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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Parisian dreams with Amy Colwell

So the other week Amy Colwell and I were flown to Paris in a private jet to shoot some "casual" black and white portraits at one of the many chic little cafes near Le Louvre and Musée D’Orsay.

Okay... so you might have guessed from the writing on the blackboard that we didn't go all the way to Paris to shoot these, but don't they just have that certain je ne sais quois??

 Hair and makeup: me. Vintage faux fur coat courtesy of my favourite local charity shop!

We were actually in Muswell Hill, North London, about 15 minutes from my house. It's a nice spot, but it's not Paris- I was just trying to "think Paris" and project it into the camera lens ;) I'm *hoping* to visit Paris this year to see Nine Inch Nails, and next year to "do" Paris properly, when I will hopefully have the time, the money and the language skills. I'm so excited!

I backpacked across France when I was 17 and could still speak French, but being a penniless teenager, wasn't able to appreciate Paris to its full extent. I am drawing up a dream list for next year. It's always better to start by brainstorming your wildest dreams, and then figuring out the practicalities of making them happen, than it is to just try and think of something practical in the first place. Aim high!

Anita’s Paris list
  • Victor Noire- try jumping the fence to kiss him!!
  • See a ballet at the Paris Opera House
  • Jean Paul Gaultier boutique 
  • Caron (next door to the flagship Dior store) for swan’s down powder puffs 
  • Saint Ouen flea market- Nuits de Satin is all vintage lingerie
  • Go for a cocktail in the Hemmingway Bar at The Ritz 
  • See a show at The Crazy Horse
  • Palace of Versailles- museum and gardens and a boat on the lake
  •  Restaurants: La Perouse (“most romantic in Paris”), Mariages Freres (exotic tea salon), Le Voltaire (classic Parisian brasserie), Prunier (art deco seafood restaurant), Bofinger Brasserie (for oysters and ile flottante)
  • Stay at Hotel Chalgrin (about £80 per room per night, so £40 each)  
  • Carnavalet Museum- history of Paris 
  • Bateaux mouches (boat ride down the river) 
  • Cirque d'hiver (location for Lola Montès) 
  • Corset fitting with Mr Pearl (ho ho)
Here's to dreaming!

Anita xxxx