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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Nude photo taken in my hallway in natural light- but without windows

I just finished a fab day at Erotica, where I did a fashion show performance for Lady Allura's Latex, what fun! It's so great to get to perform in London, in front of my "home" crowd, and to do a fashion show that's a little different from the standard "march to end of runway, pause, march back, go home" sort of a show! I met some really nice readers of my blog after the show- was great to meet you guys! :)

It's a lovely end to a week of ups and downs in Model Land, with some silly behind the scenes drama counterbalanced by making some beautiful images with good people. There were times this week when I felt pretty negative, I admit, but had to remind myself that if I am shocked by being around negative/ unpleasant people at work, it can only be because I am so used to being constantly surrounded by positive, artistic, non-drama people every single day! Yes, I can count the number of days I've NOT been shooting this month on one well-manicured hand!

November is shaping up to be packed, too :) I have a couple of days left, so if you are a photographer interested in booking me, please email riiight now so we can book in a November date and get the ball rolling :) It doesn't look like I'll be available whatsoever in December, for reasons I will reveal shortly ;)

Here is a photo taken by one of the aforementioned consistently positive, artistic, non-drama people, Sean Buckley, who I've been working with for years now. Sean was one of the first photographers to book me for a full day shooting art nude on location in the summer of 2008, and what a great person to do one of your first nude shoots with. Not only does he take lovely photos like this one, but he's the sort of person who makes you feel instantly at ease hanging out in your birthday suit like it ain't no thang. We had a chilled out shoot at my place, including a vegan lunch/ cappuccino session courtesy of my cookery skills, earlier this month:

Can you believe this was shot using only natural light from the doorway?? Other than that, it's just a little electric light from the chandeliers. Also, how blonde am I?? I was considering dyeing my hair canary yellow and then lost my nerve, but now it seems to be going that way by itself o.O

My shoot tomorrow has been postponed until the weekend, which means I can actually open a bottle of champagne and stay up later than 10.30pm tonight, something I've wanted to do all month! You should possibly brace yourself for low-alcohol-tolerance tipsy model selfies on Twitter ;)

Some other nice news I've had is that not only will I be modelling at the SWPP Convention for four days in January, but so will my boyfriend! Our joint four-day booking starts the day after my birthday and about a week before our anniversary, so it will be a very special time for us to have our portraits taken together

Anita xxx