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Friday, 25 October 2013

'The Horned Goddess' in Freque magazine with Lady Allura's Latex. Happy Halloween!

This was published earlier this month but I thought I'd save blogging it until closer to Halloween as it seemed appropriate :) I love this Lady Allura's Latex editorial in issue 3, part 1 of Freque.

 Click the images for larger versions!

Photographer: Adrian Jones | Helmet: Proteus Creative

I don't have any major plans for Halloween- the house is decorated with lots of spiderwebs, jack o'lanterns, dying roses, rubber bats and so on, and I count going to Perou's Bunker Party last Saturday as my Halloween celebration, since it was fancy dress, or rather, "fancy mess"!! Halloween is a bit like Christmas at our house; we have the place decorated for most of the month.

This weekend I'm shooting at my local studio, Adrian Pini's, all day on Saturday, and then doing a runway show at Erotica for Lady Allura's Latex on Sunday, and then I have another all-day photo shoot on Monday, so strictly no time for partying!

I'll probably stay in front of the fire with pumpkin apple smoothie or dairy-free pumpkin soup of an evening, and watch old Hammer Horror films. I love the costumes and set design so much! Twins of Evil is probably my favourite. LOOK AT THOSE HATS!!!

Velvet tricorn + ostrich feathers and matching gowns = wiiiiin


Happy Halloween!!

Anita x