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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Life's a bitch. YOUR bitch!

Funny how even though I'm 25 (as of 15th January), I actually look younger now imo thanks to the Vulcan-pixie cut hair I got at Mahogany a couple of days later. A couple of people have said my new look reminds them of Winona Ryder, which is extremely cool as I always think she looks gorgeous with short hair ^^ I really dig that vulnerable waif look, especially as it's so different from the haughty madam look that I've been pimpin' for the last year or two ;)


Went to the doctor's yesterday because I noticed my hip playing up when I was at an aerobics class with my mum (just got back from visiting her in Somerset). Turns out that doing your best impression of the Human Pretzel at literally hundreds of photo shoots for nearly 5 years isn't so great for your joints, so I've got to take cod liver oil and ibuprofen and go back for physio if it doesn't go away by itself after a couple of weeks.

It doesn't really hurt but the worst part is that I have to "rest", which means only low-impact exercise, so no aerobics DVD :/ I did 10 minutes of straight-up toning exercises this morning, then the only workout that I felt like I should be allowed to do on my DVD (the 10 minute "low impact fat-blaster"), then half an hour of yoga. The yoga seems to have REALLY helped actually, and lots of things in my spine cracked in a very satisfying manner while I was doing the twists :)

Today is Liam's and my seventh anniversary, so I booked the day off. When he finally wakes up I'm making his requested breakfast in bed (mushroom omelette with soya sausages and coffee), then  we're going to see Black Swan at The Phoenix. It looks so cool, and being by the same director as Requiem for a Dream makes it seem even more promising :)

I feel like as this is a modelling blog I should probably post a modelling shot before I go and get the coffee brewing, so here is my first nude shot with the new hair (sorry if you already saw me tweet it yesterday)!

Photographer: Martyn Davis
Styling: me

Martyn likes the Discworld AND Manson. We got along very well!

PS: The title of this blog doesn't really have anything to do with anything, it's just a funny quote from one of those wolf posters on 4chan :p