veggie soup!) and resizing my millions of holiday snaps ready to post in my blog ;)

But, before I bore you completely senseless, check out these far more professional photos taken by Christel Stol at a Light Spot Studio workshop, as "teased" in my last blog!

Hair: Ghoulia's Peculiars
(remember her from the awesome wigs in my Festival of Sins flyer cover?)
Makeup: me
Wardrobe stylist: Christable Stol

*********STOP PRESS!*********
If you've been considering buying a copy of Anita De Bauch by Sean McCormack, you can now claim 20% off your order by quoting code RAINUK305 at checkout if you order by 31st March. Yay!


Now it's off to bed so I can be up bright and early for pilates and Special K followed by a client meeting in the evening at the Chloe Jasmine Whichell/ Damien Lovegrove book launch party in Soho :) I just need to decide what to wear!

Saturday, 19 March 2011


A couple of teasers from recent shoots... for those who are currently having problems viewing my Facebook fanpage (the bug was reported to Facebook on 18th March) and for those who are simply bored with refreshing their inbox/ lurking on internet forums/ watching lolcats on YouTube and have thus wandered on to reading my blog to pass the time until food, sleep or work forces you to leave ;)

Firstly, one from my second shoot with Martyn Davis at Adrian Pini Studios, featuring Lady Lucie Latex and my new blonde hair!

And secondly, one from my shoot with Christel Stol at Light Spot Studio, featuring Heavenly Corsets:

Had a lovely day with Gemini Rayne today- long lie-in after our 8 hour shoot yesterday (me modelling, her hairstyling), followed by lazy vegetarian lunch and a trip to Covent Garden for shopping and Snogs, Camden for more shopping and then home for Covent Garden soups (fittingly) and skinny cocoa ^^ We're having another "sleepover" at mine tonight, then off to Light Spot Studio for a shoot with Dan Hubbert tomorrow, yay :) Unless I get a last-minute booking for Monday or Tuesday, that'll be my last shoot before I go on holiday on Wednesday.

I'm really looking forward to sun, sea and sand with teh boyfy and a good re-charge of the batteries before I'm back on the photo-trail in April :) Please email me at with inquiries for April and bear in mind that I might not have internet access until I'm back in the UK on 28th March (back in London on the 29th) :)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day. Donating is good for your health. Honest!


I had various grandiose fund-raising ideas such as a giving a cheap modelling seminar at a London studio (ladies, there are just SO many tips and tricks I could share!) with all proceeds going to charity or doing some manner of sponsored activity but as usual, my time was filled up with work and travel plans so I just chucked some money at them via the website. You should too, and not just because they play you this unique video of Charlie Brooker not being a sarcastic arsehole, for once! Skip your night out drinking this week and donate the money that you would have spent- that way you'll be doing both your liver and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa a huge favour and won't actually notice the difference to your pocket!

According to their website, it only costs £1.20 to save a Ugandan child from dying of Malaria. That's the same as a single bus journey in London oO So why not walk to work today and donate the £1.20? Not only will you actually save some poor, sick kid, you'll be hauling your butt cheeks up off the backs of your knees and doing your heart a favour as well.

Or take a healthy packed lunch to work and donate the money you would have spent buying lunch at Costa/ the greasy spoon/ McDonald's. Everyone's a winner!

Or you could be boring and just buy a red nose or two, although you can wear them wherever you like...

Making a surprise appearance at the SCN Glasgow Networking Party! © Gerry Quiff

If you donated or got involved in any way, leave a blog comment! I'd love to hear all about it :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I can't touch the black stuff as I'm shooting all day tomorrow, so instead I thought I'd post all my favourite photos and publications from various shoots I've modelled for in Ireland :) I'd also like to take this highly appropriate opportunity to say that I am currently available to shoot in Dublin on Sunday 12th and Saturday 18th June- the only remaining dates on this year's Irish Tour :)

You can also book me to shoot at Sean McCormack Photography Studio in Galway with optional lighting tuition from the man himself on Saturday 11th June! Please click here for details.

Now, time for photos from my previous trips to Ireland :)

Corset: Heavenly Corsets | Hair and makeup: Virginia Anne Giani | © Presence Photography

 Designer: Anatomic Bomb!

 © Eamonn Farrell

Designer: Mary McGuinness Couture | Hair and makeup: Victoria Mureuva

 Designer: Mary McGuinness Couture | Hair and makeup: Victoria Mureuva

 Designer: Naucler Design

 Designer: Jane Doe | Hair and makeup: Victoria Mureuva | © Seamus Costelloe

 Designer: Naucler Design | Hair and makeup: Victoria Mureuva | © Seamus Costelloe

 Vintage slip courtesy of

Cover of Ireland's Living in Kilkenny magazine
Designer: Mary McGuinness Couture | © Seamus Costelloe

 Jane Doe online catalogue (
Hair and makeup: Victoria Mureuva | © Seamus Costelloe 

Jane Doe online catalogue (
Hair and makeup: Victoria Mureuva | © Seamus Costelloe

And last but not least, the book Anita De Bauch by one of Ireland's top international award-winning photographers, Sean McCormack, featuring 100% photos taken in Ireland ;)

 Sample page from Anita De Bauch | © Sean McCormack

You can order your copy of Anita De Bauch to add to your collection here :) Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Blue skies from Singapore :)

Had a fun day in Essex yesterday shooting a hairdressing video with Stacey Broughton for My Hairdressers and the USA's ScissorBoy (I've been tagged in some behind-the-scenes photos on Facebook, if you'd like a little preview!). I'm doing SO much hair work recently, it's crazy! I was asked to attend a casting on Wednesday for the Wella Trend Vision competition but have a horrible feeling that I'm not going to get it because my hair is too short from all the hair jobs I've been doing >.< Kind of sucks as I really wanted to work with the photographer, in particular, and the styling team is going to be really top-notch. Oh well :/ it was nice to be asked.

On a cheerier note, I got some photos back from one of my shoots in Singapore in November with Callan Tham at the cool and quirky New Majestic Hotel :)

My fellow Britons may be confused by the colour of the sky in this shot. It wasn't done in Photoshop- sometimes the sky is actually blue and not grey, believe it or not!

 Fully functional outdoor bath on a balcony! Want!

Today, I'll just be prepping for tomorrow's shoot at Light Spot Studio, where I'll be getting dressed up as some sort of non-cheesy Queen of Clubs, apparently. Wheee!

EDIT 5.30 pm: Just got a call from saying that I did get the hair job I wanted after all, w00t! I'll be modelling 'Polaris' for HOB Camden's entry to the Wella Trend Vision 2011 competition on Tuesday and Wednesday with John Rawson. Can't wait :D :D :D