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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Published in British Vogue magazine!

Here's something I never thought I'd say- I've been published in Vogue!

I'm in an advertorial featuring Beyond Burlesque bespoke bridalwear called 'Vogue's Wedding Wishlist' on page 257 of the November "Autumn fashion" issue. I found out on Monday night and shot out of the house in dressing gown and flip-flops with only half my nails painted to try and track down a copy right away! Which I didn't actually need to do as two people on my Facebook page pm'd me scans, while I was running around East Finchley like an insane person, which was super sweet and kind, thank you :)

Photographer: Dave Kai-Piper | HMUA: Candy Alderson

The other model is Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, who I've worked with a couple of times now :) The funny thing is, I was actually filling in for another model who dropped out at the last minute. Why do people do that?? Anyway, it worked out well for me! I do have an actual copy of the magazine now, that is going in my memories box under my bed, once I've finished stroking it!

You might have seen Chloe-Jasmine on The Face atm, if you have the Living channel! She's on Naomi Campbell's team. I managed to watch a bit online last night, it looked harsh! I can watch anything involving Erin O'Connor though, I absolutely worship her!

Anyway, here's a BTS snap of me and C-J at the Beyond Burlesque/ Vogue shoot, which was shortly after The Face shoot wrapped, I think, because I remember us chatting about Naomi ;) Nothing C-J wasn't allowed to chat about, of course- I still don't know any better than you who's going to win! We'll have to watch and see!

A slightly less serious shot of me and C-J! We were channelling Eddie and Patsy :p

I've not really done much this morning except make a gluten-free vegan lasagne (no Bechamel sauce, mushrooms instead of mince and nutritional yeast instead of cheese) to pop in the oven when I get home from my job this afternoon, no doubt starving as usual! I may also make some butter-free garlic bread using olive oil, nomnomnom. Must get more admin done tomorrow though, I'm overwhelmed with emails, thousands of photos to sort through, shoots to organise etc atm! It's good to be in demand :)

Anita x