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Friday, 22 March 2013

UPDATED! Naucler Design (& Am Statik!!) fashion editorial feature and EctoMorph ad in Skin Two magazine

Looks like I have two full pages in the latest issue of Skin Two (#64) :D

I'm in an EctoMorph latex ad...


... and in Naucler Design latex in the Fashion Section editorial! POW!

This one was shot at 5 am to get that amazing blue light on St Paul's Cathedral (and avoid the crowds)!

Both shots were taken by the awesome Darren Birkin, one of the top fetish fashion photographers in the UK today :) We started working together way back and it's always great when latex clients book us together :)

Had another great bondage shoot with Ariel Anderssen today! Love working with her :) I will hopefully be going to a VIP Fetish Film Festival Preview with her in May too, which I'm sure will be as good as it sounds!

UPDATE 23.03.13: I actually have another full page in the Fashion Section editorial that I managed to miss! Thank you so much Darren for letting me know and sending this scan! This is beautiful blue Am Statik Latex that I will be shooting for the last time this month and then selling... I love it so much that I've ended up taking it to like all my latex shoots, so I really should sell it now and use the money to buy something new! But look how pretty! The whole suit high-necked translucent suit is decorated in latex applique flowers in shades of blue and antique gold, sprinkled with sequins and rhinestones!

I did teh hair and makeups