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Monday, 21 October 2013

London Fetish Weekend 2013 Runway for Lady Allura's Latex, and Retribution magazine

I've been so busy with shoots and organising other things like having The Ugly Girl's Guide to Modelling ready for publication by the end of the month, planning an overhaul of my website and having meetings with my sponsors that I've only just found time to blog about this year's London Fetish Weekend! I was there representing my wonderful latex sponsor, Lady Allura's Latex, on the catwalk, and what do you know but both the looks I wore got published in Retribution magazine's report :)

Photographer: Paul Jones

If anyone else has photos of me at this year's LFW, do get in contact! :)

I still have the tie-dye orange latex pin-up girl two-piece (top left, ignore the black gauzy skirt) if anyone wants to shoot it with me- it will look amazing with my neon orange platform heels! I'll be bringing it to my Space Studio Day in Hertfordshire on 9th November, that's for sure ;) ;) ;)

Anita x