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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Lady Allura's Latex

Some photos from my recent Lady Allura's Latex shoot with Magpie Tommy :) It's fun to wear pretty pastel pink latex sometimes instead of the usual reds and blacks!

Photographer: G. Haskew. Thank you for all your hospitality! :)

We were originally going to shoot outdoors but the 0 degree temperatures and sleet falling horizontally put paid to that. I actually really like this pretty tea party/ vintage drawing room sort of a look we used in the studio though, I think it goes really well with the clothes :)

I did the hair and makeup, and note cunning hiding of right middle finger in every shot! I managed to slice my finger open on a piece of broken glass just before I made the trip and the hospital told me to keep the bandage and steri-strips on for five days. Sigh.

I even had to have an X-ray to make sure there weren't any little shards still in the wound (there weren't. It was a very chunky and solid lump of glass). I think I managed to pull it off for the eight photo shoots I had in the following five days! Thank god for my extensive collections of leather gloves!! I hadn't actually had a chance to road-test my cream leather driving gloves yet so it was at least nice to have an excuse to wear them. Finger's fine now, just a little pink line where the cut was.

In non-modelling-related cool news, my MP (or his Parliamentary Assistant) is going to give me a tour of the Palace of Westminster, including climbing Big Ben, next month, right before I go to Asia! It's amazing what you can get if you just ask :) I'm going to re-read my Parliament and the Law notes before I go so I can ask lots of good questions :)