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Friday, 9 September 2011

A day of black and white 1930s-ness :)

(Elle Belgique published a photo of me in their "Streetstyle" article on Notting Hill Carnival, looking slightly confused as to what's going on, as I predicted :p )

Things to Come was very strange/ interesting! I may get it on DVD at some point. As well as the film itself, I really enjoyed the 1930s ad reel and the B feature, which was a news report of the cinema opening for the first time in 1936. It's amazing what a big deal a cinema opening was back then! Hoards of people being held back by police officers as they tried to get closer to the famous actors and directors arriving in limousines to sign autographs and swan around in front of the cameras, the men in tuxes and the women with perfect Marcelle waves, fineliner pen-thin eyebrows and deep, dark eyes and lips, in floor-length silk and lace gowns trimmed with corsages, diamonds and mink! To go to the Odeon!

Latex fashion shoot followed by another casting tomorrow :) It's weird to actually go somewhere to cast for projects rather than just emailing somebody photos, lol. I'll wind down from this fairly full-on day by going to see A Streetcar Named Desire at the National Portrait Gallery on Sunday. I love that film but never thought I'd get to it on the big screen! I sort of want to give acting another little try as my agencies keep putting me forward for TV commercials, and I figure watching Marlon Brando is as good a place as any to start :) I like watching old black and white movies on a Sunday afternoon :)

Speaking of black and white, I'll decorate this otherwise fairly pointless and meandering blog with a black and white photo by Trevor Yerbury :) He' s somehow made it look like it was taken around the time Things to Come was filmed, although it was actually taken only this summer when I was visiting Edinburgh :) I still have the wig!

Hair and styling: Faye Yerbury | Makeup: me