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Monday, 5 September 2011

Lady Lucie Latex in Ireland

New photo from Ireland by Sean McCormack! Latex by Lady Lucie, makeup by moi :)

I slept until 11 am today, which is really late for me! Normally my legs spring me out of bed at 8 am and I'm straight in front of the TV working an exercise DVD with my eyes only three-quarters open. Today I short-cut straight to mid-morning skinny latte and cinnamon toast! Madame Bink must have worked me hard at our shoot yesterday! It was great catching up with her, Adam Robertson and their gorgeous pup Major :) I can't wait for them to move to London so we can hang out more regularly. Adam has just put a new set of photos of me up on Zivity- here are my choices for the free previews!

Yep, it's from the same shoot where we shot my blog header...

Please click here to see the rest- if you don't already have a Zivity account, I can give you a free one for 30 days. Just ask :) I'll have another, voyeurism-themed set going up on 16th September. I get 55 whole cents every time someone hits the vote button on one of my sets, don't forget ;p So far all my sets on there are from tests that I did with Adam and Stefano Brunesci for my agency profiles, and I've already "earned" back my train fare to Wiltshire from when I shot with them, so that's quite nice :)

Stefano has invited me back this month to do a more fashion-orientated shoot with a stylist he knows for some magazine submissions, so that should be good! I'm so used to styling myself that it feels like a massive luxury to have someone else "do" wardrobe!