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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Kaori's Latex Dreams

I spent a very boring day trying to do my self-assessment tax return today, which began badly with me somehow locking myself out of my online HMRC account and not being able to call them for help because it's a Sunday. Fingers crossed they're open Bank Holiday Mondays (i.e. tomorrow)!

In the meantime I got all my receipts in order and did all my adding up so once I manage to actually get into my online account I should be able to wrap it all up quite quickly! I haven't had time to think about new year's resolutions yet, but one should definitely be to keep all my receipts in order and add them and my turnover up at the end of each month, keeping it all neat and in order in a ring binder, rather than just stuffing everything into a shoe box under my bed for a year :s

On a more cheery note I have some lovely shots back from Julian Kilsby from our shoot for Kaori's Latex Dreams. I've been a particular admirer of Kaori since I saw her collection at the Rubber Ball in 2009 so it was great to have the opportunity to model some of her creations, and to see that I'm currently the profile image for the company's Facebook page :)

Hair and makeup credit: me. Hee hee!

Julian also kindly took some nice headshots, which I think I might post tomorrow after Self-assessment: Round 2 ;)

For now, I've packed it in for the day and will be having an evening of working my way through my new(ish) complete Frasier box set and a nice pot of Glorious! Spanish tomato and chorizo soup. Slightly worried about going to my acting class tomorrow as I'm miles behind everyone else from being too busy to study and missing five classes in a row through either being in Asia or ill >.< I think I'll just go and take notes and hide at the back and hope the coach doesn't ask me to do anything >.<

Frasier and burying-head-in-sand time! The later episodes get quite surreal :)