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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Running in high heels with Lady Allura and Amy Colwell

Here are some new photos taken by one of my best friends, Amy Colwell, who mostly shoots fashion agency models, so I was extra delighted and flattered that she wanted to work with me.

We were shooting the faux leather harness/ cage bra and garter belt for Lady Allura in a little spot I found in Muswell Hill, which is about 15 minutes' walk from my house! We got a few curious people asking why I was running up and down in clothes really not suitable for the temperature, but all friendly and polite- there was no-one walking up to me and snapping me on their mobile phone without saying a word, my pet peeve!

Hurrah Muswell Hill!

 Yeah, I can run on any surface in 6" heels. No big deal

 Amy showed me how to do makeup especially for black and white photos and styled the look with a dress from Asos and my black vintage seamed stockings

Butt! Click the pic to make it bigger ;)

 Hair and makeup by me, not that you can see much of it in this pic! Shakeshakeshake

As I write this I'm looking at the snow pouring down outside my window. I love looking at it, but fingers crossed it's gone by Tuesday morning- I have to head off early for three days' work in Halifax and Darlington and will lose out on a grand if the trains aren't running >.< Plus I'm supposed to be visiting my brother in Middlesbrough at the end of it to hang out and take him out to lunch with his girlfriend. We hardly ever get to see each other due to work commitments etc so it will be extra annoying if this trip gets foiled by snow!

Some good news for you guys, though- I managed to get a little run in one of the stockings during all that running around in my 6" stilettos, which I have all ready to mail to the first person to go here and order them! Just remember to select  "Black with Seams" from the drop-down menu! They will come with a signed certificate of authenticity, personally kissed while wearing red lipstick, on the back of which is a full colour print of me wearing them, in a rather provocative pose ;) Don't be long, they'll be ordered soon and I'm anxious to share them with you...

Anita xxxxxxx