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Sunday, 28 July 2013

#NakedSundays with Perou

This is the second blood shot from my shoot with Perou ♥ Red and white is such a lush colour combination; bright, clinical and terrifying. I am the bloodstained ice queen.

Styling (except the blood!) by moi mwah mwah

So I'm back from my Lady Allura's Latex shoot in Ireland and just shot for Fabulously Fetish bespoke shoes in London; quite a bit of commercial rather than pure art-for-art's-sake work (like the pic above) atm (other things are top secret right now; will tell you here the second I can).

I like the challenge of commercial work, because it's good to mentally change gears to keep my brain running smoothly, but AFAS is the bestest.

This photo is my desktop wallpaper atm

Holly (Ivory Flame) was staying with me earlier this week while she's touring the southeast.

We had a coinciding day off in the V&A, where we went on a tour of the Tudors. Randomly, my favourite things were the beds. This was my favourite. I love 1930s Chinoiserie; the common Western perception at the time of China as this incredibly exotic, sensual, mysterious place makes for great decor and is kind of the way I'm going with my lounge. I'd never seen Tudor Chinoiserie before though!

After the museum, Holly and I went to Dirty Martini in Soho. I usually go there with Hannah Ashlea after shopping on Oxford Street; we love the decor and cheap cocktails. This time I had an actual dirty martini followed by a French martini (I forget what made it French). Holly had something with a chilli in it and we talked about just about everything going on in our worlds.

We're having a sleepover with Fredau tomorrow night, after watching a comedy panel TV show being recorded. I think I'm going to cook Kim Snyder's latest recipe for us and open a bottle of vintage bubbly. Phone photos of three drunk art nude models no doubt to follow.

Anita xxxx

PS: I hope you like my new blog design! Shout if you see any blips x

Monday, 22 July 2013

Fuck your fake morals

I lol'd at the 50s movie censors scene in The Notorious Bettie Page, where Irvin Klaw is told he's not allowed to sell bondage movies, despite bondage scenes appearing in mainstream movies like King Kong.

I lol'd when I found out that my blog is banned in China. Ah, silly, backward old China. Lol lol.

I'm laughing on the other side of my bloody face now. Consenting adult actors portraying fantasy BDSM scenes for other consenting adults CAUSES RAPE? There is NO HARD EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS CLAIM- quite the opposite, in fact. How come the countries with the most relaxed porn laws have the lowest incidence of rape (i.e. the Netherlands and Japan), hmmmmm?

Moral posturing to gain political points is one thing but criminalising a minority group based on their sexuality to gain political points is quite another. OBVIOUSLY, I'm in favour of the bit about targeting people who try to access child porn. But lumping paedos and kinksters into the same group is dangerous. Is there any precedent for a legal act (in this case, consenting adults having sex with each other) being illegal to have recordings of? It's okay to do it, but not to record it?

Is anyone going to change the law to improve the way we deal with ACTUAL rape? There is currently no minimum jail term for rape under English law, for a start. THAT'S horrific. THAT'S immoral. But it seems that Cameron doesn't consider it a priority when there are consenting fetishists to be victimised.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Alexander McQueen and Fabulously Fetish #WardrobeWednesday

Hello from Dublin!

I had a great art nude shoot today with one of my regular clients here in Ireland. There is something so peaceful about being nude in beautiful outdoor spaces and feeling the grass between your toes and the breeze on your skin :) Then tomorrow it's on to Kilkenny for a two-day shoot for Lady Allura's Latex's new collection, with another of my very favourite photographers in the world, not just Ireland. It's so important to work with people who really love and care about the images they take.

Another photographer like this is my friend Phine Ka. Here are some new old photos we shot a while ago- shoes by Fabulously Fetish, necklace by Alexander McQueen, wig courtesy of Faye Yerbury!

Phine Ka and I are shooting the new Fabulously Fetish collection this month- really looking forward to it :) No girl would say no to prancing around in lots of beautiful examples of couture high heels in a studio all day, am I right?? I wouldn't, anyway :) I love how much intensive attention to detail Fabulously Fetish put into their shoes, both in terms of look and wearability. I pay obsessive attention to detail myself, I think it's a crucial part of art and style, so it's something I really appreciate in them and feel kinship with them over. They are the perfect footwear sponsor for me :)