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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

*sigh* Time for a mini-rant.

Just saw a nice new photo on a social networking site get the old "omg she needs to eat moar" type comment. I've even seen people commenting on photos of me complaining that I look "sick" (!), and yes I do mean in the sense of having an eating disorder, not as a trendy way of saying "good"!!

For goodness' sake people, thank you for your concern, if that's what it is, but I have a BMI of 19, which is perfectly within the healthy range (ref: the NHS!). I'm the same height, weight and measurements that I've been since I was 17. It doesn't take much to make my ribs stick out; it's how I'm built. I guess I must have a relatively wide rib cage for my waist size. They've looked like that since I was maybe six or seven (I remember other children commenting on it when we were going swimming).

I work out most days, (Pilates, cardio and yoga), I lug heavy suitcases around the world on a regular basis and I eat well 80% of the time. I have reasonable muscle tone, core strength and flexibility. The other 20% I have whatever I please, but whether I'm enjoying healthy food or junk, I never let myself go hungry! I'm sure my friends and colleagues can vouch for this!

Finally, and this might come as a surprise to you, after nearly seven years of practical experience, I KNOW HOW TO GODDAMN MODEL. I have a built-in sense of where the camera is, where the light's coming from, and how to melt five pounds off my frame with every pose, yes, pose, that thing where you suck your stomach in and twist from your waist and pop your hips and elbows away from the camera and all those other ingenious little tricks that models use to look thinner than they "really" are in pictures. Those airbrushed, beautifully styled and lit photos you see of me aren't candids. Really. Sorry to burst your tiny bubbles.

So, thanks again for your concern, but please, no more comments about my "weight". It's healthy for my height, and that's all anyone, including me, needs to know.