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Sunday, 24 October 2010

In the shower with Emma

Another photo from my shoot with Emma Delves-Broughton, this time a cute nude, because you can't wear latex all the time ;)

This was actually taken right at the end of the shoot after I'd changed out of the Peccatus Latex Couture I was modelling. It feels quite Bettie Page-ish to me! :)

I also really like this next one because it feels less "posed" and more like I might actually look while taking a shower and holding a conversation! I don't often get asked to do the "happy smiley natural girl" thing but it's quite nice to have photos like that sometimes :) Plus, it wouldn't be an Emma Delves-Broughton/ Anita De Bauch shoot without at least one gratuitous photo of my bum :p

 Hair courtesy of Emma, makeup courtesy of yours truly ;)

My final available dates for November bookings in the UK and Europe are here, if anyone's interested! I've had plenty of interest so get in there quick if you'd like to book me ( ;p Now I'm off to gloat over my new Lady Lucie high-waisted latex leggings. They look so cute with my Lickorish Latex braces and Anatomic Bomb pasties xD

Friday, 22 October 2010

Get back to nature

Emma Delves-Broughton just mailed me our editorial publication in the October issue of Digital Camera, "the definitive guide to SLR photography" :)

The photo caption amused me for some reason:

Nude photography needn't be limited to the boudoir... outdoor settings can work extremely well, particularly if your model really gets into character

So yeah, when I model, I get really *into* it, lol.

Also, define "too chilly"! I've rolled around in a foot of snow with no clothes on to get the shot, baby!!! xD

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Peccatus Latex Couture

Some photos from my latest shoot with the ever-fabulous Emma Delves-Broughton, wardrobe by Peccatus Latex Couture :)

The location was a gorgeous old house in the historic city of Bath, kindly offered to us by the lovely couple who live there.

 Yay fake hair! :D

 Love how the flowers in the garden matched the dress

Looking forward to shooting for Peccatus again en France in December with Maxime Avet :) Their latex looks so delicate and elegant, I love it.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lady in Red

October has been a bit of a publication-a-thon this year, with my pics of my mush on posters and flyers (see my last blog), as well as books, magazines and exhibitions :)

I've just been sent this full page from the November issue of Practical Photography (page 23):

Photographer: Gregory Brown

I've also been published in several books :)

Firstly, a book called Triptych has also just been published, which is about my trip to Spain with Iveta and Roswell Ivory, featuring photography by John Tisbury, Greg and John Evans. There are way too many photos of me in there for me to post all of them here, but here's the cover :)

L-R: Roswell, Iveta, me

There are also lots of photos of me in Nudes Alive by Gregory Brown, four of which posing nude with Ulorin Vex, including on the back cover.

 Once again, I won't post every single image of me that's in the book because there's just too many, but this is the back cover, taken at an abandoned asylum with Ulorin Vex

I also recognised Madame Bink and Ivory Flame in there :) These three top international models are also in another book by that's just been published called Barenaked, which features erotic poetry by Violtta Gabor alongside photography by Gregory Brown. I have several photos in there including this colourful double page spread :)

Flame and I have also been published in Lighting the Nude (Third Edition)- I could only preview so much on Amazon so there may well be more of my friends in there too- and Bink, Flame, Iveta Niklova, Helen Diaz and I have also been published in Instrumental Nudes :)

Me and Helen playing with an organ in an RAF church

And last but not least, photos of me by The Beauty of Abyss are currently being shown in an exhibition in Germany:

Phew, this blog took ages to write, but it's a real honour to be published by such prestigious photographers and alongside such top name models :) Bedtime now though, I'm shooting in the morning!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Festival of Sins

Had quite an entertaining night at Festival of Sins last night. I was working for Emma Delves-Broughton, who was there doing a book signing of Kinky Nature.

You can't quite tell in this photo, but I was wearing my new boots. They are surprisingly comfy and easy to walk in :D

My quest to find the Ultra Vixens doing their photo booth thing with Bizarre was unsuccessful, but then I was on the stall most of the time, which was a good vantage point for people-watching. FoS doesn't have a dress code that I'm aware of so there was an odd combination of people in head-to-toe latex and hoods, guys flat-out walking around with their cocks out and real "vanilla" looking dudes in jeans and trainers. Strange! The DJs were really good though :)

As predicted my face was plastered all over the inside of the club on various posters. I forgot to put the flash on when I snapped most of them so they didn't come out, but luckily this particular poster had a spotlight over it, so I got it!

I'm the one in the polka dot PJs and smeared lipstick :D The clock over Emma Tiger's crotch and the little wooden one in the middle foreground are from my kitchen and living room, respectively :p Photo by Team Binkertson

It was fun to see my other friends (and feel compelled to cup one of Nikki Sablier's amazing boobs for a photo. Sorry, Nikki) and eventually end up drinking wine and chatting away with Emma and Liam until 4 am before finally crashing out!

I'm also on the cover of the flyer for the next event (Sloth) on 11th December, so I took a snap of a couple of them this morning along with my pass from last night. Another one to add to my souvenir collection (I was nice and gave them the bit that goes around your neck back when I left) :)

Right now I am cooking a massive crispy aromatic duck that I marinaded myself in sugar and soy sauce. It smells sooo good! Just need to defrost some Chinese pancakes and slice up some cucumber and spring onions and I'm good to go for a major calorie-loading session :D

Friday, 8 October 2010

More photos of Jane Doe Latex and Naucler Design :)

Om nom nom :)

Just had a rather exciting email from the photographer, Seamus Costelloe, saying that we might be shooting in one of the European fashion capitals next year... I'll say no more for now in case I jinx it, but fingers crossed! Wish me bon chance!! ;)

In the meantime, I have yet more shiny photos of me running around in latex at Left Bank (loads of people have been asking me where the location is so I thought I'd blog it!) and Kilcooley Abbey :)

Victoria Murueva did the hair and makeup in the indoor ones and I did them for the outdoor ones :) Gloves by All You Need is Glves!

My last day of my little holiday was spent getting my legs waxed, visiting The National Portrait Gallery (the one of Isabella Blow's head was so clever!) and chatting with Jane Doe about the latex bikini and garter set I'm ordering :D I can't decide whether to get:
  • Midnight blue with white detail
  • Trans blue with lime green detail

Tomorrow I'm back to "work" with a fun job assisting Emma Delves-Broughton with her book signing at Festival of Sins. It'll be funny to see myself in the books as well as on the posters and flyers etc at the event, people won't be able to get away from me, poor bastards :p

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Naucler Design and All You Need is Gloves

Another chilled out day of pottering around near home :) It's amazing how just a couple of days real R&R- as opposed to just catching my breath and catching up with admin between shoots- has renewed me. Not only have my energy levels shot up, my skin is looking way better (the teeny creases in the corners of my eyes have completely gone, as have the shadows underneath them!) and I just find I'm smiling more. Yay! :) It's nothing to do with how much I enjoy modelling, it's just that when you love it this much you throw all your energy into it, which over a long period makes you very tired, so you need a break ;) I'm looking forward to getting back into it with Emma Delves-Broughton on Saturday!

Another thing that's making me smile lots is all the lovely photos I've received from my three-day assignment in Ireland with Seamus Costelloe :) I posted the first batch of the Jane Doe photos yesterday (there's more to follow!), so today I will post the ones of Naucler Design's World of Tomorrow collection and All You Need is Gloves :)

Victoria Murueva did the hair and makeup for the indoor ones and I did my own for the outdoor ones (which were taken at Kilcooley Abbey, in case anyone's interested!).

I baked a cake today :)

My plan for this evening is to drink wine and watch DVDs with Liam. Most likely going to The National Portrait Gallery tomorrow, my favourite restaurant, Vitao, for lunch and then to see Made In Dagenham at my very favourite (and luckily, very local) cinema, The Phoenix, in the evening :D

Monday, 4 October 2010

Jane Doe Latex

I just got these photos back from my shoot in Ireland with Seamus Costelloe! We shot for three different designers over three days- Jane Doe Latex, Naucler Design and Mary McGuinness Couture, as well as the photographer-turned-glove artist Maxime Avet, and I'm really pleased with the results :) There's too much awesome to fit into one blog so these are just the Jane Doe shots! I'll post the others over the next couple of days :)

Betty Boop Look #1

Betty Boop Look #2

Cocktail, anyone? :)

I 100% recommend Jane Doe bikinis, btw, I plan on ordering one for myself shortly! The design is INCREDIBLE, so simple and elegant and yet those tops could get a cleavage out of an ironing board. Jane Doe is love!

Successfully ordered my new latex leggings AND cleaned the house today, btw. Tomorrow I will go for a jog, post off some more stuff from my blog sale and go to my acting class :)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Adam Robertson Photography

Ah, the first day of my holiday in London... will be spent in a long meeting with my web designer :p

Luckily he is also a good friend so I can drink wine and force-feed him homemade cake a l'Anita while barking orders :p Tomorrow I'm going to have a big cleaning sesh (products out of hair; the house, generally; laundry; makeup brushes; bleaching teeth; taking stuff to charity shop) and make a huge vat of bolognaise so I don't have to cook lunch again for a whole week :D

As you may have noticed, I have a shiny new blog header courtesy of the ever-lovely Adam Robertson, who I shot with in Wiltshire during my Westcountry Tooh-arr last month (the bikini is by Jane Doe) :) I also have these photos back from him! :D Hair and makeup by moi, but all following Adam's art direction :)

Cows! :D

My friend Kate has started modelling under the name Gemini Rayne and is doing well already with booking dance shoots, as she's a trained ballet and pole dancer, so she can do all these amazing dance poses with the full dance outfits.

Soooo, this inspired me to get a shot of my signature uncle-at-a-wedding dance and see if anyone wants to book me for a can't-dance, shouldn't-dance shoot xD

It's the facial expression that makes it

Any takers?

Please form an orderly queue...

Friday, 1 October 2010

Wiki wah wah

I was idly Googling myself (as one does) and discovered I've been Wikied, hee hee. I'm oddly proud that Wikipedia considers me worthy of a mention :)

In other news, I'm doing a kind of "time for clothing" shoot of my own devising today- for today and today only I've offered to do a shoot in exchange for the exact price of this pair of leggings (minus the braces, as I already have a pair), 'cos I want and need them ;)

Will be ordering them as soon as I've deposited my pay on Monday. Now I'm off to go earn my bread latex :D