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Friday, 11 October 2013

Fabulously Fetish website launch!

High-end bespoke fetish shoe design team Fabulously Fetish re-launched their website at midnight last night,, with lots of photos from a specially commissioned shoot we did with Phine Ka, a wonderful fashion photographer I've shot with many times now :)

You probably already saw the teasers on Fabulously Fetish's Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr (click them to see larger versions):

hair and makeup by yours truly!

Here are some of my favourite photos they're currently using on the website, in my very own gallery!

Patent leather bullet bra with spiral stitching

To see the rest of the images (yep, there's more!) click here to browse the gallery!

I love Fabulously Fetish because everything they do is done with such expert care and attention to detail. Their shoes are all made from the best materials, gorgeous buttery patent leather being my personal favourite, in a rainbow of colours, and all made with careful thought as to how the shoe is actually going to work when being worn, how to get the possible arch and silhouette, etc.

They have carefully measured my legs and feet in person so they have a kind of mold of them they can make perfectly fitting shoes from! Atm they are working on a pair of apricot patent leather lace-up platform boots for me, in a colour to exactly match my hair! I can't wait to see them and show them off!

And yes I do know how lucky I am to be sponsored by Fabulously Fetish shoes- surely every girl's dream

Anita xx