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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Anatomic Bomb feature in The Bite magazine (lots of text, sorry. But shiny pretty latex models too!)

I'm WAY behind on posting my magazine appearances- they've been coming thick and fast over the last few months and I've been so busy shooting and travelling on different continents, writing The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model (my complete start-to-finish guide to doing what I do- freelance modelling without an agency) and considering all sorts of ventures including things like GoGetSale (YOU can join in on that one- just click the link and sign in with your FB/ Twitter account to start earning cashback on everything you buy online), that I've just not kept up with blogging... at all, really.

Sorry :(

I even still need to post all the amazing pictures from my last Asian Tour in November/ December, where I did everything from attending marvellous Asian Couture Week in Singapore with the Head of Fashion Film from legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight's SHOWstudio, to riding on horseback around a Cambodian village and seeing how ordinary Cambodian people live (i.e. in poverty). It was a life-changing experience and yet I've not had time to share it with you- surely I will find time before I'm back shooting in SE Asia again for three weeks next month!!


I think this is the oldest publication that I haven't posted- part of a designer profile piece on Anatomic Bomb latex, a famous latex house who have dressed celebrities like Kate Moss, in the Autumn 2012 issue of The Bite magazine. I'm the one in the Dennis the Menace top on the top right; the photo is by Julian Kilsby and Leighanne Regan did the hair. (I did my own makeup.)

Click the pic for a larger view! I spot my friend Ulorin Vex in a similarly stripy dress on the bottom left! :)

Six other things going on (all I can think of off the top of my head!):
  1. Publications in The Bite, Skin Two, Next Page, Bella Morte and Alt fashion magazines (either out now or coming soon)
  2. Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang next month (woo, never been to Penang! KL is the only Malaysian city I've visited so far)
  3. Shoots for lots of new bondage websites (new to me)
  4. Cool photo shoots done, and more planned, with Lady Allura's Latex and Twilight Siren
  5. Enjoying a "staycation" at home in London for a whole week- much, much needed. There is only so long you can keep juggling at full capacity before you start to gibber and need to hit the reset button on your brain! Had a DVD double bill of The Devil Wears Prada and The September Issue last night and resolved to start buying Vogue again- I just love the pictures, and when you think about it, each issue is like an amazing value coffee table book :) It was incredible to see just how much intensive work goes into making it.
  6. Need to make a little 2 minute video of myself presenting, being a presenter, for my agency, so they can put me up for presenting jobs. Apparently clients have been asking after me but I don't have any experience to show them. Have to figure out what I'm going to be presenting to my iPad in my lounge for 2 minutes!
That's enough for now... I'll post some more publications next time :) In the meantime, there are a couple of new modelling photos on my Facebook, and here is a picture of my cat, Lilith, tucked up in bed with me and having a yawn. We're having that kind of a week ♥

XXL Papa John's tonight courtesy of Dan Hubbert, mmmmMMMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmm!!!