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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Irish Nudes by Seamus Costelloe, Podge Kelly & Eamonn Farrell

Happy St Patrick's Day! I won't be sharing Irish coffees with my Irish boyfriend as I'm working tomorrow, and in another break with tradition, won't be posting any photos of myself in a neon green fancy dress bikini with matching plushy top hat. I know!

Instead I thought that as I've started a #NakedSundays hashtag on Twitter, and St Patrick's Day has fallen on a Sunday on this year, I'd post a selection of nudes shot in Ireland by some of Ireland's best art nude photographers in no particular order :)

 All photos not otherwise credited are by the amazing Seamus Costelloe

 Photographer: Eamonn Farrell

These are all from when I had black hair! The last time I went to Ireland I suppose I must have only been shooting fashion! Hopefully I'll be back this summer... just need to figure out the best time to fit it in. I really love Ireland :)

In other news, I finished re-writes on The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model today, my five-step guide to being a successful model without an agency, and sent copies to some model friends to see what they think.

The next part will be going through nearly seven years' worth of photos to figure out which would look best in the book! It will take a lot of experimentation and revisions but it's worth it to make sure it's perfect :) Then I can design the layout of the book, print a test copy, fix any last little imperfections and have it ready for general release by 31st October... that's the plan, anyway!!

Anita xxxxx