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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New latex! :D

Woo, my awesome new Jane Doe bikini and garters came through in the post today! I loved modelling this outfit in Ireland so much that I just had to order a custom one for myself. I have NEVER worn a bra/ top like Jane Doe's. They could get a cleavage out of an ironing board despite having no padding or under-wiring. Now that's design!

Can't wait to polish it up all nice and shiny and shoot it ^^ I think this is the first piece Jane Doe has made in lime and transparent blue and I love how the lime stars cover my naughty bits , like the way people Photoshop stars onto nude photos sometimes :) Also think they'd go really cool with these boots for a superhero kind of a look. I am Latex Stargirl!!

I'm available anywhere in the UK 14th and 25th - 31st January, if anyone's interested! I can bring along plenty of other latex and lingerie and provide basic hair styling and top notch makeup if required. I can also source studios and a professionally trained hair stylist :) Credited publication is also possible if you are interested in submitting the photos to the designer. Please email me at with enquiries.

Now it's time for some homemade turkey and vegetable soup and sofa snuggles <3 I start shooting at 7 am tomorrow!