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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy birthday to me

Thanks to everyone who sent nice wishes and e-cards through Facebook/ Twitter/ email, every single one made me happy :) Not least these singing doggies! :D

Liam's taking me to Tosa for Japanese tonight and then I'll be having a dozen or so of my friends over for a little birthday mission around London tomorrow :) I've also bought myself a little birthday present- well, it's got to be done ;) I got these amazing knickers from one of my favourite lingerie labels, Agent Provocateur:


They'd sold out of the bra but I wasn't so keen on it anyway. I think I'll ask Jane Doe to make me a plain black one to go with them, much sleeker and sexier <3

Liam gave me these lovely books and a best of Gary Numan CD :)


I just keep the Kindle I got for Christmas in my handbag for all my journey-passing reading now, but it's nice to have proper paper books to read at home, especially a nice hardback copy of Good Omens, which is one of my favourite novels of all time. And I can always find space for a new book stuffed with fabulous photos of beautiful, glamorous people, too ^^

Now I'm off to a client meeting in Hammersmith- no rest for the wicked, even if it is my birthday! ;)