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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lulu and Lush + new Mahogany Hair!

Just got home and finished scoffing my dinner after another day of having two modelling jobs crammed into one day. Gotta love living in London! And to coming home to hot broccoli and stilton soup after street fashion in Soho for a couple of hours, om nom nom.

Anyway, before the fashion shoot this afternoon, I was modelling for Antony Licata, the Mahogany Hair Salons Creative Director, in Oxford Street, to demonstrate The Crown Affair collection. I think this is the shortest my hair has ever been and I think I like it :) It certainly worked really well for the fashion shoot I zoomed over to Soho for afterwards! Less so for my taken-in-the-bathroom-mirror SPs, but hey.

I have no idea why these came out so grainy oO Makeup courtesy of James McGulgan @ MAC!

Thursday was another day of two-jobs/one-day; shooting portraits in the morning then modelling for Lulu and Lush at their launch party in Shoreditch in the afternoon. I got put in the shop window in beautiful retro lingerie and fed champagne and cupcakes for four hours. Now there's a way to earn a living!

© Steve Hart

I've also been personally invited to attend a casting for Cradle of Filth's latest video, which is rather exciting! The only potential problem is whether I'd even have time to shoot it if I was picked (they've already been kind and understanding enough to set up a separate casting for me as I'm already booked for an all-day photo shoot on the date all the other girls are going >.<). But it is nice to be asked. I've been a Cradle fan since I was 14!