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Saturday, 19 October 2013

My 3 Step Evening Bare Skin Beauty Skincare Routine...

According to my Facebook page insights, one in five of my fans are female, so this one's for you, ladies :)

Everyone wants to have nice skin. Who wouldn't? I also actually need nice skin for work. Bad skin = less work and less pay for a model, so you can bet I take my skin's health seriously! I don't smoke, I keep my caffeine intake down to just one coffee a day, and my skin is sponsored by the best natural skincare expert in the business, London-based Bare Skin Beauty.

This is how I take care of my skin when I get home after a photo shoot, after wiping the makeup off on the tube ride.

This is one of my absolute favourite Bare Skin Beauty products so far, because it doesn't just exfoliate with grains, it also contains enzymes. It's like a mini chemical peel you can do at home. I used to get a monthly facial with an amazing local beauty therapist, which I felt was definitely worth the £50 a time, but I really don't feel like I need to go anymore as my skin feels like it's had a professional facial after I use this! Plus it's only £26 a jar, and each jar contains multiple facials!

 It doesn't contain any aging chemicals, which means it separates, so I use a cotton bud to stir it up. It's jampacked with grain, unlike some of the cheap scrubs I've used in the past. Nothing worse than a scrub with just a few massive scratchy grains in it! Papaya and Honey Resurfacing Balm feels warm on my skin, like I can really feel the enzymes working, and it smells good too. After massaging it straight onto dry skin, which feels very relaxing, I wipe it away with a warm damp 100% bamboo cleansing pad, and my skin feels absolutely smoother and resurfaced.

Free radicals are the Devil. They're mostly known for giving you cancer, but the damage they do to cells is what makes them age and gives you wrinkles, crepey skin and indeed, crappy skin. That's why I eat and apply antioxidants wherever I possibly can!

I use 6 or 7 squirts of Antioxidant Firming Toner about 10” from my face after exfoliating. It has a light, refreshing minty smell, which is also great for waking me up in the morning, but after the warm evening exfoliating, it has a lovely cooling effect. The instructions say to use a natural cloth to remove it, but when I tried, so little came off that I decided not to bother; now I just spritz and go. I much prefer it to my old method of using a cotton pad every single time I wanted to use toner. Even the very first time I used the Papaya and Honey Resurfacing Balm followed by this toner, my pores appeared tighter.

I was particularly interested in trying this one as I'd been looking at it online and contemplating whether to shell out for it or not for a while! Elemi Overnight Repair Creme is the mother of all night creams and well worth the upmarket price tag of £46 for 60ml- a little goes a long way because it's not padded out with water. It has a mousse-like texture that seems to melt into your skin. Skin instantly feels amazingly soft and intensively moisturised without being greasy or spot-inducing.

Even my boyfriend commented on my sudden “glow” when I first used this easy and naturally beautifying 3-step evening skincare regime, which along with a healthy lifestyle, will continue to help my skin get younger instead of older for years to come :) I believe that outward beauty is a reflection of inner health, and these products, with their high quality raw organic ingredients, are the proof that health and beauty can be interchangeable terms! The proof is in the pudding, so just try it and see for yourself!
  1.  Papaya and Honey Resurfacing Balm
  2.  Antioxidant Firming Toner
  3.  Elemi Overnight Repair Creme
 Photographer: Stefano Brunesci