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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Video of Anita De Bauch modelling Anathema Designs at a photo shoot

I had a lovely shoot at home today- a four hour 1930s glamour shoot that worked perfectly in my 1930s lounge. Hopefully I'll be able to share the photos here soon :)

In the meantime, let's have a video for #NakedSundays for a change! This is a BTS video from a fashion shoot for Anathema Designs, a beautiful high-end bespoke London jeweller and my latest sponsor. Expect to see more of her work appearing in my photos soon! What a pleasure it was to do this shoot; I'm so happy she made this video of it and let me share it :)

I have a consultation with my other new sponsor tomorrow, Bare Skin Beauty, a raw organic natural skincare company that I'm super excited about (I just recently wrote a whole blog about the lip balm!) because I'm well into natural skincare and their products have already improved my skin dramatically. Tomorrow I'll be chatting with Juliette about my diet and lifestyle and having her analyse my skin to suggest further improvements I can make. It should be really interesting!

I ate quite a bit of fatty food (fried mushrooms and tomatoes for lunch, Chelsea buns as shoot snacks!) today as I noticed at yesterday's shoot I was starting to look, imo, too skinny; I know I get cross when people complain about being able to see my ribcage, but really, it was ridiculous, my stomach was just too small and my arms looked like matchsticks when I wasn't flexing them (I have pretty good biceps!)... I think the main issue is that I looked how I felt, viz skinny, pasty and sweaty. I had to keep piling on the blusher as there wasn't a trace of blood in my face and drinking gallons of water. I haven't been eating any less than usual so I think it must a combination of having a sudden detoxing step forward (I was also getting headaches today), overwork, and re-introducing daily workouts after I just didn't have time for about a month. It's nothing to worry about, in fact I even noticed in the shots today that my booty was looking nice and round again ;) I probably just lost every last ounce of water retention all in one go.

Detox tea and bed! I'm out of green smoothie ingredients so porridge with rice milk for breakfast tomorrow, I guess!

Anita xx